26 February 2015

Snow – Depression - Anxiety

The weather man was right, it was snowing just as morning rush was underway.  I left the house extra early and still managed to arrive 10 minutes late.  I am happy there were no incidents, even though I did have a sudden stop my car slid slightly but I had plenty of room and was able to come to a stop in plenty of time.  The longer I sat the more time I had to think about different things.  The anxiety from yesterday has carried over into today, it’s like I feel paralyzed and that I won’t be able to perform my job.  We got this directive that we are only supposed to talk amongst ourselves and not go directly to other teams for help.  That kind of creates a bit of a quagmire but I understand the reasoning behind it.  It’s to help keep people focused, so if you bother someone with a question your taking them away from what they are presently working on.  However, that quality and ability should be promoted here because it helps make us better.  We have a very strict process to follow and if we don’t there are consequences.  Problem is not everyone knows everything and if you go to a specialty team like networking with a network question that no one else has they are the best people to advise you on how to proceed.  This is more of a political thing and I don’t do well with politics.  

I have been having dreams of missing my partner and just being inconsolable, crying my eyes out.  It’s kind of what I would like to do in real life but I honestly don’t think it would help.  I think I am mostly cried out.  The scab is starting to form and healing is under way but it’s a very slow process and something that I can’t seem to speed up.  I think of him often, I am reminded of him when I go home and look around.  I miss him when I walk through the door because there is no home cooked meal and the house is quiet.  I like quiet but right now I would trade that plus everything I have to get him back in good health and continue our live together.  I know that is a mere wish and will not ever become a reality.  The final chapter in our relationship has been written and is complete.  Moving forward alone on my own is not an easy thing to do.  Add to that all of the difficulty in dating and trying to find a new person and it’s no wonder my emotions are on a rollercoaster. 

The weather has not let up, it’s still snowing.  The commute home is going to t-totally suck.  However, given the fact I have tomorrow off I am not terribly worried about it.  I wanted to go out to grab a bite to eat tonight but if I am sitting in traffic all I will want to do is get home and the sooner the better.  The restaurants will all still have food come tomorrow.  There is no chance we are closing early and in listening to the weather forecast it’s going to be like 15 to 20 below wind chills tonight.  There is much more winter on the way with a wintry mix for the weekend and the first part of next week.  It’s like the snow will never go away.  I said I wanted snow and now I have it but in an abundance that I didn’t want.  It can go away along with the traffic headaches.  This guy is ready for spring.  Looks like that groundhog wasn’t kidding around this year when he saw his shadow. 

My plans for tomorrow are to get my car serviced, talk to the folks at the court house about my house to make sure ownership has been properly transferred, get a haircut, go to therapy, grab a bite to eat, pick up cat food and then it will be on to home to start the marathon of house of cards.  I thought about staying up late tonight and watching at least the first episode but considering I have an early morning appointment with the car, I don’t know that I would make it if I was up that late.  So tonight will be much like any Thursday night in that I will go through all of the same motions that I typically do, in preparation for an early morning start. 

BTW, I forgot to mention that I have completed an item on my bucket list.  I saw NPH naked – front and back.  The photos are on the internet, you don’t have to join some website or pay money – just let Google be your friend and you can find both images.  The front isn’t that clear but the back is and that is what I have been interested in.  David Burtka is one lucky, lucky man. 

With that I am going to get ready to complete my afternoon in the hopes that it flies by.  Call volume has been down yesterday I took like 4 calls all day long.  Today hasn’t been much better I think I had 2 this morning.  While I am not complaining that is a lot of idle time and it ticks by slowly, which is maddening. 

Have a nice weekend and I am sure that I will be back with an update in the next couple days.  I am trying my best to stay warm & healthy, I hope that you are doing the same and that life is treating you and your loved ones very well.  Hard to believe that we will be entering the third month of 2015 on Sunday.  Just another sign that spring is really on the way!

25 February 2015

Cha Cha Changes

Another staff meeting, more changes.  Don’t do this anymore, instead do this.  I just hate staff meetings they cause a great amount of anxiety.  Some of the things my co-workers do amaze me, as in what were they thinking.  I am pretty well a by the book type of person.  However, I found out today that some of the training I received isn’t inline with our procedures, so now I have to adapt and that will take some great effort on my part.  However, in the end it will help expand my knowledge so that will make me more valuable and able to answer more questions and resolve more issues.  So while I am not terribly happy about it, at the end of the day it’s a win-win.

The wrist is much better today.  Time actually got away from me and the pain was so minor that I didn’t bother to use ice last night.  I had a huge pop when I stretched this morning but no pain.  Thankfully what ever I did didn’t mess me up too bad.  I was able to scoop litter last night without major pain. 

Today is my Thursday and I am quite happy about it.  Kind of wish I took two days instead of 1 but I am not making changes now.  I will enjoy and savor my one day off as well as the weekend.  It will make for a nice time and of course when it’s all over, I won’t want to come back. 

This morning there was a semi accident that snarled traffic up for miles.  I made it to work by my start time but I had to push really hard and make some moves that I normally don’t make.  The garage was packed by the time I got here so I am parked way in right field again.  It’s very cold out.  Snow is supposed to happen just in time for the early morning rush so tomorrow might take some extra effort or maybe I will luck out and they will either close for the day or open late.  I don’t expect the same treatment as last time where we got pizza and got to go home early but if they do that, I am perfectly fine with it.  Just means that my weekend starts that much sooner. 

Not much else to yammer about, so back to the daily grind.  Hope all is well in your world.  Stay warm and think good thoughts, spring will get here eventually!  Talk with you peeps late.r

24 February 2015

Twist of the wrist

Last night while I was preparing to shut things down and make my exit from the office, I noticed my wrist started to hurt.  As time went by it got progressively worse.  By the time I got home I could not do anything without feeling pain.  Scooping out the litter box was even a chore.  I surrounded my wrist in an ice sleeve that I have.  That helped a bunch.  It’s still sore today but the pain is a little more tolerable.  I am going to ice again tonight in the hopes that I can get this to heal quickly.  I think I injured it yesterday when I was working on someone’s computer and had to stand up to use the mouse.  Normally it’s my neck that gets me but this time it was my wrist.  I never knew how much activity I did on a daily basis that involved my wrist.  I now have a new appreciation for it. 

I spoke with my friend and he did turn in his notice yesterday.  He did it first thing and they allowed him to stay for the day to transfer knowledge and say his goodbye’s then he was walked out.  He gets the benefit of 2 more weeks pay but doesn’t actually have to work for it.  So he will have a nice sum of money if you couple that with what he already has in the bank.  Oh and he’s got oodles of vacation time that they are going to pay him for.  So he is taking some time to decompress and will be working on his resume shortly.  Then it will be time to start his new full time job of looking for a job.  As I mentioned the other day he has mad skills and is very good at what he does.  I don’t think based on his qualifications that he will have any problems in finding a job, the problem will come when they see his age.  Provided any prospective employers can look past that I think he should be back in the working world within 2 months.  He said that he feels a sense of relief.  There is no more pressure and he can get back to trying to enjoy and appreciate life.  I think the decompression time will do him good.  Plus he hasn’t been on a vacation in a very long time.  When he told me about doing a brain dump and giving them information as well as telling them they could call him if they had any questions, I wanted to say oh so you gargled with bong water before you went to work.  He told me that he didn’t want to leave them in a lurch.  Plus he has to think of his wife since she still works there.  While his decision might have been right for him, I think he should have toughed it out until the bitter end.  Chances are pretty good that his former boss will be fired soon and then he would have been in the clear.  He told me that when he turned in his letter his boss got misty eyed and said she was sorry that it had to come to this.  Really?  You got what you wanted WTF are you crying for.  I would have been a lot more blunt with her and done things differently, wife or no wife.  She screwed him over and he didn’t even get a reach around.  It’s a shame that things like this are tilted in the employers favor, all they have to do is document – they can misconstrue situations or even make shit up, as long as it’s in writing it’s gospel.  That is just dead wrong.  If I were him I would be talking with an attorney, to me being a lay person I think he has a case.  However, he’s going to wimp out because of his wife and just let it be water under the bridge.  Hell if I had a case I would make them pay me, while he doesn’t want to go back to work there money would be a decent way to get justice.

Speaking of money I stopped by the post office last night and got my reward cards from AT&T for signing up with UVERSE.  I’ve got 3 months to spend $200 that shouldn’t be a problem.  I’m taking them with me on Friday when I have my oil changed in case they tell me my time is up and I need new tires.  If I get away without tires then I will use them for paying bills.  If you don’t use them within the 3 month time frame the funds just vaporize.  I would have rather had an account credit or a check the cards I feel are just an enticement to spend more money.  However, that is the way the world works for now.  Still happy with my purchase and the features, wish it cost even less.  Taxes and fees really jack up the price as with any bill you can’t get out of it without being taxed.  That just sucks.  Nice when I want to watch TV I no longer have to worry if the DVR went to the right channel and if I will be able to really watch what I recorded.  Plus there has been occasions when 2 or 3 shows were on at the same time.  Before I would have missed them but those days are over with.  I got my cable bill last night as well because I still have internet through them and they want to suddenly lower the price if I switch and bundle with them.  They say that they can help you get out of a contract if your in one.  Yeah unless they are paying the ETF I don’t see how that is possible.  I made my decision and I am locked into it for a year.  If I become unhappy then I will look into changing.  For now things are staying as they are.

I’ve been thinking about the house and how I have never ever received a copy of the last Quit Claim Deed that I signed.  It’s been 2 months.  I think that is more than sufficient time for the paperwork to be recorded and mailed back to me.  Friday when I am off I am going to the court house with the parcel number and checking to see who’s name the county has as the owner.  I will also ask if there are any problems.  What I expect to find is that the transfer hasn’t officially occurred with the county, even though it’s taken place on paper.  Hopefully, I am wrong and I will be pleasantly surprised but if not then it will be time to gear up for the next battle.  Speaking of battles 2 more months until his (my late partner) Bankruptcy is eligible to be discharged due to his passing.  I hope his attorney will act in a swift manner and go through with the necessary steps to get the motion filed and that the court approves it quickly.  I do not have plans to make any further payments after we reach the agreed upon threshold.  I just want to move forward and leave all of the bad juju behind me.  I think and feel very strongly that I have more than paid for his loss.  You have the emotional and physical pain from him not being present as well as trying to wrap up his affairs and continuing to exist from 1 income when before I had 2.  I shouldn’t be penalized any further in my humble opinion.

Today has been busy but thus far there hasn’t been a high level of stress.  I hope that theme continues not only for today but for many weeks to come.  Busy is good but stress well that is a bad thing.  Well back to the daily grind and to hopefully wind this day up quickly.  Stay warm and I hope all is well in your world.  Talk with you peeps again soon.

23 February 2015

NPH – in his underwear

Blogger is changing their policy on nudity on blogs, if your in violation of the new policy you will receive an e-mail well before it goes into effect.  They kindly ask you to clean up your blog and if you fail to comply they will mark your site as private meaning that you and only those you specified will be able to view the content.  I don’t believe they will allow new content to be published, but don’t quote me on that.  In any case this will affect a great number of blogs on Blogger.  If your depicting a nude photo, statue or drawing that is deemed to be artistic no worries the new policy won’t apply. 

Honestly most people who want to publish that type of content have moved away from blogger and on to things like Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram.  I don’t know of any of these platforms will have similar modifications on the types of content they deem allowable but I would suspect that with time it will probably happen.  If your interested in publishing that type of content then you need a blog or a website that you and only you control.  I’m not aware of a free way to accomplish that but there are pay solutions that will.  Personally, I got a thrill from publishing content like that for a short time then it became a chore instead of a passion so I lost interest.

Speaking of naked guys, how about NPH at the Oscars in his undies.  Don’t know what I am talking about just give it a Google and you soon will.  I didn’t watch but the photo came across my Facebook feed and wow, I just had to save that photo to my phone.  Priceless.  It would have been better if he was naked but I will take what I can get.  :-)

Yesterday evening was ho hum.  My friend that is quitting his job called me back a couple times to get my opinion on a few things.  Finally I had silence so I elected to feed the cats and try to shave and was going to follow up with a shower.  The dam phone rang again.  This time it was a different friend.  I at least got my shave in.  Then we wound up talking so I just gave up on the shower part.  I was more interested in eating supper and moving on with the evening. 

An external hard drive that I have was getting loud.  You could unplug it and plug it back in but eventually it would get loud again.  While things were going well, I elected to transfer the data off it and on to another external drive.  It took twice as long as it should have but the job got done.  I formatted the old drive and put a sticker on it to remind me that it’s defective.  I want to get a very large like 3tb or above external hard drive and just keep everything I need on there.  It will eliminate problems of having multiple drives, but since that isn’t in the budget right now and it’s not a critical need, I am keeping it on the back burner.  I will get to it eventually.

I was all set for bed and then I lost Bear.  I mean he’s 40 pounds solid black how could I lose him.  I got frantic for a second and called out his name.  He meowed and he was laying in his bed.  It’s a dark blue and he is black so he disappeared in it.  I was happy to have found him and that he was okay.  He is always on my mind.  We got some quality time in yesterday with a brushing, bath and a belly rub.  Not to mention I rotated his plates of food for him to gobble on.  He had a very good day of attention.  Poor guy doesn’t get enough.  That is the difficult part of having a small heard of cats and trying to cater to each one.  Another example of this is I was rushing around the house this morning.  An early meeting at work and I had to leave so I could set up for it.  LB didn’t get his hug so he came looking for me.  I gave him his hug and of course he was wet.  He just used one of Bear’s pads to get even with me because I didn’t seek him out, he had to seek me out.  I tell you they keep me hopping. 

Everything was set and eventually I made it to bed.  I wasn’t anxious to start today given how the last couple weeks have gone.  Much to my surprise today has been calm and mostly stress free.  I did have some problems.  But nothing like the last 2 weeks.  I am looking forward to having Friday off.  I’ve got a therapy appointment in the afternoon.  So much for a day to myself but in the end all of my actions … taking care of the car and going to therapy are going to benefit me.  Plus I get an extra day off and once I am done I will be tuned in to House of Cards.  I am so looking forward to that. 

I am eager to follow up with my friend tonight and see how well received his resignation was and if he is going to be allowed to work his 2 weeks or if they just decided to call it quits and walked him out today.  I have been thinking about him off and on all day long.  He is taking a very bold step in not having something to go to.  I know my last job was difficult and there were many times when I thought I was going to get fired.  There are also many times I just wanted to throw in the towel and give up.  However, I stuck it out and in the end they eliminated my position … so it worked to my benefit in that I was able to collect unemployment, there was no fight, but there was a delay before the left hand told the right hand what was going on.  I disagree with him just giving up but I also understand reaching a breaking point and wanting to put it all behind you and start over.  So while I see both sides of the coin I still think it would be far better for him in the long run if he would just stick it out. 

The Raccoons are surviving but I am not exactly sure how.  They finally ate the frozen cat food that I set out for them days ago.  I thought for sure one of them was dead but that wasn’t the case, thank God!  There is still 3 of them I presume Momma, Daddy and Baby.  I think they may have more but only three of them will fit in the window well.  If I could I would pump some heat out there for them but that isn’t possible.  I’d love to help them but I think letting them be is probably the best help I can give them.  It’s either that or call critter control to trap them and relocate them elsewhere.  However, I don’t want to be a home wrecker, unless it’s absolutely necessary. 

Stay warm…talk with you peeps later.

22 February 2015

Off the grid

Friday was a horrible day, I had no time to myself and had to eat my lunch while working.  Plus I got in early and started running from the moment I got there.  I was never so anxious for a weekend to start.  Everyone had the fear that the sky was falling because there was snow in the forecast for the evening and again on Saturday.  I got an e-mail from my therapist informing me that my appointment was cancelled due to the weather.  Really, I mean it’s only weather the world doesn’t stop because of it.  In any event she probably did the right thing not knowing how bad things were going to be.  I would have trampled down there if she hadn’t cancelled. 

Once I got home I had supper and then was quick to start on taxes.  Things turned around I am getting a serious refund from the Federal Government.  The state that I work in now owes me money, instead of the other way around.  I still have to pay the same amount in to the state I live in.  So I am happy that I was able to take the deductions for the property tax as well as the mortgage interest.  The bad part is since it’s an amended return you MUST file it by mail.  You can’t submit it any other way.  Which means that the additional money I am due will be delayed in coming but hopefully my initial refund will process through shortly.  I hope I got it all right, I was so confused by the time I was done, but it was all packaged and ready to mail.  Postage wasn’t cheap since there were multiple pieces of paper and since it’s legal in nature you can’t double side it, everything is single side only which is kind of a waste of paper if you ask me.  I love duplexing it saves time and money. 

By the time I was done my upper back muscles were killing me, which I attribute mostly to stress of the week.  I decided to take a muscle relaxer and then call it a night.  That turned into calling it a Saturday as well.  I went off the grid and turned my computer, cell phone and home phone off.  I didn’t want to be bothered.  I didn’t leave the house and slept the bulk of the day away.  I watched some TV, ate some junk food and watched a couple movies.  I was up at 3am watching TV because I couldn’t sleep.  By 5am I was crawling back in bed and my bed buddy had me up by 7:30a which I thought was a bit early but if your used to eating at 6:15a I suppose your really hungry.  So I gave in and got up.  No surprise that this morning when I powered everything on that I had a ton of messages waiting for me.  The only really important one was from my brother, who said that our mom wanted to know why I didn’t take her out to eat on Valentine’s Day.  I haven’t bothered to respond because I think that is a childish question to ask and it really doesn’t deserve a response.  I’m 43 years old and my mommy stopped being my valentine a long time ago.  I was on-call that week, so even I didn’t go out to eat.  Plus all of the restaurants in the area are always packed, I wouldn’t have gone out even if I could have. 

Once I got going I was okay.  I had most everything done by 10:30a.  That includes dishes, vacuuming, taking the trash out and trimming everyone's claws.  What a work out.  I was gasping for breath.  The claw trimming was what took it out of me.  Ruth is good for 6 more weeks and I am happy about that.  I am sure she will be as well.  Most everyone but the bears put up some form of a fight.  I don’t understand why, but no one really likes getting their claws trimmed.  The only one I really struggle with is Ruth and since I had the house shutdown, with all of the doors closed no one could go anywhere and they were all fair game. 

Then I sat to rest and felt drowsy.  I was going to lay down but I heard my cell phone ring.  I thought it was my usual friend calling but it was a different friend.  The one who got a bad review.  Well earlier this week he got his action plan and it’s really a bona fide witch hunt.  He’s been there for something like 17 years and never had a bad review.  Now all of a sudden he gets a different boss and he gets the worst review of his life and he is labeled as a shitty employee.  He said that the action plan was geared towards firing someone, but he still had a job.  Then he told me that he is going to resign.  I encouraged him to hang on, take their money and look for work.  However, he has been pushed well past his breaking point and he needs to separate himself.  I understand but I am scared for him.  The job is starting to affect his marriage, his health and it’s just not worth fighting anymore because it seems like no matter what he does his boss finds fault with it.  It’s pretty clear to me that they want him gone and he gets the same vibe.  Why stay and make yourself miserable when you can end it and start fresh some place else.  The bigger problem is that he is up there in age, so while he has mad skills I think that it will be a little more difficult for him to find work because of his age.  Granted employers aren’t supposed to discriminate based upon age, but it still happens.  Just like the police aren’t supposed to profile but they do.  I honestly thought he would get fired rather than resign.  My hope is that when he turns in his resignation it will set off some bells as he will be the 4th or 5th person to leave.  The problems isn’t all of these people are crappy employees, the problem is they all worked for the same person who has no real management qualification.  Plus it sounds like this person has some mental issues.  I don’t get it but I hope that everything works out well for him.  Plus that he gets time to decompress before he jumps back into the working world, presuming that he is allowed to resign.  He thinks they will let him work his 2 weeks because other people have gotten the same opportunity when they resigned.  I told him that I wouldn’t expect that, I would expect to be walked out and to be paid for 2 weeks for sitting at home.  He has elevated access and could easily cripple the company if he wanted to.  Now he’s not that type of person but since the company already thinks poorly of him they are probably more inclined to make the separation immediate rather than let him work his 2 weeks. 

Well tomorrow I go back to my ball of stress, otherwise known as work.  In talking with my friend I see how fortunate I really am.  He has and is facing some of the things that I have dealt with already.  It makes me very thankful that I am working for an employer who appreciates me and I feel the appreciation most of the time.  I mean if I call in or take a day off, going back more than 1 person will tell me that they missed me.  I pray that I don’t screw this up.  After all there is a lot riding on my job.  I am only working 4 days this week.  I’ve taken Friday off so that I can watch House of Cards.  I have already made an appointment for my car and I might have a therapy appointment to go to, but outside of that my day is otherwise open.  So I look forward to watching the show and seeing what Frank Underwood and company will do this season. 

Right now I feel okay for the most part but it feels like things are fuzzy and I am operating in a haze.  I suppose that is just the sluggishness of yesterday making its way out of my body.  I sure hope that passes quickly.  Supper is Meat Lovers Lasagna.  I am breaking tradition and not having pizza.  It’s made by Stouffers so I know it’s going to be good.  I had breakfast out today, lunch was a snack cake and a soda. 

I know a lot of you will be watching The Oscars with NPH and while I am still in love with him I really don’t like award shows.  They babble on too much and that gets on my nerves pretty quickly.  I am however looking forward to watching Looking tonight on HBO.  Shameless has taken a 1 week hiatus, I suppose due to the Oscars. 

That’s all I’ve got for now.  Hopefully this week things will be a little calmer.  I know there will be stressors this week, but hopefully they will be few.  I hope your staying warm, in good health and enjoyed your weekend.  I shall talk with you peeps later.  Be well!

19 February 2015

Oh What A Night

Just your average night for me.  The best part was when I finally went to sleep.  I had the most amazing dream.  My partner had purchased a charter type bus.  Some how I met up with him and he had all of these people on board that I didn’t know.  He was rich and just decided to cart people all over the us.  It was so good to see him.  He let me start the bus but I believe he was the driver.  I ran the show and said where we were going.  I remember I wanted a hair cut and we stopped in, everyone on the bus decided to get haircuts but I tried to get them to take me first, which didn’t happen.  We waited for a few minutes, then I told him I wanted to go.  I made an announcement 5 minutes and the bus leaves.  Geez you should have seen the panic that washed over everyone, I heard more than once but I am not done.  I remember my partner saying it’s what he wants and this trip is all about him.  We left in exactly five minutes.  It was just a fun trip.  We went several other places.  When I woke up I got the feeling that he was doing okay and he was at peace.  I really wish that I could enter into a dream like this every night, I can tell you that I would be sleeping a lot more than my body requires.  He is always on my mind and I suppose with the tax thing might have caused this.  In any case I am happy that it happened.

My heart just skipped a beat I saw that I had a voicemail on my magic jack, I figured the pet food guy finally called.  Nope it was some lady who was upset about her paycheck and she was using some colorful language.  Drats.  I really thought maybe just maybe it was him.  The whole idea of finding someone is particularly difficult, then factor in the fact I am gay and the complex factor just goes up from there.  I kind of which I could fast forward to find out who I am going to wind up with, if anyone.  Seeing in to the future might not be pleasant but at least I would have some answers and would know if I should conserve my efforts and spend my time doing something else that is mindless like watching TV.  I am just a little frustrated with the whole man search.

I am such a kind and caring soul you’d think someone would want a piece of this.  Last night the lady in front of me exiting the garage was a visitor and she couldn’t figure out how to get her cards to take in the machine.  She had caused quite a backup, so being the kind soul that I am I got out of my car and swiped my badge to let her out.  The gate went up and she bolted like a wild horse.  She could have easily injured me.  She didn’t even bother to say thank you.  Wow.  Don’t know that I will be that kind again.  I leave room for people in traffic to merge over and do they, nope so I go to take the space away and then they suddenly want over.  I don’t get it people are strange.  I wish that more people would be kind and pay attention instead of having their head in the clouds.  The world could be a better place, but I suppose I am asking for a bit much. 

I took a simple voice mail that said I am having computer issues could someone call me.  That turned out to be a machine gun approach.  I was bombarded with a litany of problems that this person had saved up and finally decided to call for help.  Now I am overwhelmed and not exactly sure how to fix all of them.  I have to reach out for help.  That will be an after lunch project.

Right now it’s time to enjoy my Turkey sandwich that I put some BBQ sauce on and prepare for my massage that will be rushed.  Only because I was helping someone and signed up far too late in the afternoon.  If you don’t get there early you are out of luck.  Story of my life. 

It was 0.4 degrees this morning – that is cold to me.  I know it can always be worse.  However, I am more than ready for Spring, just a little longer to wait.  Doesn’t help that we are in for a wintry mix over the weekend.  Ah well I did want snow, now that it’s here I am ready for something else.  A couple days usually cures me and this time is no exception.

Oh I asked someone yesterday about a guy I have my eye on.  They told me no he’s not gay and he has a girl friend but she has a butter face.  I looked perplexed and they said that it means she looks okay everywhere but her face.  Funny but glad I asked before I made an ass of myself and revealed my secret to someone else.  I was going to go against my cardinal rule but glad now that I didn’t. 

Okay lunch becons.  Talk with you all later. 

18 February 2015


I went to file a tax return for my partner because the 1098 actually showed up.  Problem is that he didn’t have any income so everything zeros out meaning he doesn’t owe anything and he isn’t owed anything.  I was pretty livid about it.  I reached out to Turbo Tax for help and found out late last night that I should claim the mortgage interest on my taxes.  I don’t like to file amended returns because it causes all sorts of problems.  Right now I am waiting on the state I live in to accept the e-file return or reject it and once that happens I will be able to file an amended return.  I also ran all of this by a tax attorney and they agreed with me that the deduction is mine and it will be pretty easy to explain to the IRS.  I was told that worse cast scenario the IRS could come asking for their money back but it’s pretty easy to explain. 

The only good thing about this is that the Bankruptcy court can’t take any of it because it will all be in my name.  Last year was his final tax return.  This is just one more hoop I need to jump through.  I’m not happy about it but perhaps that will change when I see how much it impacts my refund.

Yesterday I was just wiped out and after resting & sleep I feel better.  I still kind of think that there may be an infection brewing but I am trying to move past it and hope that it is just my body reacting to the cold weather. 

It’s been super busy from the time I walked in the door and I couldn’t believe it was lunch time.  I’ve got some loose ends to tie up and I am actually looking forward to my afternoon phone shift.  I hope that I will be able to relax and that it’s not super busy.  Resting is a good thing. 

We got more snow over night so the morning commute was all screwed up, it wasn’t much just enough to make it sloppy.  I got to work on time, which is a good thing.  The garage is packed.  There is more snow in the forecast over the weekend so Monday might be interesting.  Not to mention that my therapy appointment could be impacted by this.  Right now I am still looking forward to the weekend.

Just remembered that the massage therapist will be here tomorrow.  I am so looking forward to that as well.  My calling in has me worried that I am going to screw up this perfect gig.  I mean it’s still work and I am no more happier to walk in the door than the next person but I am proud to have a job and it feels good to get a paycheck.  I don’t want to mess things up.  I thought about giving back next Friday and not taking it off but my odometer says it’s close to oil change time and the only place that I go is to the dealer.  They do it all right and while it’s not cheap I take solace in knowing that my car is well taken care of by pros who were trained to work on it. 

Enough babble, time to get back to it.  Talk with you peeps later.