19 February 2014


Mother nature has brought some warmer temperatures to the area.  It’s 52 degrees here and I am sweating to death in my office.  I can’t wait to get home where I can take off all of my clothes and hopefully cool off.  I feel like a woman having a hot flash. 

I did get to watch Tosh.O last night and it was okay.  I always look forward to Daniels’ humor.  Some of it is great and some of it I could do without. 

EMS was back in the neighborhood last night.  When I hear them it brings back memories of the many times that they were at the house for my late partner.  They didn’t leave with lights on so I suppose and hope it was a minor call. 

Today is your average day.  Not terribly busy.  Trying to get another machine out the door.  It won’t leave until tomorrow because there are so many Windows Updates to apply.

I heard from the vendor I have been waiting on regarding Guest WIFI.  Their miracle answer is to replace the Access Points we have with newer more expensive ones, that will in the end allow us to accomplish what we want.  Funny it’s exactly what I purposed at the start of the project but I was shot down because it was too costly, in fact I’m fairly certain my job was on the line because of the cost.  So it will be interesting how this goes over.  There are going to be multiple options.  The only thing I am not quoting out is ripping out the entire Network Infrastructure and replacing it.  One solution will require travel the others will not.  I hope for my sake they pick a non travel option, regardless of which one it is. 

Speaking of travel I saw an ad this afternoon that was talking about a good job and I was interested until I got to the point where it said, you must be available for bi-weekly overnight trips.  They would send me to their corp. office which is about 4 hours away from here.  I’m not interested in that because of the cats and also because I would probably have to use my own vehicle.  While it’s the only opportunity I have seen in a few weeks I am passing it up because of the travel. 

Last night I had some trouble sleeping.  Jumper joined me in bed around 3 am.  He laid down and we cuddled up and then this small fountain of liquid poured out of his ear on to my arm.  Gross.  It didn’t feel like blood so I wasn’t worried.  I did try to grab a flashlight but he kicked up a fuss so I backed off.  I did smell it and wow it was horrible.  There was nothing when I woke up, so I presume that it was just ear wax. 

Big Boy needs a bath so if time permits and I have the desire I will clean him up tonight.  He laid in his food last night and it dried on his fur.  It was wet food.  He loves to make messes like that and then complain when it comes to clean up because he usually winds up losing fur, which hurts.  I don’t like to do it but the job requires it in order for him to be clean.  He is still a silly boy and  love him.  Even if he wouldn’t sleep with me last night. 

Blu was on patrol again this morning.  It wasn’t quite as intense as yesterday but I think he will be glued to the window for a while.  Wish I had a camera I could stream via the web, I will be you anything he is either sleeping by the window or looking out it. 

An hour and a half more then it will be time to go home and figure out what to eat.  I’m thinking BBQ Pulled Pork and Cottage Cheese.  Doesn’t sound that good but as long as it fills the hole in my stomach and stays down, I don’t care.

I have to put sometime and effort into the reply to the complaint on the Bankruptcy case and I’m sure no matter what I write it will just make him even madder.  If he would have done his job and not ignored me then we wouldn’t be in this position.  However, bad customer service is something that I just have a hard time swallowing. 

So a little stress with what to say and how wordy I really will be.  Plus the worries on the house and the mortgage company.  Then how I am going to manage to pay my auto insurance.  However, I know that in the end it will all work out one way or another.  Life is all about temporary situations.  They pass and new challenges and problems come your way.  Being a responsible adult is not an easy thing to do.  I’d rather go back to being a kid. 

Talk with you peeps later. 

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Jude said...

I SO agree with you, being an adult isn't all it's cracked up to be. I'd much rather be a kid again too.

One more sleep and it's Friday!