26 July 2016

Quick update

So I got an email from the post office and the package is at my post office.  They won’t deliver it until tomorrow, so I continue to wait.  At least there shouldn’t be any further problems.  You would also think that the company I bought this from would have reached out to me by now but they haven’t.  They did say 24 hours, but I am not going to hold my breath.  So long as I get the product tomorrow and can start Bear on it then I shall be as happy as I can.

That is all for Tuesday.  On to watch Tosh.O and prepare for back to normal on Wednesday!


So the trainer announced at the outset of the call that today’s session would end much quicker than yesterdays session.  That is good news for me.  Things appear to be more condensed than the last time I did this, which is good.  I am all about going home.  I’ve learned a couple things but this product is still complicated, so much so that the instructor said it takes daily use for a year in order to get comfortable with it.  Seriously, a year with daily use!

Good news the UPS delivery person should be ringing the doorbell, Amazon used them to ship the pee pads so I really don’t have to rush to get to the post office before 5p.  I only wish the pharmacy I bought the supplement from would have used UPS.  The shipment shows the last tracking was in FL and it was supposed to be delivered yesterday.  USPS can’t tell me anymore than that, I’ve called twice and talked to 2 different people.  I replied to an email from the pharmacy this morning explaining the problem, heard nothing.  Went to their website and opened a support ticket.  Got a pop up saying the ticket was created and that someone would be reaching out within 24 hours.  Really?  I didn’t get an email acknowledgement of the ticket, so I don’t know the ticket number since I did all of this on my phone.  Geez, shame there is only 1 place that sells this product at a decent price.  Next time I think I will opt for using UPS for deliver, it cost more but I should get it quicker.  I really want to start him on this, so hopefully the product shows up within a couple days.  This to me is critical to his well being, without it his body will continue to form crystals and he (Bear) will be at risk for blocking.

Speaking of the big oaf he is doing well.  Got extra food out of me before bed, extra food before I left.  A wipe down last night and again this morning.  I can already tell he has used the box.  Saw him sitting in Momma’s bed.  It’s a pet bed I bought for them as kittens and Momma has sort of taken it over.  Marv sits in it periodically, Bear likes it a lot but Momma tries to occupy it most of the time.  The antibiotics stopped yesterday morning.  No more #2 at all.  Hopefully that will change by tonight, if he hasn’t gone already.  I started him (Bear) on the second round of the muscle relaxer he takes.  All appears well, he seems pretty normal.  He was plays with a mouse that used to belong to Blu.  He likes that thing but doesn’t play often enough.  There is still a lot of kitten left in him.  Blu being true to form before he passed, ripped the squeaker out of the mouse so it doesn’t make a sound now.  Sure do miss him and Taz.

AC in the car is working super well.  Froze myself out on the way over and I am sure I will repeat the process on the way home.  Hopefully, we get to leave by 3p today that would be great.  I actually thought about doing this whole training business from home, but since I didn’t have permission I figured I would be doomed to be caught and it’s just better to go in.  However, considering I now am acutely aware of how many miles it is per day, I would have rather saved the wear and tear on the car as well as slept in a little bit longer. 

I picked up a couple of tasks that came in to help my team out.  I know were short staffed today.  1 person on vacation.  1 person working a 1/2 day, came in late this morning.  Me in training, leaves the boss pretty much on his own.  Not that he can’t handle it but every chance I get to shine, I try my best.  I’ve got the customer service part down pat and that is something that my team needs – it helps us look better and in turn it will all trickle back to each of us in the end.  I just love helping people, especially when it’s a task I am familiar with and can accomplish on my own.  I prefer each interaction be something that I can deal with on my own, but realize that won’t always be the case.  I take everything I can get my hands on because eventually the time will come when I am all by myself and will have to make decisions on my own.  It’s been about 3 months and I feel pretty good about this step forward I took.  I feel like I am just getting started on the road to greatness.  If you truly reap what you sow then I should be in for one enjoyable ride!  Tomorrow will mark my 2 year anniversary and there are only 2 of us that are still here from the group that I started with.  That 2 will most likely change to 1 leaving me as the sole survivor.  The other person that is here wants out of this place and has had a miserable experience.  I think that person looks at things too granular and thereby creates their own drama.  If your going to leave, do it and let’s get on with it.  Otherwise, do your job, put in your time and go home.  Their job compared to mine is easy as pie, then again they probably don’t make what I do.

Moving on to men, one of my favorite subjects.  I saw yesterday on the Steve Harvey show he was having a Man Crush Monday, where he was showing off some models from his first ever man candy calendar.  Wow, there were some good lookers there.  If you visit his website at steveharveytv.com you can download a copy of the calendar for free.  It comes in PDF form, when it first displays you think it’s upside down but that is the back page.  Scroll down and you will get to see all of the hunky goodness that are muscles and shirtless men!  I’ve been super horny lately not sure if it’s just something in the air or the lack of physical action by another man in my life.

I have wondered on more than one occasion if I will be by myself for the rest of my life or if I will find love in another man.  It’s not that I am not trying, but it’s not that I am desperate as well.  I mean I am desperate but I try not to convey it and I am not at the local gay bar looking to pick someone up for a 1 night stand.  I deleted Grindr and Scruff which are both hook up apps from my phone.  I have more dating oriented apps on my phone, but I still have Tindr which can be used for dating or hooking up.  Not much luck but I have talked with some interesting people.  That in part is why I made the move on the waiter.  It’s bold and quick, you never know unless you try.  That is one hell of a self confidence booster when you hear yes, but still even if you get a no – you can look back and say wow I went for it.  That is only the 2nd time I’ve done that but I suspect that I will be making that move more often when I see a good looking guy in the right circumstances, so long as I don’t get punched in the face or shot, I will keep going.  It is risky but then again there is risk involved in every part of life, it’s mostly transparent and you don’t see it until it’s obvious.  We all take a chance from the moment we get out of bed until the moment we go to bed.  We all encounter various levels of risk everyday from slipping in the tub, cutting your self with a knife, falling on the steps, wrecking your car, getting hit in the crosswalk or showing up at work only to learn that one of your co-workers went nuts and decided to shoot the place up.  See risk like oxygen is everywhere, if you allow it to, it can paralyze you – you have to take power over it and live your life.  Mitigate what you can and keep on moving, that is my philosophy.  

Well lunch time is almost over with and training will be starting up again so guess I will wrap this up.  Hope your all having a great Tuesday.  Thanks for listening to my babble.  Onward and Upward!

25 July 2016

Gr8 Monday

Gr8 it’s Monday!  Seems like all I did was turn out the lights and the alarm clock went off.  Ain’t that the way it is when you need to wake up early?  Slept pretty good, woke up a couple times during the night but my Marv was there by my side.  Chatty little guy. 

Found Bears outside my door this morning, which means he used his version of a litterbox.  Plus he was hungry.  Got everyone fed, got a shower and medicated Bear & Momma.  Decided to stop the antibiotics for Bear because I think that is the source of his discomfort or my perception of how he feels.  I passed out an extra can of food before I left for two reasons.  One Bear needs as much water as he can get, wet food = water.  Second because I was up early and when everyone stomach rattles because it’s empty, I wanted them to have something to put in their pie holes.  Happy Cats are the best cats!

Bear wormed his way into my room, he was partially there before I left.  By the time I got the camera up at work he was no where to be found.  I just hope that I don’t have any messes to clean up tonight, other than the normal stuff.  I am super excited to go home and see him and the other children.  More so than usual given everything he has been through.  I just can’t get enough Bear time.  I brushed him last night and he just took that all in.  When I was done he decided I shouldn’t stop but I did.  Then he rolled over after I went to the trash can.  So when I was done with taking care of me, I went back and brushed the other side of him.  What a ham!

Training is going on, were at lunch.  Thank God I got a different instructor and he is doing a pretty good job.  However, this is still very boring stuff.  I still look forward to Wednesday because things should be back to normal then and then I only have to work 2 more days.  Something to look forward to, I suppose. 

So I got a notification that I have mail waiting for me.  Going to track Bear’s supplement and so long as it shows arrived I will stop and pick up mail.  I pray it’s there because I am anxious to get him on that and hopefully can get him off of the muscle relaxer.  Trading 1 pill for another but 1 is super expensive and the other, not so much. 

Ever wonder how far you drive to work?  I decided to track it this morning.  Came up with a whopping 35 miles, that is 1 way – That is 70 miles per day and doesn’t take into consideration stopping for mail.  Now I see how the miles add up on the car.  Speaking of which the AC was working overtime this morning, had to turn it down because the windows were starting to fog up.  It was super chilly and ever since I worked in a computer room that is the temperature I like.  It takes some getting used to but when you do it long enough it’s like second nature.  Now come winter I like it warm but not HOT.  Strange but I have an intolerance to heat.

Nothing good on TV tonight so I will have to scrounge for content but as long as all of my kids are doing well it should be a good night TV or not.  Hope your Monday is going well.  Talk with you all again soon. 

24 July 2016

It’s Sunday already

Wow, Sunday already.  Where did all of the time go?  Feels like yesterday I was just starting this expensive staycation.  I accomplished most of what I set out to do.  I could have done without the Bear issue, for my sanity and my wallets sake.  Still it was a nice break and now back to five full days of work, or so I think.  I haven’t worked 5 full days since last month so this will be a little foreign to me. 

So the shipment of the supplement is on track to be delivered tomorrow.  Mr. Bear has bee plowing through the pee pads so I ordered some more, they will be in on Tuesday.  Good thing I will be getting off work early, just not certain if it will be early enough to make it to the post office.  They will hold the package for 15 days so as long as I get on Saturday I will be fine.

Right now I am concerned about Bear.  He was out this morning, ate his breakfast, took his pills.  I went to the store and when I got back he had gone to the bathroom.  I was happy about that.  I got him cleaned up and then I had to put away the groceries and rest.  I was exhausted from the heat and then all of the physical activity.  A short time later I went to give him his bath.  He heard me futzing with the water and then I came to him and said Bath and he retreated under the couch like I was the vacuum cleaner.  I fished him out, he was crying and protesting but I said your gonna like this.  Sure enough he loved it.  Got him dried off.  Fed everyone lunch and then after he was done he retreated under the couch. 

Supper time usually brings everyone out of there hiding spots.  I had the full crew, minus Bear.  Marvin eats with him so he was a little perplexed as to why I wasn’t setting the food down.  I drug Bear out and put the food in front of him, Marv stopped by took a couple bites and left.  I had my supper cooking and went back to rotate the plate for Bear but he was under the couch and the food was hardly touched.  Scary.  So I opened a can of special food and served it to him under the couch.  He was lapping it up so I went about my business.  Went back to check on him and found that the majority of the food was still there but he did get the liquid and he got some of the food. 

Odd but the vet called again to check on him.  They are concerned.  I said he’s under the couch but seems to be doing okay.  I don’t know if the house is too cold, he just wants to be left alone or what the deal is.  I don’t like under the couch. 

I will be headed up in a bit for the night.  Passing out treats, which now is more wet food.  I stopped the crunchy dry treats because of the crystals.  Once he gets started on the supplement I will bring them back but slowly.  Things to me just don’t sound good.  I love him and letting go is the hardest thing in the world to do.  Might have to just resign myself to the fact that I have to and there is no other choice.  I am monitoring the situation and what steps I take next depend upon his actions or lack there of.  I hope he bounces back but the poor guy has really been through the ringer.  Plus he is still on antibiotics, which could be the whole issue because they upset the tummy and cause diarrhea.  We have 3 more days to go but I may stop before then.

No phone call from the waiter.  The more time passes the more I wonder if he will call.  I have serious doubts but it is still possible.  The bigger question that I can’t seem to answer is if he doesn’t call should I go back to the restaurant where he works to eat?  The food is damn good, I just don’t want it to be awkward for either of us.  Let me know what you think.  Right now I don’t have plans to return anytime soon.

That’s a wrap for this post and for Sunday.  Got to go set the alarm to wake up super early, which won’t be any fun.  The good news is I will be by myself in an office so if it gets boring I can nap.  I looked into trying to watch videos to learn more about the product I am being trained on through a 3rd party site but they want money and I am not passing that out right now.  So we shall see what happens tomorrow. 

23 July 2016

Hot Town Summer In The City

It is miserable hot outside.  I spent the bulk of my day inside.  Slept in, which was nice.  Considering I didn’t go to bed until 1 or 2 am, can’t remember.  I sat in the living room where Bear was and watched Hot Pursuit.  It was a great movie and I saw it on Amazon Prime because it was free for prime members.  It was way better than I thought it would be, I got some serious laughs in.

Then went to watch TV in my room until my sleeping pills kicked in and then it was lights out.  Today I got the children fed and then started in on another movie.  This was called Genius on Hold.  Saw it on Netflix, all about MA Bell and one of it’s inventors.  Very interesting movie and learned a little bit more about MA Bell and the Bell System. 

Crashed for an afternoon nap.  Woke up and passed out lunch.  Got moving and was able to get some supper at Red Lobster.  It was good food, I should have threw in Pina Colada but didn’t.  That would have been good on a hot day like today.  From there I made my way by the post office, no mail.  Then on to the pet food store where I had a $10 coupon that came in handy. 

Home to start laundry and then trying to find out information about the guy I asked out yesterday.  Still haven’t heard from him and considering that he is probably working today as well I can understand why he hasn’t reached out yet.  I wasn’t able to find a damn thing about him on line because I don’t have a last name, not even an initial for his last name.  I really would like to know more about him, regardless if he calls or not.  He probably knows everything about me because my debit card receipt has my full name on it so google that along with my cell phone number.  If he has taken time he probably knows a little something about me.  I’ve been thinking about him often and really wonder if I will hear from him. 

Got a survey from the vet, within 5 minutes of filling it out the phone rings and it’s the vet.  They were calling to check on Bear and see how he was doing.  I did some checking and found out that his supplement will arrive on Monday.  I don’t normally stop for mail on Monday’s but I will be making an exception, the sooner he starts this the better off I hope he is. 

I am just goofing off now, passing time and playing on the PC.  Waiting for the Looking movie to start, very interested in that and really wonder how it will end.  It was another great gay series that is coming to an abrupt end.  So sad. 

Really hard for me to comprehend that today is Saturday, all of the days blend together.  I could really get used to this staying home business but that wouldn’t pay the bills.  The heat right now is killer and doesn’t take much to get overwhelmed.  I’ve got the cold water going and of course some cheesecake later tonight will help keep me cool. 

Normal drill tomorrow of eating breakfast out, hitting up the grocery stores.  Have to stop for gas.  Then coming home for the day and have no plans on leaving until Monday morning when I go in for my awesome training class.  Starts at 730a which means I have to get up early and hustle.  I’ll make it with plenty of time and it will be nice to leave early.  However, I am anxious for Wednesday when everything goes back to normal.  I hate having my normal thrown off or changed.  I am a creature of habit. 

Hope your staying cool and enjoying the summer. 

22 July 2016

Something good for a change

Bear wanted to sleep with me last night, so I carried him into my room.  Then I had to get him food, water and a pee pad.  He was as happy as a pig in mud.  He slept pretty good too. 

This afternoon he was sleeping but was making noise like he was in distress.  He had me worried because he wasn’t responding but after I gave him a good shake he woke up.  He had a confused look on his face but was happy to see everything was normal.

I napped most of the day, waiting for the phone to ring.  Turns out I had to call the car dealer.  The finished up about 2:45 and had someone come get me.  I got another ride in the Lincoln and learned more about it.  It’s just fancy beyond my pocket book.  Blind Spot Warning, Cross Traffic Warning and a backup camera.  It is just amazing.  The guy was telling me get a scaled down model, you might be able to afford that.  I really like the car but I want to sit higher.

So I get my car back, it wasn’t really cooling.  It’s pretty hot outside so I gave it the benefit of the doubt and kept driving.  By the time I was home it was cold.  Not as cold as I like it but it was acceptable.  Parked it in the driveway and then had the fun task of putting my radar detector back in the car.  They buried the cable in the dash to make it extra inconvenient for me.  I actually did a better job ripping it out and starting over.  Eliminated an extra cord.  Then I decided to clean things up, there were fingerprints everywhere and I noticed small trace amounts of blood.  It wasn’t my blood.  It was on both the driver and passenger sides of the car.  I almost took it back and said something about it, but considering that would take away more time, it was easier to just clean it up.  Refilled the windshield washer fluid.  Then went to the expensive car wash.  They did a good job as always and I got to see a cute guy – so not all bad. 

After the car wash I went back to the new place I was at a few weeks back.  I got the same waiter.  I will admit that I went in with a hidden agenda but I wanted to see what kind of burgers they did.  Got a tavern double and it was damn good.  So paid the bill, then waited for my moment.  I caught the waiter alone and I asked him out.  It was awkward as hell but he said he would like that.  So I gave him my number and now I wait for him to call, if he will.  He may have said yes to just be polite, he may have an interest in me, not sure and won’t know unless he calls.  I was so excited that he said yes and that this went well.  Now judging by his looks he can’t be more than 21, perhaps I am wrong.  If he calls and we hit it off, once he finds out how old I am, that will probably freak him out.  I was already at no so I figured I had nothing to loose.  I really hope he calls and this doesn’t turn out like the guy from the pet food store who kept stringing me along. 

On the way home I stopped in a new subdivision, it was much larger than I thought and went on for miles and miles.  I could easily be tempted to move but they have a mixture of homes starting from $150 on up to $400 thousand dollars.  There are a couple homes built and there are plenty of lots for sale.  This is something that me and my late partner used to do.  It’s kind of fun and you escape your world, if only for a few tiny minutes.  Give it a few years and that place will be jumping. 

Now wouldn’t you know that I just washed the car and a bird decided to go to the bathroom on it.  At least it didn’t rain, but with my luck that will happen tomorrow.  I stopped at the pharmacy to pick up the medicine for Bear.  They told me it was $42 and I paid, then I saw there weren’t that many pills in the bottle so I was a little concerned.  I talked with the pharmacist and they looked but no other prescriptions for my big boy.  Turns out if they would have filled it, the cost would be $130 – they are going to reach out to the vet and get the large prescription on file, then when I need it, I just call and tell them how many I want.  They will fill it piece meal until I exhaust the prescription, kind of nice.  I want to get the supplement in him and have him take that instead of these pills to see how we do.  All they are is a muscle relaxer and they make it easier for him to go, but there are still crystals forming until he gets on the supplement, which is in the mail on it’s way to me.  Can’t get here fast enough. 

Bears is doing well all things considered.  He is going to the bathroom but he goes a little here, then a lot, then he’s done.  When it’s time to go again, we go through the same thing.  So long as he is going and continues to go we should be good.

So that’s how I spent my Friday.  Now on for the weekend.  Back to work on Monday for training 2 days.  Think I will have the same instructor as last time, so this will be a huge waste of time again.  However, I am going in with an open mind – if it turns out we are headed down a bad path, I will reach out to my boss for direction.  I think the product is so damn complicated that even a MENSA member couldn’t understand it, but that is just my opinion. 

Hope the sun is shining in your world, not too hot, not too cold – just right.  That your problems and troubles are few.  Come back to find out how my world is going.  If you were a fan of the HBO Series Looking.  The finale movie that we were promised is airing tomorrow night on HBO.  I had the DVR all set and figured out I was recording the Spanish version, that would have been a disaster.  Glad I caught it and was able to fix it.  Looking forward to it.  Love me some Jonathan Groff and there is supposed to be some steamy sex scenes, I say bring it on I am more than ready!

21 July 2016

Bear & The Car

Bear came home today.  He was really putting on quite the show at the vet and I told some stories about him.  They never knew he was such an interesting cat.  I told them now you see why I can part with him and they totally understood.  I got his medicine as well as momma’s medicine refilled.  They worked to keep it on the low side of the estimate, which is good. 

As soon as he came home he wanted food, which I knew would be the case.  I got him taken care of.  Fed the girls and then I went to have supper.  He started chirping and he wanted water.  Got him water.  Back to taking care of me.  Chirp, time to rotate the plate.  Had dinner, then he starts in again.  Now it’s time for special food, got him a can of that.  Retired to the couch to take it easy.  He started up again.  It was like he just wasn’t happy.  Kind of nervous.  Jumped in his bed and went to the bathroom, very small amount.  Jumped out.  Still needing attention.  Jumped back in his bed went again a little amount.  Got him calmed down then the phone rings.  While I was on the phone he jumped back in his bed and really let loose.  Wow, so proud to see that.  I changed his bed out and now he is hiding under the couch.  As if he doesn’t feel good and just wants away from the world.

So I have to go by the compounding pharmacy to get more muscle relaxers for him, they called in a months supply.  Last time 12 pills were $40 I have no idea what 60 pills are going to cost.  I may have to tell them to chop the order in 1/2 I can shell out a ton of money on pills right now. 

He is going on Methionine it’s a pill and you have to cut it in two.  He will need 2 whole pills per day.  This will help break up the crystals and hopefully prevent him from blocking again.  This is his last hope, if this doesn’t work and he block up again quickly, sorry but I think we will be parting ways.  I will keep a very close eye on him. 

The vet wants to see him in a week just to make sure he is okay.  I have no plans on taking him back.  With all of the fluid they ran through his system he should be cleaner than clean.  I am going to limit his treats when I start back up.  Right now treats just means another can of wet food.  The more wet food he gets the better off he will be. 

I will admit he does have me worried but I am much happier now that he is at home. 

Dropped off the car this morning, I was extra early thinking that it would give them more time.  They said it would be done today, but I knew it wouldn’t.  Sure enough car is not done, they will finish it up tomorrow and give me a call.  Got a ride home in a nice Lincoln MKX.  It’s a very nice car but it goes for around $53 thousand dollars so it should be nice.  The nice ride didn’t help my new car fever.

I did some number crunching today and it looks like I can afford a new car but I am still going to be cautious and keep what I have, despite what the devil is telling me to do.  If I bite for a new car it will be later this year.  I look forward to getting my baby back home tomorrow.  Depending on how things go I might just go for pie or go back to the new place I was at a few weeks back. 

While I was sitting around doing nothing today, I took time to call the cable company and get my bill lowered by $10 per month for a year, which will help.  I use them for internet access.  That is $100 per year.  Then I reached out to AT&T about my uverse and they too took $10 off the bill for a year, so another $100 saved.  Beats not calling and not saving anything.  Every dollar helps. 

I am a little panicked from a financial standpoint but after running numbers today, it doesn’t appear that things are as tight as I presumed.  However, seeing how much money is going out the door is scary.  There is no way in hell I would survive if I lost my job.  I am serious about saving money, really need to build up a nice cushion. 

As for now I am going to climb the steps, eat some cheesecake and drink a large glass of chocolate milk.  Then it will be time to pass out cat medicine.  Brush my teeth and retire for the night, until I eventually fall asleep.  I got in 2 naps today – more than I should have. 

No doubt the kids will have me up early to get them breakfast.  They love their schedule.  Speaking of the little furry creatures, I caught Ruth on the kitchen table today – not once but twice.  She really has some guts.  I yelled at her and she just looked at me like are you talking to me.  Oh that really ticked me off so I got louder and then she got the message.  Horrible that I have to trim her claws this weekend, that won’t be any fun at all. 

Now to the cheesecake and beyond!  Have a good night and thanks for stopping by.