16 September 2013

Average Monday

Do you have a favorite font?  I always struggle with what to use when I blog.  I like something that is easy on the eyes but has some flair to it, without being gaudy.  This font is called BakerSignet BT – I kind of like it.

So as you can tell by the title of this post, not a bad day just average.  It was crazy busy this morning.  The afternoon saw a little bit of calm so I could catch my breath and then the blast hit and it was quitting time.  More work awaits tomorrow. 

I got a call from my friend the boss who is in charge of my friend that I referred.  She asked me what is with all of the personal phone calls.  I said I don’t understand, so she repeated it.  Turns out it was a rhetorical question.  I never have gotten those.  Anyway, she was telling me all about it.  So I asked her at the end of the day if she spoke with her.  She said no because when I went to look for her she had left for the day.  I have told her from the get go that this wouldn’t work.  As much as I don’t like to see anyone fired, it sounds like it would be in the best interest of everyone.  However, my friend the boss is still mulling over her options but realizes that sooner or later it will probably come to that.  My friend that I referred was extra quiet today.  Normally I get like 5 or 10 text messages and a dozen or so IM’s.  One e-mail and One IM, both business related.  I was impressed. 

See the think that irks us both is that she is not really putting the best foot forward.  She was late on her first day, late on the second day, took an hour for lunch on the third day, requested time off within the first week, tried to work from home in the second week.  Then she has all of these demands like an iPod, Laptop, Cell Phone, Office, New Chair, Cordless Keyboard & Mouse, Speakers and the list just goes on.  Why would you act this way or even ask for all of these things when you are new and entering a company in an average position, where you are NOT an executive and NOT a manager or supervisor.  It just makes no sense to me.  If I behaved this way I would expect that I would be fired within days.  Apparently the princess doesn’t understand that you shouldn’t behave this way. 

Delivered the information to the attorney.  Got an e-mail response.  We are talking Thursday after work, I am going to his office.  I asked if it was good or bad news.  He said neither.  He was speaking with a neurologist today about the case.  He will be able to answer my questions as well as give me an update on where things are at.  We are still in the pending area, meaning it could go either way case or no case.  I really hopefully want there to be a case.  Not only because I need the money but because I firmly believe that things would be different if the first ER physician would have acted more responsibly and done what I consider to be the right thing, despite it being contraindicated. 

Went to the vet to pickup an Rx for my girl.  They didn’t have it ready.  So I had to wait around but finally got it.  She wont’ like me when I give it to her.  Cats and pills well they just don’t mix.  Big Boy was showing signs of not feeling well.  I gave him a jolt of medicine to hopefully help him out.  I know what I can get away with and use my best judgment in treating him.  It’s almost time for another checkup.  He doesn’t have scheduled visits, we just go back when I feel it’s time.  I think we are getting close to going back.  I don’t expect good news but he still has a lot of life left in him.  He shows so much affection.  In fact he is due for a bath so I will be headed up to take care of that. 

Met the new girl today.  She is already overwhelmed but she will get the hang of things with a little time.  She is in for a hell of a ride but I can’t tell her that.  I want to let her know about who to trust and who to avoid, etc.  However, it’s better to let her make her own assumptions first and then fill her in later.  I have no idea what type of person she is.  Today being her first day and the brief interactions we had I can’t tell much.

Well time to prepare for yet another day of fun.  Going up to pack my lunch and take care of Big Boy.  Then it will be medicine time for 3 kids and me.  Then I can struggle with what I should watch to wind down. 

Oh before I go the good folks at TLA Video gave me a complimentary subscription to OUT Magazine.  I got my first issue tonight.  Kind of a welcome surprise.  Especially since I haven’t bought anything from TLA in  years.  Maybe this was a way of enticing me back, who knows.  I just appreciate the kind gesture.    

Hope you enjoyed your Monday.  Now 4 more days and we have the weekend again.  I’m ready, how about you?  Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

This font is readable for old eyes like mine, but the one in the previous post is even easier to read.

Your friend would have been fired after her first week or two in most places I'm sure. Not sure what the heck she expects!

Poor Big Boy, I hope he's around and doing okay for a long time yet.