25 November 2015

Thanksgiving Eve

Here I am stuck at work, no early release today and I am not happy about it.  Plus my boss phoned and asked me to pick up on-call early because she is letting the late shift guys go early.  Not exactly sure how that is fair but it’s money in my pocket if anyone calls so sure I will be more than happy to help out. 

Monday night when I took out the trash I looked up and there it was.  Yeah a full moon and I am on call.  Without warning I just said oh fuck me!  I figured I would be in for a hell of a ride.  Thus far it’s the calm before the storm.  I got 1 call early on Tuesday morning.  I took care of it and finished getting dressed and still got to work with 1/2 hour to spare.  I hope it stays quiet even though I would like the extra money.  The best part is that I get Thanksgiving day and the day after off.  There was an error made when the notification was sent out.  Now if someone calls the boss and has a special request then I have to help, otherwise I am free.  Saturday we start back to normal and I am thinking I will be pelted over the weekend, but maybe not because people will be traveling back home – be a shame if they were all stuck up in the air with no way to contact me.  Yeah that is what I hope for quiet.  I don’t mind a call here and there but constantly no thank you.  I guess working a holiday on call can be both good and bad. 

We have a lot of people out today and consequently those of us that showed up for work, have to pick up the slack.  So I am on the phones and watching email now, as is everyone else.  I see were busy which I didn’t think would be the case because it’s almost 2p and I figured most people would have gone home for the day.  Some people are probably working from home trying to get last minute things done before family and friends show up.

Last night I got my rainbow bow tie in the mail.  Looking forward to wearing it tomorrow.  I hope I can pull it off.  If it’s not too tight then I will be okay but if it’s choking me then it will be a no go. 

Not a whole lot to report everyone is doing okay.  Calm and quiet is the way I like it.  No drama or events to write about.  This is the perfect time of year to hibernate.  Speaking of which Bear asked to sleep with me last night so I carried him into my room.  He was very happy!  I also left a bowl of dry food for him and much to my surprise he ate it up.  Seems like one of the kids is always hungry.  Not a bad thing I suppose. 

Looking forward to consuming great food tomorrow.  However, I am finding this time of year difficult.  It really didn’t bother me much last year.  This year it’s difficult, I just want someone to share the holiday with and I really miss my late partner.  I know that this will eventually all work it’s self out but right now it’s no picnic.  There are many things in my life and that have happened to me in this past year that I am thankful for.  Mostly that I am able to support myself, the kids and I have managed to hang on to the house as well as put a new roof on it.  There is a sense of pride and accomplishment that I get from being able to make it on my own, there is also some fear that comes with it as well because there is no safety net and if you fall it’s going to hurt.  Still I try to focus on the positive and hope that as each day passes it brings me closer to the next guy that will be in my life, that is if there is a next.  I do have doubts.

So back to the fun and games that I call work.  Hope all is well for all of you.  Thanks as always for stopping by!

22 November 2015

Spending Money on a Sunday

I didn’t get to the movies today, it was a thought but once I was home I decided to stay put.  It was cold this morning and I was thankful that I had switched my wardrobe.  Made my usual trip to Steak N Shake and the Grocery Store.  The kids had enough food that I just purchased enough at the grocery store to freshen up the line up.  No need to make an extra trip and it helped get me to the $70 mark so I got my $20 off.  Love that!  A cashier that I have struck up a rapport with told me that she lost her dog.  She found a place that did cremations for $80 – you get their ashes back, a yard marker and a scattering urn.  Yeah I like what I got from my vet but the price was $124 and were talking for a cat, I would hate to see what a dog costs.  I am very hopeful that I won’t be in the market for cremation anytime soon.  I have thought of talking with the funeral home that I used for my late partner to see what they would charge.  But that is a conversation for another day.

I am not sure if I mentioned it but the Dyson vacuum that I have, the on/off switch no longer clicks, so you have to use a piece of tape to make it stay on in order to vacuum.  I took that sucker apart today and figured out that I need a new relay switch.  Amazon has it for $7.50, which is awesome.  It gave me an excuse (not that I need one to do more shopping).  I got the switch on order as well as a 5 pack of bow ties, one of which is rainbow and I plan on wearing it on Turkey Day.  I also got another Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap and a bladder replacement for my Steam Cleaner.  The switch and the bow ties are guaranteed for delivery by Wednesday, which is a very good thing.  The rest of the stuff should be in by the end of the month, not that I am in a hurry.  I am anxious to replace the switch – I love it when I can fix something on my own and make it work.  Saves money and makes me feel good all at the same time. 

I can feel a small difference in how I feel since I am on day #2 of the antibiotics.  Hopefully they do the trick and wipe out whatever germ is causing me trouble so that I can return to normal. 

I got my phone mostly setup for being on-call, I will turn off Do Not Disturb in the morning and will look forward to next Monday when I can turn it back on.  I disable my personal email from pushing and change it to manual update, so that I don’t get woken up at 2 in the morning when a piece of spam comes flying in.  Tonight will be the last night that I can sleep soundly until Thursday.  We only work Monday thru Wednesday.  There is no hope of getting to leave early but I can tell you that a number of people will be out on vacation this week and if your not out for the whole week a lot of folks will take Wednesday off.  I will want to leave early but won’t because it will mess up any time that I work on Friday.  I will get double time and a half, why would I want to screw myself like that?  So as difficult as it is I will work the whole week, but I didn’t say I wouldn’t complain. 

The furnace is running strong, it just kicked off a moment ago and it’s toasty in here.  A little too warm for me, but that will change I am sure.  I have it set for colder in the night and then to warm up about an hour before I hop out of bed.  It also warms up an hour before I am home.  Another proud accomplishment.  Thankful that I didn’t blow up the house! 

I cleaned out an return air duct that I have been meaning to get to.  Man it was full of dust.  I also fetched a bankers lamp that my late partner had in his office and moved it to mine.  It had to be dusted.  This is also something that I have put off.  Then I walked back to what used to be his bedroom and went looking for some clothes, I have a few more things that I could wash and wear but I am done with laundry for the day.  I thought to myself as I was back there, I really need to move in here, it would be nice.  I need to throw out his nightstand, it’s the source of an unpleasant odor but I am paralyzed to take any action – it’s the same way with his office.  It’s just something that I don’t want to deal with.  I know he is not coming back and it seems like the longer I wait the more I want to put it off.  Eventually I will draw a line in the sand and say that’s it, then it will be all action.  Until I get to that point it is waiting for me and I know it’s not going anywhere. 

Insty has been up my butt all day, meowing for this or that.  Mostly for food.  I did manage to get a nap in today and she slept on my lap.  It was great.  Bear came over and I was petting him – we all just drifted away.  Very relaxing and pleasant. 

Well now it’s time to head up and get ready for Monday.  Yeah I am not thrilled about it but it will be one day closer to turkey day.  Also I have a $10 coupon off of a $30 purchase at Maggiano’s.  It says nothing about Thanksgiving Day so I am going to try to use it.  If it works I will get my $40 meal for $30, which won’t be bad.  My friends typically pick up the tab but I am not counting on that.  I am fully prepared to pay for my own meal, always have been and always will be. 

I hope that you had a great Sunday.  It was fun for me and I am sad it’s just about over.  I am more sad that I will be on-call.  Talk with you folks again soon.  Stay warm!

21 November 2015


I got my usual good report from the dentist and get to return in 6 months when the weather is warmer.  It was raining and snowing here this morning.  I loved it!  I put new wipers on the truck in the pouring rain.  It would have been easier if it was dry but it needed to be done.  My late partner always loved the snow and when I saw it, I got excited it was like he was with me for a second and it was a comfort to know that everything is going to be okay.

I also got my mail, which brought me my naked men calendars.  I was hoping the guys would be a little hotter than they are but you win some, you lose some.  I also got an occupancy permit, which means my roof passed inspection.  Very happy about that. 

I can tell I am sick when I wake up, I feel horrible and my head has to drain.  I used Doctor on Demand which is an app on my phone.  I saw a doctor via video conference and got some antibiotics.  Hopefully this will clear up my sinus issue and get me back to feeling normal.  The change of the seasons always gets me.  Plus I have sick coworkers so I am surrounded by germs all the time. 

I had a nap prior to going out and fetching my prescription, I went out for a bite to eat at Bob Evans.  It was okay but a bit over priced.  Plus they didn’t have the heat on in the place, I was freezing.  I wanted Mexican food but decided against it.  I get in those moods where I think of something that I want then talk myself out of it.  It’s like nothing can make me happy when I am like that. 

I was supposed to go see Love the Coopers but talked myself out of that as well.  It will be in theaters for a while and who knows maybe I will have time on Thanksgiving Day to go see it.  Maybe not.  Instead I came home and changed my wardrobe from short sleeves to long.  I hate long sleeves but they are necessary to keep me warm.  I like being comfortable.  Walking around here in my undies I have noticed that it gets chilly.  Speaking of which I just finished fixing the furnace.  I did it myself.  So a couple years ago I had this problem where the furnace would cycle on, cycle off and then cycle back on.  It is NOT normal.  That was happening again.  The fix is to clean the flame sensor.  The hardest part was finding the damn thing.  I called someone out 2 years ago (a hot hunky straight guy) who preformed the fix and then charged me.  It’s just a little bit of sandpaper and you clean the thing off.  Your rubbing off a coating that was put on at the factory and eventually you will have to replace the sensor but for now this is the cheap way to get by.  It can buy you a few extra years.  Just tested it and the house is HOT, so apparently I did a good job. 

Just got off the phone with my mom.  She told me that she didn’t think she would ever hear from me again.  I told her that wasn’t the case I am still here.  I just can’t deal with that extra drama there is far too much going on in my life and I don’t have room for that.  We talked about the house and what she wanted me to have, but I told her that I need access to the house.  Without access I can’t get anything.  She went on to tell me that the neighbor and the police were after her.  She was going to jail because the police officer sprinkled cocaine around the perimeter of the house.  Yeah she is still delusional and paranoid.  I am not sure that will ever go away.  She then told me that the place where she is at is only temporary.  Yeah okay so where are you going to live after your done?  Oh I guess I will get an apartment, because I lost the house and they won they got rid of me.  I am not so certain that she will be able to afford an apartment and like I told you before she isn’t moving in here.  I am content as is.  So she is going to call me and we will keep in touch.  I am sure that eventually I will go see her.  I am not a fan of nursing homes or hospitals.

On the technology front I found this neat program called Emby.  It allows you to stream your movies and music from your local PC to your TV via Roku.  There are also apps for many different platforms.  You install the server software on your PC.  Then visit ROKU and install the app.  Then go to join and you have to coordinate with a PIN and sign in to your account.  Then you can see whatever you have decided to share out.  I of course use it for porn.  But it could also be useful if you have TV Shows or Movies that you wanted to watch in a different part of your house than where your PC was located.  The best part is it’s totally free.  I was experimenting with a cloud based solution before but it didn’t work so well.  This is easy as pie, and anyone could set it up. 

That is the adventures of my Saturday.  I will be winding down shortly and headed to bed, watching some TV and relaxing with the cats.  Momma is passed out beside me in my office and the dryer is churning.  The others are upstairs anxiously awaiting my arrival so they can pester me.  I still have to go on litter box patrol.  When I was upstairs last Momma had done something that could clear out a stadium.  I wish I knew what I fed her to cause that, so I could stop it.  It’s like TAZ/LB is here.  Well the silly woman just woke up and now she is playing.  I guess I should go.  Talk with you all again soon!

20 November 2015

Good Eating

Well the horses ass came to town and left, I never knew he was here.  It was a quiet day in that respect.  However, we had all sorts of Network issues this morning so that made for a busy and frustrating morning.  The best part is when I found out that Maggiano’s was catering the meeting today.  There was plenty of left overs and I got a ton that I am taking home.  It’s going to be some good eating tonight.  I am so looking forward to that and relaxing on the couch, catching up on all of the TV that has built up on the DVR.  Plus the kids will enjoy the company.

I am sore today from the massage yesterday and I expect to be that way for a while.  I am still taking muscle relaxers and I can feel tension in my neck.  Maybe someday it will all go away, until then I will have to do battle with it. 

Tomorrow is Dentist day.  So long as I get a good report I will be happy, give me my goodies and make me another appointment for 6 months from now.  Very happy that it’s Friday but not looking forward to next week, even if it is Thanksgiving.  I will be happy on Thursday for the food and freedom from work.  It’s sort of like a bonus so instead of being on call for 7 days I only get it for 6 days, not too shabby.  I guess that is something to be thankful for as well.  After this I am all set until February, unless something goes awry. 

Winter has come to town with falling temps and we are supposed to have flurries on Sunday.  The news people said snow but it’s just flurries.  Lots of people are on edge because often they say flurries and we get dumped on, but weather is like life, ever changing.  You get the good with the bad.

Packing up and shipping out to make the long trip home and fight with traffic.  Hopefully with it being Friday and close to a holiday traffic will be light but it was anything but that this morning.  I hope that you all have a great weekend.  I will talk with you again soon.

19 November 2015

Still going

Got mommas blood results today.  Thyroid level is fine.  However, she has kidney issues – the values are off.  They want me to bring her back next month so they can get more blood from momma and more money from me.  I am inclined to not bring her back, she is eating, drinking, using the bathroom and playing.  She’s not broke so why try to fix her.  I think they just want my money, but maybe that is the skeptic in me. 

Yesterday was the day of the big off site event.  It was like there was a black cloud following me.  The event went on without any problem but we had technical issues right down to the wire.  I even had problems with my iPhone trying to give me directions to get to where I needed to be. 

I’ve been getting frequent headaches, some nausea and mildly dizzy.  I went for a massage today and found out that I am tight and have knots o’plenty.  The therapist worked them out as much as she could.  I’ve been taking muscle relaxers things have been that bad.  I will be popping one tonight when I get home.  I have a feeling that come tomorrow it may hurt to move. 

Tomorrow is the day that Mr. Personality will be back in town.  So NOT looking forward to that.  We will have a bunch of people here tomorrow so the potential for tech problems increases and of course they are all big wigs so I have to be sure to get into the game and stay there all day.  Fun times. 

Plans for the weekend?  Yeah going to the dentist and going to retrieve my calendars from the post office.  I also want to see Love the Coopers.  Outside of that not really, might see my mom or at least give her a call.  Hopefully work in some naps to rest up for the week ahead when I am on-call. 

Well back to the grindstone.  Talk with you all again soon.  Have a great weekend!

17 November 2015

Cock Blocked by the post office

Yesterday I got a notification that my calendars were delivered.  I was anxious to see the preview of the men on the back covers.  Instead when I got to the post office I got the dreaded yellow card, which means see clerk.  They have lockers to place larger packages and only use them with me about 50% of the time.  So I was cock blocked by the post office. 

I ordered a few things from Amazon and had everything shipped to work.  One of the many things I ordered was wipers for the truck.  They shipped them separately.  One package made it to me.  UPS delivered the other package God knows where but it’s not in our building.  Not happy about that but I can get a replacement shipped after I wait a day.  My hope is that the other package will surface but I still have the feeling I am going to wind up with 3 wipers.  I pray that the remainder of my order makes it here without any issue.  It’s all regular stuff that one would order.  See I thought about having the calendars shipped here but if this would have happened with them I would really be upset.  It’s always better safe than sorry.

Still waiting on Momma’s lab results, I would think they would be in by now.  If they don’t call me by tonight then I will be calling them tomorrow. 

Today was my free lunch day and it was okay, nothing fantastic.  Tomorrow I will be leaving the office early and headed to an annual seminar that work puts on.  Hopefully they will finish the presentation early and I can get out of Dodge early.  Would be nice but I won’t hold my breath.  Thursday will be a normal day and then Friday is when the ass clown comes to town.  I found out he will be here all weekend long, which is fine by me.  I won’t be here all weekend long, I will be doing other things like sitting in the Dentist chair.  I always look forward to that, nothing like a woman's breast on your head – it is a unique feeling and I rather like it.  I don’t get turned on but rather I relax.

My neck is killing me I sure wish that it would stop hurting.  It’s too much time spent with my iPhone and looking down at screens.  It might be a bit before I get my next massage because of the Thanksgiving holiday.  I hope she comes early, no idea if that will happen.  I just sent our office manager an email asking when will she be here next?  Ah just found out she will be here this week, thank the Lord!

That’s all I know.  Now back to the regular drill, counting down to getting to go play in traffic and the rain on the commute home.  Talk with you all again soon.

15 November 2015


I was up pretty late, the cats didn’t seem to mind.  However, they were quick to try to wake me for breakfast, which didn’t happen at it’s usual time.  I wanted to sleep in and I did until 8:30a.  Then I decided to haul out of bed and start the day.  Breakfast for the children, a glass so I could fill it with water and take my pills.  Then time to get dressed and head out the door. 

First stop was the vet.  I took them a check for payment and was told that the credit card machine was working for 1 out of every 2 people.  Wow better odds but I am still glad that they are paid off, one less thing I have to think about. 

Second stop was at Cracker Barrel.  Yeah I know it’s not the normal Steak N Shake.  I had been thinking about CB for a while and decided just to head out.  The cute waiter I asked out hasn’t been spotted there since shortly after I asked him out.  They have a new breed of guys and all of which are cute.  Had my infamous Blueberry Pancake breakfast.  It was very good and I was surprised that I got seated as soon as I walked in the door.  When I left it was wall to wall people and they had a waiting list going.  That is the usual experience for me.

Third stop was the grocery store.  I had to get a couple of candy bars to go over the limit so my coupon kicked in and I paid $56 and got my $20 discount.  I could easily get used to this.  I think that is part of the trick, which is why they have this promotion going for so long.  I am just thankful to be able to save something.  I need all of the breaks I can get. 

Final stop was home.  Unpack and start the fun here.  The new shower curtain went up last night and it’s not long enough and it’s cheap, which explains why it was only $5.  I put the original in the laundry and have it back up.  I am using the cheap one as well but not too sure how long it will last.  I am already wanting to chop it down.

I started continuing to configure my laptop and that has been an all day job.  Just a couple of interruption's by Insty.  Once for lunch and Once for supper.  Girl sure loves her food.  I am surprised that Momma isn’t clinging to me.  I gave her a break last night and again this morning on her medicine, as a reward for visiting the vet.  She will start her pills back again tonight.  Speaking of the children I got the claw trimming taken care of.  Ruth was a pistol and she fought me through the entire process.  Turns out her claws were really in good shape, she could have easily went a couple of more weeks.  Everyone else well they needed to be trimmed.  It was NOT a fun job but I am glad it’s behind me.  I have also managed to complete Laundry as well.  Also got my shave and shower.  Made my Sunday Pizza and consumed it.  I had plans for a nap but just never got around to taking one.  Hopefully that means a really good nights sleep for me tonight, I could sure use it.  No bad dreams, just good uninterrupted sleep.  Are you listening Mr. Sandman?

When I went to clean the house I learned that the vacuum on switch doesn’t want to stay on.  You touch it and it goes on and when you remove your finger instead of staying on it turns off.  I had to tape it down in order to get the house cleaned.  It’s been a good vacuum and I can live with that quirk if I have to but I would rather not.  I saw Bear slither underneath the couch.  Now I know how he gets in.  Not sure how he manages to pull himself out.  The only things left to deal with is prepping for tomorrow and wrangling the trash.  Two tasks that I will complete tonight.  I need some relaxation time as well.  Right now my desktop is updating with the major Windows 10 update and that will take a while.  I really need it and am kind of sorry I said update now but I would also be around when updates are installed just in case something goes wrong. 

Next weekends agenda will be to get my choppers cleaned and to see Love The Coopers.  Time for some fun and time away from technology.  After all the week of the 23rd is when I am on call.  I always like to try to live it up just before the boom lowers.  Good news is that I will be done for the year unless something happens.  I hope the boss uses a better method for deciding who’s on call when she prepares the next schedule. 

My mom called, yeah really.  She left me a voice mail while I was cleaning the house.  I didn’t bother to call her back.  I am going to try to see her next weekend as well, it’s not a high priority but I figure it’s time.  I am doing it begrudgingly.  It’s not something that I look forward to. 

I have been back on-line on the various dating apps.  No sign from the bad date and that’s okay.  While I am eager for the 3rd date with a new guy I would rather wait a little bit than rush into something.  I’ve got one friend telling me that I am trying too hard and that love will find me when the time is right.  Yeah, that might be a true statement but if I don’t look, I can’t sit back and expect Mr. Right to knock on my front door.  It’s like being unemployed and expecting your next employer to come knocking, doesn’t work that way.  Both situations require a concerted effort or you won’t get any results. 

The week ahead has me leaving the office early to go off site for a presentation on Wednesday.  I could be home early or I could be really late – depends upon how much people yack and what traffic is like.  Last year was a little bit of a challenge and it was much colder.  I was in long sleeves.  Right now I am still wearing short sleeves.  I need a jacket some days and other days I need a coat but by the afternoon it’s perfect outside.  Strange weather.  Then on Friday the bull in the china shop comes back to town.  I just hope that our paths don’t cross, so that Friday is the good day it’s supposed to be. 

That’s all for now.  Off to enjoy what is left of this Sunday and try not to think about Monday.  Hope you had a great weekend.  Talk with you all again soon.