29 December 2012

Whiskey Cake

2 more days left for 2012!  I can’t believe the entire week flew by so fast.  It hardly felt like I was on vacation since I was pestered every day.  Thursday and Friday were the worst two days.  I feel like saying I will be taking next week off since I wasn’t allowed to have a vacation last week and p.s. I am turning off my phone.  You will just have to get along without me for a week.  While it’s tempting I am NOT going to do that because it probably would end in a permanent vacation for me, which is something I don’t want.

My partner spilled cream soda on the carpet, woke me up in the middle of the night and asked me what are we going to do about it.  I said I’m going back to bed, we will deal with it in the morning.  He didn’t care much for that answer.  I dealt with it the next day by renting a carpet machine. 

Working with the machine around the house sure did make my back sore.  I did most of the work last night.  I had a little bit left today and decided to hit my recliner again, wow it’s really clean now. 

I mentioned to my partner that I increased Big Boy’s medicine and he would probably have diarrhea and of course it wouldn’t be until after I returned the machine.  Well, Big Boy is fine but my partner just had an accident.  You won’t believe me.  Red Paint all over the carpet in his computer room.  !@#$% and FUCK.  Yes bright RED paint.  It’s suppose to be water soluble but there is a good portion of it that didn’t come up.  I used our Spot Bot in hose mode.  Tried Oxy Cleaner, Hydrogen Peroxide and Lighter Fluid along with plenty of water.  Got lots of it up but you can tell clearly that something occurred.  It’s like a bad fruit punch stain.  Then I find out he tracked some of it through the rest of the house.  I’m ready to kill him!

Between work and home I am ready for a vacation now.  Calgon or someone please take me away.

The children are stirring now they want food.  We don’t have too much of that.  Speaking of food, we went out to TGI Friday’s tonight.  We had Whiskey Cake for dessert.  It was damn good but so not work $6.  I just wish we had a whole cake for home.  I’d also take one to work just to be a show off.  I will give in a bit but I am working on of all things, yup you guessed it laundry.  Still don’t have my bathroom clean but there is a tomorrow and I think I can make that happen then.  Kind of depends upon how sore I am and how much sleeping I actually do. 

Good news is I can officially put away all of my short sleeve shirts.  It’s winter now!  We got some snow and ice but it’s not much to cause any problems.  The grassy areas and cars outside got the worst of it.  Streets are clean and clear.  We are supposed to have another winter storm rolling in but I don’t believe it until I see it.  Too many false alarms.  Plus what can I do about it?  Not a damn thing!

Oh I got some Tri Comfort Orthotics from Dr. Scholl's off of Amazon.  I had to buy them in a 3 pack for $27 but so far they are working.  My feet feel pretty good.  Hopefully they provide continued relief.  My only concern is the TSA when I travel in a couple weeks.  I don’t see where it will be a problem but who knows.  They are some picky folks at times.  On my last trip I left all of my liquids packed away, no one said a word to me.  It’s just such a hassle, you practically have to disrobe for them. 

Speaking of Amazon, my sheets look really good!  I changed my comforter to a tie dye comforter that I have hardly used.  The cats were kind of taken back because it was so bright.  There is no hiding for them on this comforter. 

I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be hard to get back into my routine of W E S (work eat sleep) but within a week I should be able to snap back to it.  Grocery store time tomorrow, fun times!

Sure have spent a lot on this vacation.  Eating out a lot and the damn vet really killed me.  If it wasn’t for the vet I would actually be in pretty good shape.  Just got my other credit card bill, the one with my guys truck repairs on them.  No matter what you do there always seems to be an unplanned expense come up to take your money. 

Well off to do some surfing and then back to my Roku box which is how I view Amazon, Netflix and Hulu.  Interesting all of the variety available.  Was watching season 1 of the Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency.  Wow, did she have some hot male models!  Too bad they only have season 1 on Hulu.  I wanted to watch it from start to finish.  She was a loud mouth but that is part of what made it good for TV.  That’s where I first heard the name Paul Vandervort.  Damn I am so in love with his body!  Okay, time to hang up the Corbin Fisher calendar and take a cold shower! :)

You peeps take care, enjoy what is left of this year.  I hope that next year is better for all of us.  I don’t set resolutions because they never work out.  So I will talk with you peeps later!

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Jude said...

Yikes red paint??? Good luck, I hope you can get it all up.....

I'm glad to hear the Dr.Schols orthotics are helping your feet, it's miserable when your feet hurt. Take care of them, and the rest of you too! ;-)