31 August 2014

Last day of August 2014

The last day of the month is here.  Hard to believe that we are going into September.  This year has really taken off and time just seems to be going faster and faster. 

This weekend has been a money spending fest.  I paid all of the bills that I needed to, minus my auto insurance.  Which I will be paying later today o tomorrow.  Very happy that I have credit cards so that I can float loans and not drain myself of cash. 

I also got groceries, cat food and went to Target.  I got a Bluetooth Headset for work, since I will be on the phones starting on Tuesday.  It’s not required and is completely at my expense, so I went on the cheap.  I’ve already got a decent headset and have found that it works best with only 1 device paired.  I thought I only spent $39 for it but just looked at the receipt and the cashier forgot to charge me for it.  So I got it for free.  Nice!  All of the business that I give Target, I think I have earned a break.  They are Cat Litter Headquarters' for me.  I do kind of feel like going back and saying um, she forgot to charge me for this and that is the honest & right thing to do, but I am not going to do it. 

I picked up ink for my printer, that was $65 which I wish that was free and I would pay for the headset.  I got the ink at Office Depot and it should last me for a very long time.  I went XL because I use the most of the black ink. 

Friday, my local office surprised us and let us go 2 hours early.  I still had to check with my boss but was told leave and it’s paid leave.  Nice!  I had been working on trying to organize the Inventory Room and have made some progress.  There is still lots more to do and it’s going to take time, time that I am not sure when I will have. 

I treated myself to a hair cut & shampoo on Friday.  Then swung by Sam’s to get gas for the car.  A man approached me and asked if I wanted my windshield washed for free.  I said sure.  Then he told me that I had several chips in the windshield.  I just got the damn thing put in less than a year ago.  Interstate driving really wears hard on the windshield.  Anyway, he said they would fix it for free.  So I let them, but it wasn’t free.  It cost me $40 because I happen to have 1 of the 2 insurance companies that won’t work with them.  I explained that I was told it would be free but they said sorry you have to pay.  Fine, I wasn’t exactly pleased as punch but I paid.  Then I went through a car wash, I asked prior to going if it would be okay.  Because there was greasy handprints all over the window and well the car needed a wash.  There went $17.  What I thought were hand prints turns out to be the resin that they used.  My windshield looks horrible but only on the inside.  Outside, you can’t tell a thing.  I’m not too happy, but what is done is done.

I spent a good portion of my day yesterday researching the company that did the repair.  Turns out I am not the first person to complain about them.  They have an F rating with the BBB.  Really a company that Sam’s Club Partnered with is not above board.  Oh that and there little disclaimer that they don’t condone the use of the word free by any rep of their company.  Sent me into a rampage.  I went on a letter writing campaign.  I want a written apology and my money back.  I went off on Sam’s Club and told them I would never again use a 3rd part provider that they contract with because they obviously didn’t do their research ahead of time.  The whole thing is totally unacceptable.

Most people don’t know that chips are typically covered by your insurance company provided that you have Comprehensive coverage.  The insurance company looks at the repair as preventative maintenance in that if the chip is fixed in time it won’t turn into a crack and they will be able to save money in the long run.  Most people also think that this will cause your insurance to go up if you file a claim.  Not under Comprehensive typically things that fall under that coverage are not surchargable so your rates won’t be affected.  Yes in the long run the insurance company’s rates will increase and eventually you will feel it but it’s lumped in with the cost of doing business. 

I am unfortunately stuck with this unless I want to foot the bill for a windshield replacement, the company that did the repair work says they will refund your money if your not happy but that is the extent of it.  I feel like a damn fool in that I was suckered in and fell for it.  I should have been more cautious but I was feeling really good and laid back, it was a Friday before a long weekend and my Birthday so I threw caution to the wind and look what it got me!  Lesson learned don’t do it again.

I’ve been out to eat … Huddle House this morning for breakfeast.  I really wanted to see the cute waiter that I like but he was no where to be found.  Food was still good.  Yesterday I went to Bob Evans.  Their chili is back on the menu and I had to have a bowl.  Very good just needed more crackers and a little cheese.  Tomorrow I’m headed to Chili’s.  My brother called and him and my mom want to take me out for my birthday.  I like that idea, it’s better than eating either of their cooking!

I’ve been rather lazy about getting things done around here.  Just started laundry and I need to get cracking on cleaning this place up.  Plus the children really want food.

Long story short I am broke again.  Very little money left but thankfully I was able to pay all of the bills, including the mortgage.  Now I have to work on finding a mortgage place that will offer me a lower monthly payment and get this place into my name.

I did some checking on my late partners Bankruptcy.  I am a little more than $2,000.00 short of getting to the magic number, where I will qualify for the attorney to submit a hardship discharge.  That doesn’t mean I will get it but given the circumstances I think the odds are pretty good.  Unfortunately it will be around April before I reach that point, that is provided I keep paying as agreed and don’t make any lump sum payments.  The better news is that at the end of the year my car will be paid for, so there is more money that I can tuck away, I just hope that I can discipline myself to save it and not spend it.

I have been eyeing laptops because I see myself getting one.  It would be nice to be able to surf at work without being traced or fear of someone watching you.  Not that I have the time but it could be another way to spend my lunch time.

The other day I was on Facebook and they were dishing out ads about you might like and I went through them.  I came across Mark E. Miller.  He is a gay guy that makes you tube videos with his partner Ethan.  They are both in their 20’s and damn good looking.  I started watching and have been hooked ever since.  I will be putting up a link on my site to their channels.  The one problem I have is I see them kiss or be intimate with each other.  I mean you can feel the love just by watching.  That makes me miss my late partner even more.  I wasn’t a big kisser but he was.  I’d really like to kiss him now. 

My new shoes have really helped my feet.  So much that I can wear other shoes for a day and walk without a problem.  It’s been a couple days and I feel a little pain but nothing like it was.  I guess my foot was just sitting funny or cramped in the other shoes, which overtime lead to the pain.  I am very grateful to have found a solution, I only hope that it keeps on working and doesn’t fail me.  Then it will have been worth every penny I spent.

I sense myself just rambling on here.  So I am going to run.  Time to get into cleaning mode, fun stuff.  Hope your weekend is going good and that you enjoy the extra day off.  Tuesday will feel like Monday and no one will know what day of the week it is until Friday finally gets here.  Talk with you peeps later.

28 August 2014

Busy Guy

Just wanted you all to know I am still among the living.  This has been one heck of a week.  Yesterday was the worst.  The Video Conference System shot craps – it was just down.  I stayed late to help troubleshoot and we got a good portion of it back, but still a tech had to come out to fix a couple things.  Glad it’s back in working order.  I also have 3 new hires to prepare for.  2 of which are done and I am working on the last one now. 

Next week will be a true culture shock to me because it’s when I start a schedule and go on the phones.  I am not looking forward to it.  I like things the way they are now, but I know the phone part is something that I signed up for.

My knowledge is increasing, which is good.  However, I am still very green.  The layout of the building has finally sunk into my head, but I still manage to go down a floor and come back up and not know which way to turn to get to my cube. 

Got a hot attorney that I would love to ask out.  He’s young and very cute.  I think he is gay but don’t know for sure.  I can’t exactly ask him, I mean I could but that would be rude.  Besides that I heard him mention someone else in his life so if it’s not a wife it’s a girlfriend or boyfriend.  Still every time I see him he has the most amazing smile and his body oh it calls out to me.  I have a policy about mixing work and pleasure.  So I am probably better off.

Speaking of hot guys.  I decided to drop Match.com.  It’s a decent site but you can’t do anything unless you pay them.  They try to rope you into a bundle subscription which looks cheap but when you do the math it adds up pretty quick.  I am still on Grindr, Gay.com, and OK Cupid.  I think 3 is a good number.  Now if I could just get a guy to talk with me and want to actually go on a date instead of just chat.  I had a local hottie look me up, he is 19 and BI.  I know he’s young but he’s legal!  Nothing wrong with chatting anyway.  I wish I had my youth back, not only would my looks improve but it’s really okay now to be gay, it’s more widely accepted.  Not to mention that it would open up my choices. 

I honestly think that age is just a number.  However, I don’t want someone too young or too old.  I don’t want there to be a burden or worry about health or rather healthcare.  Like my late partner, it was obvious that unless I was killed in a car crash or took my own life, odds were pretty good that I would still be here, and he would be the one leaving me behind.  I don’t want to go through that again nor do I want to put someone through that.  Granted it would be years but still, I just don’t think it’s right.  I still love and miss him very much.  I wish he were here and I didn’t have to go seeking another mate.  I guess I don’t have to but I am choosing to because I would like to be with someone.  There is risk involved aka heartbreak.  However, I am willing to give it a shot.  I will tell you that it’s kind of depressing that no one is hitting on me or chatting me up.  I seem to be the one to have to make the first move.

Speaking of move, the children are ready for their snack.  I need to get up there and take care of them.  The new shoes have helped my feet.  Taking them off still feels good but then the pain comes back.  I really wish that I could just wear the kind/type of shoe I wanted and didn’t have to worry about this.  Ah the joy of growing old. 

Well I have to run.  Hope your all gearing up for the long weekend.  Tomorrow will be a very long day but I am hoping that it will be a ghost town and I can get some administrative stuff done.  Like cleaning – the place is a complete mess.  Talk with you soon.

24 August 2014



I have a few apps on my phone for dating and finding guys.  I see a lot of the same people on several apps.  Some people try to be sneaky and use different pictures for different sites, but they make the mistake of uploading all of the same photos.  So you can figure out who your talking to.

My biggest problem is getting guys to chat with me.  When we do talk, that is very awkward.  I mean this is all new to me.  I never had to do it before and I am thankful for that. 

Dating in its’ self is scary.  You see a pretty face, nice profile and who knows maybe he can hold a conversation.  You don’t want to get involved with an axe murderer or someone who has an STD.  Then there is the whole thing about sexual history and HIV/AIDS. 

I see a few people who put it out on the line that they are positive and I applaud them for their honesty.  I don’t want to date someone who has HIV/AIDS.  I’m looking for a normal guy who is healthy, doesn’t smoke and either doesn’t drink or drinks socially.  People can be chameleons, meaning that they can adapt to being the kind of person you are looking for and then con you. 

Perhaps I am overly paranoid.  If I could just find someone who is good looking, we have things in common and can hold a conversation and then date, that would be awesome.  Sex, well that would be nice too, but I am not going into this looking for sex, I am looking for a companion. 


I went clothes shopping again today.  I found a shirt and a pair of pants.  I picked up some more socks.  Got out for $60 which isn’t terrible. 

When you’re a bigger guy like me, stores tend to have less of a selection.  If you visit what we (me and my late partner) used to call the Fat Man’s Shop (aka Big & Tall) they will have your size and some selection but they really stick it to you when it comes check out time.  I don’t think I should have to pay a little more because I have some extra weight, but retail is all about capitalizing when and where you can.  Make the money!

I had my new shoes on and they felt pretty good.  They seem to attract a little dust, but that is okay.  I kept them on for a few hours and then took them off.  Tomorrow will be the true challenge for them.


Went to the grocery store and spent $117.  I got a party size entrĂ©e from Stouffers, it was Chicken Enchiladas with rice and in a cheese sauce.  It was so appealing that I had to have it for supper.  It was really good.  By party size I mean it will serve 8 people.  I ate 1/2 of it tonight in nothing flat.  I will save the other 1/2 and have it during the week.

Picked up some Mint Oreo’s covered in Fudge.  I tried one after supper and they are really good.  I also found out where they hid the 6 Cheese Macaroni that is ready to eat, just heat & serve.  That will be dinner one night and I am so looking forward to it.  Cholesterol city but YOLO. 

I discovered last night that I was running out of Allegra.  That would mean I would have to go to another store and it was so hot out and I was tired.  I just picked up a small supply from the grocery store.  I can go to the other store either Target or more like Sam’s Club next week.

Picked up my usual lottery tickets on the way out the door.  It would be nice if I were a big jackpot winner.  I know if that happened I would be fighting the guys off of me.  Everyone would want some money.


The laundry is done, which is a good thing.  I am pretty well set for tomorrow.  I need to pick out the children’s food but outside of that, I am ready already.  Now I plan on trying to relax the night away.  It will go up in a flash and bed time will be here before you know it. 

I’m still watching The Shield.  Finished another season earlier today.  Looking forward to starting the next season, which I think I am going on to Season 6.  That is a lot of TV.

Speaking of TV there are lots of new shows coming on next month for the start of the Fall Season.  I am looking forward to How To Get Away With Murder.  It’s a drama, there is gay sex and well it’s about the law.  So lots of things in one show that interest me.  Plus I am looking forward to my regulars like Modern Family (which I fell in love with during unemployment), The Goldbergs, Scandal, The Middle and the list goes on.  Having something to look forward to watching is a good thing for me.  Who knows maybe I will put down my iPhone and concentrate on TV.

Earth Quake in CA early this morning.  There is damage and I believe casualties.  You just never know when your world will be rocked.  I am not saying that as a pun or to make light of the situation.  It might not be a natural disaster that strikes, it might be a health issue – point is change in the world around us and within our own lives is inevitable.  Yet as humans we are resistant to change.

Speaking of change it was time to change up the blog.  Hope you like the new photo and background.  I have no idea who the guy is but he was in my collection of photos.  He just called my name when I saw him.  The background is from Blogger/Google.  I wish they would add more backgrounds, but I suppose since this is free I can’t be too choosy.

I can’t believe that we are about to close the books on August.  People are talking about Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years already.  We haven’t even had Halloween yet.  Plus there is the Time Change, which I believe takes place in early November, if memory serves.  I will be the 1st to admit that the first 6 months of this year really sucked.  I am not anxious to leap ahead because I have no idea what is in store for me.  Likewise it will also mean that I will be older.  Shortly I will turn 43.  This will be the 2nd birthday I celebrate w/o my late partner.  I look back through photos and see flowers, cakes and think of other good times.  I know my days of a big birthday deal are gone, but having him around made it special for me.  I didn’t want anything other than his love and I certainly got that. 

I still feel young, like 20 but my body feels much older.  I really don’t like the aging process but I realize it’s natural.  Who knows what I will see in the next year.  Hopefully nothing but good times and lots of money!  Time will certainly tell.

Be well, enjoy the week and I will talk with you peeps again soon.  I sure hope that the screamer isn’t upset again tomorrow.  I kind of loathe working on this problem, but it’s part of the job.  Where exactly did the weekend go?  The best part is next weekend here in the US, will be 1 day longer.  So there will be something to look forward to, not to mention that this Friday is payday.  So looking forward to that.  Should have a really FAT check – reimbursement for travel , overtime and my regular earnings.  Ah, payday I love you!

23 August 2014

A little of this and whole lot of that


Well I survived an entire week by myself. I think that is pretty good and it feels good to say. Unfortunately, the honeymoon phase ended abruptly on Friday. One of the attorneys had a tech problem and came to hunt me down. Once he found me he just blew up, screaming and cussing it was not a pretty site. I was told he gets upset but no one warned me that he would blow like a volcano. I took some time away from the situation and tried to figure out his problem, when I returned he was a little calmer but you could still tell he was pissed off. I get it and totally understand why he was angry but he didn’t need to make a scene and put me through all of that. I was actually afraid and I consider his actions verbal abuse. I thought really long and hard about what to do. I decided to e-mail my boss and ask her to call me, I told her it was nothing urgent but provided my cell phone number. I said if you don’t call over the weekend, please call me next week. I am going to make her aware of the situation. I don’t want to make trouble for this guy because well if it’s him versus me, I already know I will lose. He brings major money in the door, so he’s a rainmaker and they pretty much get what they want, within reason. I was resistant to go back to a law firm because of my prior experience and this brought it all back to me. Now I question myself…you are well financially taken care of, outside of this guy you like the job, but is it the right move long term? Is it time to look for another job? Well I would like to but I honestly don’t think so. I feel like I am where I am supposed to be at, so he’s not running me off and besides that it really doesn’t matter who is in my position I believe he would treat everyone the same. I just don’t want to have to deal with this on a regular basis, it will get old really fast and if it’s a frequent thing then I will be engaging HR. The odd thing was he thanked me when I walked away with a proposed solution that I won’t be able to execute until Monday. However, he never apologized and I don’t expect that he will.

I also found out that I am doing such a terrific job next week will be my last free week to sit and cherry pick my work. I will be moving to a regular schedule, which my hours will stay the same. It’s just that my activity is dictated by the schedule. I am free for local work a certain part of the day, I get lunch and of course I get phone duty. It’s spread between morning and afternoon. I was originally told it would be 2 hours but I figured it out and it’s 2 ½ feel like someone broke their promise to me. I kind of anticipated that at some point I would figure out that I was lied to, thankfully this is a minor incident. It’s not like I will be all alone on the phone there will be other people, it’s just that I will be assisting people via Remote Control instead of being physically at their desk. Of course there will be times when I will have to break away for local support that will require hands on assistance. For the most part it will probably even out and it will be 50% phone work and 50% local support work. I hate the phones, but I am calling people now to help with problems, so not a huge difference or a culture shock.

The sad part is that I go live on the phones on my Birthday. It’s going to be a tough day I think. However, the weekend is here and I am trying to enjoy that.


So Friday night I came home late because the jerk that blew up at me, threw me off schedule and I had to jump to accommodate him. The children didn’t seem to mind that I was late, in fact they were happy that I came home. So they got their food. I got to undress, figure out what frozen dinner I was going to consume and then sit around all night. I called a friend to vent about the day, we talked for a while and then it was time to move on.

When we hung up I felt kind of empty. I really wish that I had someone to come home to and spend time with. I picked up my phone and started surfing Grindr and the other Gay Dating Apps that I have. I struck up a conversation with a guy who I like, he just was looking for friends. We started talking about food. That was kind of a mistake because I couldn’t eat after midnight and the conversation was making me very hungry. I just dropped off, I know it was rude but I was dead tired. I turned my phone off and then went to bed. I was surrounded by cats and fell asleep. It wasn’t comfortable but I managed.

Today I got up around 8:30 and fed the children, went to the hospital for some lady to draw my blood. She played the needle like it was a violin, while it was in my arm. She was very close to being told off. She told me not to watch because it would scare me. I don’t need to witness that your hurting me, I can fucking feel it. Finally she got the vein, she said it’s big but it rolls. Yeah…that is what she said! After that horrible experience it was time to get some food. Where better than Cracker Barrel for Breakfast. The host/waiter I like wasn’t there or at least I didn’t see him. I got my usual Blueberry Pancakes and Diet Dr. Pepper. It was good.

Then I had to run down to the shoe shop to pick up my shoes that were ordered for me last week. Damn I walked in and there was this fine looking College Dude there who was being fit for Orthotics. He said his name was Joel and that he was going back to school. He wasn’t talking to me, but I wished he was. I am telling you he was super fine and had the total package from what I saw. I hate when summer is almost over because the kids go back to school. I see a lot of guys on the dating apps and some are college students who are home and leaving. I live in a college town so it also works to my advantage but there aren’t any hotties on Grindr from the local college. I digress though.

I got my shoes and paid a hell of a lot more for them. The last pair I bought at a place close to him was $130. This place for the same brand but different style of shoe was $164. I asked about their return policy and they said they would work with me, so long as I didn’t wear the shoes outside. Oh okay, so I should carry them in a bag and go barefoot until I am in doors? I am going to wear them outside, in fact I will be wearing them tomorrow. If they don’t cut the mustard, I will clean them up and take them back in a heartbeat. That is a serious amount of cash. My friend that referred me to this place told me they were less expensive than the place I went last time. Maybe on something but not on this shoe, I really didn’t expect to pay that much. However, they told me they will last for 7 or 8 years depending upon wear. Okay perhaps I will find out if that is true, so long as they are comfortable.

After all of that running, I got the mail and came home. I laid down and took a couple hour long nap. My upper back and neck are killing me. I got a massage at work on Thursday. I told the laid to go gentle but she didn’t, it was rough and she used rocks. She found major knots in my shoulders. The funny thing is my feet felt better after the massage but she only worked on my upper back. It took a bit but I felt good all over, that was temporary and as we got closer to nighfall the pain kicked in.

Any who when I woke up I went back out to a local place for Supper. Italian food and it was good. They had so much I brought some home, so I can have it for lunch tomorrow. After rolling out of there I went cat food shopping and then filled up the truck with gas.

I go to Sam’s to get gas because it’s cheap. I was there on Friday night and it was super low – compared to all of the retail prices. Glad I filled up my car on Friday. The truck takes and uses much more gas so unfortunately the price had changed and they kicked it up. While I was there a guy didn’t have his Sam’s card on him so he couldn’t get gas. I said I could use mine. They said okay. So I put the card in and said all you have to is pay for the gas. It felt good to help someone. When I was there on Friday I found someone’s Sam’s card and turned it in, again helping someone.


I got a call from my therapist on Friday afternoon. She is going to see me in a few weeks on a Saturday as I requested. I know she isn’t too happy about it but I am glad that she agreed to it. After the events of Friday I kind of wished I was going to see her now.

I found myself asking myself how long does grief go on? I mean how much longer will I feel semi lousy? The answer is it’s different for everyone. So time will help me but it will also hurt because of holidays, flash backs, etc. Part of the reason why I want a boyfriend to help take my mind off of grieving and feeling lonely. I will tell you that getting a job and walking into a much more positive environment and making more money helped a ton as well. So did the crying I did when I wrote the letter to my late partner. I cried again when I had to read it in therapy. I mean I didn’t have to, I chose to.

As if you can’t tell I am a wordy person. I would love to be able to train myself to stick to the facts, spit them out and then stop talking. People like that much more. However, it’s not who I am.

I am interested in knowing what questions she has from my letter. She said that when I was reading the letter to her she was able to come up with lots of questions. I think hearing them and answering them will be a lot like the massage I got. It will hurt like hell, but then it will start to feel good. The next day I will be a little sore but in the end it will all work out.

I would really like to share my story at work, not to have people feel sorry for me but rather so I could teach them that life is precious. I knew this would happen to me but never expected it so soon. That is the funny thing about death, no one expects it unless you have been diagnosed with a terminal disease. It just shows up like a bad penny and poof, your gone. Makes me kind of wish I knew my expiration date, so that I could go & do everything that I wanted to before the end arrives.


Tonight all I wanted to do was get on line and surf for pron, check e-mail, etc. Unfortunatley the internet was down for a couple hours. I was able to search for pron but then suddenly it went out again. It’s a major outgage because when you call the cable company all I get is a busy signal. I suspect they are still working the issue and hopefully things will be better tomorrow.

Thankfully my cell phone allows me to turn WIFI off so I can use my cell data, which is unlimited and surf, watch You Tube videos and of course get on Grindr.

Speaking of Grindr the guy I was talking to, just friendly chat and his location was only a few miles frm my place. He just dropped off line. I kind of hate that but he was only 18 and well that is way too young for me. I’d like someone in his late 20’s or early 30’s. Heck even my own age would be okay. However, most people say they are looking for Chat, Dates, Friends, Relationship, and Right Now. Seeing Right Now turns me off. I don’t want a hoe who will sleep with anything that has a pulse. I understand about getting off but you can accomplish that many other ways w/o actually having sex. There are a few guys who are looking for Relationships but just my luck they are like 200 miles or more away from me. I don’t want long distance. That just adds complexity to the situation and then you have to wonder as I am sure they will wonder, has he been faithful to me?

The odd things about this whole dating thing through the computer, I have no idea what to say. Most people start with Hey, Hello, Hi or the classic What’s Up? After you get past that part is when it turns awkward. I really want to experience a date and meet a knight in shining armor, but I have doubts that it’s going to happen or that it will happen in my time table.

I know I don’t want to go to the Bar to meet a guy. I’m looking for the entire package and not a flake, if you catch my drift. I know I have good taste. The problem is I don’t have the good body or good looks that stereotypically are what gay guys are looking for. I do know that someone will eventually like me, I just hope they are beautiful to me both inside and out.

Well that’s all for now. I am going to get ready to hit the sack. Going to see about getting more clothes again tomorrow and then grocery shopping. Yay. Then lounging around the house, doing laundry, cleaning and getting ready for Monday.

Talk with you peeps later.

20 August 2014


So last night I went on Grindr to see who was out there and if I had any messages from any guy.  It wasn’t long before someone started a chat with me.  Thanks to the location settings in the app, this person knew the city where I was.  To confirm they asked and I said yep that is where I am.  Then they tell me they are horny and asked if I had a ‘dick pic’.  I said no.  Then they came back with an apology, which really wasn’t necessary.  I guess they thought they were going to scare me off but it didn’t.  I just said I understood.  I forget what was said next but they wanted to keep talking.  I’m not about a ‘Right Now’ kind of thing.  I’m looking for friends and someone to date Long Term. 

Then another guy said HI.  I didn’t answer him because it was getting late and I wanted to go to bed. 

In the middle of the night someone called my cell phone, which I have the number but it’s from a number that I do not know.  They didn’t leave a message but rather hung up.  That was enough to get my red light to flash, so when I woke up some 2 hours later to use the restroom I saw it.  I thought maybe something happened to mom, then I thought ah what ever it is I don’t want to know about it until I get up for good.  This lead me to instantly think what if there was a way that someone could hack Grindr and find out your mobile phone number.  I mean the app only runs on mobile devices.  I’m sure somehow they collect your phone number.  Perhaps I am overly paranoid but it is an odd sense of coincidences.

I also found another porn star on the app.  I reached out to say because I know he is way out West and that is like more than a million miles from me.  He answered back and said I was sweet.  So maybe there is some good that will come out of this, I dunno but I am not giving up just yet.

Today at work I took an urgent request someone was freaking out over nothing.  I worked with a colleague and actually he did all of the work, I just logged the request and what was done.  A few minutes later I get an e-mail from my boss telling me that I did a fantastic job.  Apparently she is one of those people who has to have the last word.  We went back and forth over several e-mails.  I told her how happy I was and that the other guy did all of the work.  She still told me I did a good job and reacted quickly.  Then she said she is hearing good things.  I wonder if she is really just saying that or if she truly is hearing good things.  I know I have been talking with her spy a lot, so maybe that is going to my credit. 

So both of these experiences leave me flattered, which is a feeling that I haven’t felt in a long while. 

As if life couldn’t get any better right now.  The massage therapist is coming to the office tomorrow instead of Friday.  I was the first one to sign up.  I hit up the ATM tonight so I’ve got cash to cover it tomorrow.  My back says come on, lets get to it.

I’m dashing off now.  Time to empty the litter boxes, get ready for tomorrow, put out a snack, surf Grindr until Suits comes on in a 1/2 hour.  It’s the season finale and I am very interested.  I hope that Louis Litt comes back to the Firm.  I can’t see them cutting his character out, but then again you never know.  Writers come up with interesting ideas sometimes. 

I do hope all is well in your world.  I will talk with you peeps later.  Thanks for stopping by.  You totally made my day!

19 August 2014

Still going

Monday came way too soon.  I really wasn’t too hip to that and still felt the effects of last week.  By the end of the day I was back to my old self.  Today went okay, busy learning how things work and solving problems. 

I feel at home here but still am nervous when I interact with attorneys.  I just remember the firm where I came from a few years back and things were a whole lot different. 

I am still tired, my foot hurts but the pain appears to be diminishing.  Can’t wait to try the new shoes.  I got inserts for them on the way from Amazon, they will be here tomorrow.  Along with flea medicine, face cleanser and a sound machine to make white noise.  My therapist has one of those machines and it just relaxes me and if I let myself I could easily fall asleep.

The children are doing okay.  They seem to have adjusted to my schedule.  With the exception of last night.  Jumper woke me up in the middle of the night and wanted out.  I let him out and went to the bathroom.  He was too busy loading up on food so he wouldn’t come back.  I knew that when he did come back he would be upset that the door was closed.  So I got up out of bed and had to shoo him into my room.  Then we snuggled and he wanted to carry on a conversation.  I was ready to sleep.  He woke up his brother who chimed in by clawing on the box springs.  I said guys lets go back to sleep and woke up a couple hours later, time to go to work.  Oh Joy!

Wore my new clothes yesterday and today, looking good and feeling pretty good.  I changed my profile photo on all of the dating sites/services that I am on, in the hopes it would help lure someone into my clutches.  I guess my late partner was right I am so ugly I scare away the mice, we really don’t need cats!  Ah, maybe someone will eventually bite.  I have tried but am getting more selective and really would rather be pursued than pursue someone.  I also hate when you start up a conversation and go back and forth.  The other guy answers with 1 word answers.  Wow put some thought in to your response. 

Okay well it’s time to take care of the children and see what I can find on TV, plus I get to prepare my lunch.  At least tomorrow is Wednesday.  Strange but come next Wednesday the 27th it will mark 1 month since I have been in this job.  That is really scary to me because it feels like it was just yesterday.  Time really does fly. 

Hope all is well in your world.  Thanks for stopping by.  Talk with you peeps later.

17 August 2014

TGIF…Back to Work

I was never so happy to see a Friday like I was this Friday.  Two of the best things happened.  1st it was payday and I found out how much a regular check would be.  I can totally make the house payment and my other bills.  There will even be some left overs.  So long term I should be able to start putting money away. 2nd well it was the weekend at quitting time. 

I have been really worn out this week.  My back, my feet, my entire body is ready for a day of nothing but rest but that didn’t happen. 

My mom is out of the hospital as of Friday night.  I saw her yesterday and we went out to the Olive Garden.  She wanted to buy me McDonald’s but when I said Olive Garden and you don’t need to pay, her face just lit up.  She was totally game.  Unfortunately, she spent a lot of time talking about my late partner which didn’t do much good for me.  I really miss him, especially now that my life seems to be getting on track.  I’d like nothing more than to share the moment with him and tell him about all of the good things.

Saturday I made it to the shoe store my friends suggested.  I put an order in for a pair of shoes but honestly don’t think this will cure my problem.  I also got some different Dr. Scholl’s inserts.  So if this doesn’t fix the problem then I’m not throwing more money at it.  It will be time to see a foot doctor and quit playing games.  It’s kind of obvious to me now that I am just throwing money at a problem but since I don’t know the root cause there is no way to fix it.  That’s not saying a foot doctor would be able to figure it out but I think that I have a much better shot with a professional involved

I managed to take a nap and get cat food.  I also went to Red Lobster on my own to have dinner and a Pina Colada.  It was a very good meal.

Sunday… I managed to shop for new pants, shirts and socks.  Didn’t get much and spent $140.  Then I had to visit the grocery store and well that was like another $90.  I also treated myself to breakfast at Steak N Shake. 

I am busy doing laundry.  Going to have frozen White Castles for supper, that should be a thriller tomorrow.  The children are chomping at the bit.  Got my latest copy of Out Magazine to review.

I have jumped on more on-line dating apps/sites.  I went to Gay dot Com and back to Ok Cupid and I am still on Grindr.  It’s really tough to get guys to talk to you, even if you put yourself out there and chase them.  I’d just like to meet up with 1 guy and see where things went.  If nothing else maybe I could make a friend.  Companionship with someone is what I miss the most.  I’m not looking to get married off the bat and I don’t want just a hook up.  It seems that most guys are looking for sex rather than friends or relationships.  Kind of sad when you think about it.  Just like with my job search I wondered if I would ever get one, well I kind of feel that way about the man search.

I did manage to clean up my e-mail box at work and clean off my desk.  I am slightly organized but not near to the degree that I want to be.  Like anything else it will take time.  It should be another busy week and hopefully I learn something along the way.  That is what makes the job interesting and fun.  I got to play Ring Around the Rosy on Friday with a colleague who just wanted to keep me chasing my tail before he did what was asked.  That is the kind of thing that I do not enjoy and part of the reason why I would normally shy away from a Help Desk job.  Thankfully I get more of a focus on providing local support but there is that Help Desk aspect in my job. 

Overall still very happy actually even more so now that I got my first paycheck.  I am hoping that life becomes stable again and adding a man/friend in would be nice.  However, living by myself does have it’s perks and there is absolutely no one to answer to.  I get to do what I want when I want to do it.  That is provided I don’t talk myself out of it.

Onward to getting chores done so that I can rest at some point, before retiring for the night.  I hope all is going well in your life.  Take care and I will talk with you peeps later.