04 August 2015

Terrific Tuesday

I polished off the remaining 1/2 of the box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  It was a hard job but someone had to do it.  Very tasty but I know I didn’t do my body any favors, despite my taste buds being very happy.  Tomorrow it will be Cinnamon Chex or Special K Red Berry, still have to decide. 

Got a surprise on the way home part of the construction is done so we are back to 3 lanes for a larger part of the commute.  We still have to funnel down to 2 lanes at a certain point but my hope is that will be done with very soon.  It would be nice to see it today because rain is in the forecast for the remainder of the week and construction and traffic don’t mix well together.  I was surprised at how quickly I was home. 

Finished off the leftovers from Maggiano’s.  Opened up the mail and got the notice for the PO BOX rent.  It went up again.  I am tempted to change boxes to make the price go down but that means that I would have to change stamps, stationary, update my mailing address with lots of places, get my drivers license changed it’s just far too much work, so I complain but I pay the money in the end it is just easier.  Auto Insurance will be coming due as well.  I know that I’ve talked about going to 1 vehicle but jumping back into car payments doesn’t thrill me, it’s bad enough to have a mortgage.  I know I will be in debt for the rest of my life but I its also important to have some financial breathing room. 

My therapy appointment got cancelled for this weekend.  The therapist had something come up.  Fine by me.  Just means that I have more time to myself.  The guy I asked about catching up has received my message but has yet to respond.  I suspect that he was just being kind and humoring me when I initially hit him up.  He probably thought that I wouldn’t follow through and hit him back up.  If this is truly the case then it would have just been easier for him to say no and save us both the energy.  While I am going to give him ample time to respond, my anticipation at this point is that he won’t respond.  If my assumption is correct, it makes me want to block him.  I mean you say your a friend but when push comes to shove, your no where to be found.  Yeah I am a little ticked by this but it is better to know who your real friends are, even if it does hurt.

Last night I had to stay away from the computer, I was literally sick of technology in general.  I had some ice cream and watched TV with the children for the bulk of the evening.  Everyone was happy.  Then it came time for bed and well you know the routine.  Here I am but at least we are on the down hill slide, which is always a good thing. 

I had a bit of a crisis this morning.  I replaced a ladies laptop battery because she has hit me up a couple time for a charger and had told me that her battery isn’t holding much of a charge.  So I thought I would do her a favor, plus it was kind of my job.  Anyway the next thing I know her machine needed a bit locker recovery key.  I obtained that and then each time she would reboot her machine required the same recovery key.  They are not short either but at least they are all numbers.  So I had to figure out the problem.  Turns out that when I replaced the battery it turned off the TPM which is required to be on for bit locker.  I got that turned back on by sheer luck – the average tech would have just imaged another machine.  It was really kicking my ass but once I figured out the root of the issue it was easy to fix.  Turn the TPM back on and then tell bit locker to resume encryption and viola all is well.  I went back after a couple hours just to double check.  It’s that extra effort that people really notice and appreciate.  The last guy that was here didn’t do things like that, he was simply a fix it person.  While that is part of what the job requires I strive to make sure that everyone is happy or reasonably happy  I have to work with these people everyday, so yes I give them extra attention and special treatment that I would not otherwise provide in an average phone call, but if your in my office I’ve got your back, regardless if I like you or not.  As a result of my going the extra mile people express good things to my boss and they continue to pay me!  So it’s a win win for everyone. 

Wow 15 more minutes then it will be back to the phones.  We have a pharmacy and a clinic (doc in the box) here on site.  I had a co-worker just take me over to show me where they are at.  I found out that I can get prescriptions filled cheaper here than at a retail pharmacy, good to know.  I will be giving that a try soon and am anxious to see how much I can actually save.  If its a decent amount then it will be worth the switch. 

The children are all doing well.  I have new photos of them up in my cube and have invited some people over to take a look.  You can actually see how big Bear really is, so people have more appreciation for when I say I have a large cat.  They know now that I am not joking.  Good thing for me that he is a gentle giant instead of a mean bastard like his little sister is when it comes to claw trimming time or sharing her food. 

Well that’s all for now folks.  Back to the old bump and grind.  I shall talk with you peeps later. 

03 August 2015

Mega Call Monday

Today has been busy, which is expected after the activities of the weekend.  There are two more weekends to go and then the bulk of the project will be done.  There are some stragglers that have been left behind which we will catch up with then life should start to become easier, or so I hope.  I should be done with working Saturdays, which I view as a good thing.  Of course there still will be on-call but that can be done from home, so it’s not like I have to come in. 

Having one day off sure does cut the weekend short, even if I didn’t have to work all day long, it wears on a person.  It was nice to be free but here I am once again not free and a slave to my job.  I like busy but right now it’s crazy busy and that is just too much for me.  So I pace myself and do what I can, which is all anyone can ask for. 

I switched from eating Oatmeal to going back to sugared cereal.  I have polished off a 1/2 box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch this morning in one sitting.  I love that stuff, it’s my weakness.  That explains why I feel like the bottom is about to fall out of my sugar.  I can feel things getting ready to change.  Thankfully lunch time is a short time away but if need be I can always start eating early.  I don’t want to have any issues while I am at work.  Got a nice lunch packed. 

I got here early this morning, which is the norm for me since they started construction.  I heard the news say that the construction was done but they were still working when I passed this morning.  I can’t find anything on line that supports the claim that says they are done.  So I guess it was my imagination, unless they surprise us on the commute home.  That has been the most difficult.  Because 3 lanes goes down to 2 lanes and no one wants to let anyone in.  Coming in it’s 3 lanes all the way and they are done on that side.  Anyway, I gave the gift card to the hunk at work.  He was appreciative and told me that I didn’t have to do that.  Yeah I know but it was the right thing to do.  Plus it helps take the sting out when I ask for future favors.  The last guy that was here didn’t give them anything but I am different in many ways and if you help me on a regular basis and I can afford to reward you then I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be rewarded.  Yeah I want to jump his bones but that doesn’t play into this at all.  It’s a simple gesture of kindness. 

Wow I am starting to get tired, still have plenty to do.  Need to eat and then get back to the old bump and grind.  Looking forward to the weekend already even if I do have a therapy appointment.  This could be the last one, only time will tell.  So there you have it all of the news in my world has now been imparted to you.  Hope you enjoyed reading about it.  Take care and I shall talk with you peeps later. 

02 August 2015

One Month from Today

L&G in one month from today I will be another year older.  Wow, where does the time go?  A year used to be so long and the older I get the shorter the time frame becomes. 

Saturday at work was not much fun at all.  It wasn’t quiet because there was construction and the workers made plenty of noise.  Instead of getting 4 machines we had 6 each.  I decided to start early w/o telling anyone and turns out some of the scripts hadn’t completed running so I had one machine that I had to put on the back burner.  I was out of there by 2:20p which isn’t all that bad but still it was not a fun ride.

I made it to Maggiano’s and had my Lasagna and took in some Spumoni for desert.  Jumped into traffic and made a call to get a hair cut.  They had an appointment for me but it was a couple hours away.  I made it through traffic and stopped by the post office.  Then came home and fed the children and killed time.  I left and got all of my hairs cut.  It helped that I had a $5 coupon.  I really like the place I go to because they cater to guys but they don’t know how to shampoo worth a fuck.  The shampoo is the best part of the entire experience and I don’t want some girly light touch, I am a guy and I can take it.  Give it to me!  The only way I get it is doing the job myself, that isn’t much fun but it does feel good.  The shampoo part is the only thing that I miss about the place that I used to go to. 

Friday night I tried Spinach SoufflĂ© it was one of the most horrible things I have eaten.  I like Spinach and I like eggs but don’t mix them together.  I made an attempt at it but it just didn’t make it.  Wound up eating cookies for supper.  Cookie Monster would have been happy!

I wanted to take in a movie specifically the New Vacation movie but I was just too tired and decided to call it quits.  I came home and spent the night with the children.  Watched Rookie Blue via Hulu.  There litterally is nothing on and it takes me a very long time to find something I am interested in seeing – I have a ton of TV channels, Hulu, Netflix and Amazon, so there is variety but very little appeals to me.  I guess I must be the odd man out.  Nothing new there!  I did get in a very small nap.

Bear has made urine so that little scare is over with.  I am sure it won’t be the last one.  It’s just nice to exhale and not have any problems.  It’s like I don’t know what to do with myself. 

Speaking of problems, I called my mom.  She has been calling me leaving me a message, I call her back and I leave her a message.  She will wait an entire week and then we go through the same routine all over again.  So last night I called and she finally answered.  Nothing new – she is still talking about moving and going to a nursing home.  Telling me how my brother leaves her all alone and won’t give her anytime.  Well your not sucking me into that mess.  It’s drama city and far too much drama for me after the long 2 year and 3 month ride I have been on.  Go away!

Now on to today.  I slept in a little bit went out for breakfast.  Hit up the grocery store.  I got an entire weeks worth of groceries for $8, plus a free case of Water.  Not a bad deal at all.  It was thanks to 2 rebate cards I got.  One was $60 and the other was $20.  I wanted to spent at least part of one of them on porn but decided it would be better to spend it on food and that way I wouldn’t have to keep track of a balance.  It was awesome!  I also managed to get a gift card for one of the cute guys at work that helps me out.  I know he is straight and married but I can’t help it that I find him attractive.  He’s helped me out a lot and I just want to show my appreciation.  I am not looking for anything in return but I know that he will think more of me and it never hurts to have someone like you.  Plus it will help take the sting out of the next favor I ask for.  Hit up the pet food store, went to use the super coupon I had and couldn’t because I didn’t spend enough.  I gave it to the people who were behind me and they gave me a coupon for $1 off – a little here, a little there.  Right now my funds are short because I paid cash for the tires out of my paycheck instead of robbing savings.  So I am really feeling the noose tighten.  I will make it one way or another, I just prefer to do it w/o touching savings if at all possible.  I’ve got this week and next week then I will have another paycheck and should have more money left over. 

I was able to do all of my running, gassed up the car and came home.  Been home full time since 10:30 and it feels great.  I got a nap in and now my allergies are going nuts.  Fighting on what I want for supper.  It’s frozen pizza, so nothing special. 

The children want all of my time and it’s like I have no time to myself.  Gator is chirping at me now, she wants me to go upstairs and turn off the ac because she is cold.  Then I suppose she would love it if I cracked open yet another can of food and we sat and watched TV.  That’s not what I want to do.  She will of course con me into it.  I need to head up to take care of the trash anyway, I hate that task.  I am thinking I will skip vacuuming because I am so wiped out.  Working 6 days a week really wears on a person.   My brother does it and I honestly don’t see how.

So my next adventure will be on-call and that will happen at the end of the month.  I’ve already hit up the friend I’d like to catch up with and am waiting for a response on when or if we will be getting together.  I think that since I have made it very obvious lately on FB that I am gay that might scare him off or at least make him apprehensive.  Then again I didn’t think he would be receptive to the idea in the first place.  Time will tell.

Now is the time where I put a fork in this post, go tend to laundry and give in to Gator because she is tap dancing on my last nerve.  She started up when I wanted to go to sleep.  She was walking all over me and couldn’t get comfortable, then she settled down.  I woke up and got off the couch and went to bed, she followed and kept telling me it was time to get up.  I told her that she was going to get hit with a pillow if she didn’t shut up.  Silence it was like magic.  I drifted off for a little bit then she started up again.  So I got up and gave her what she wanted – lunch.  That little girl is such a huge pain in the ass but I love her so much.  There is always someone here getting on my nerves but I love them all and they know it. 

Happy August, we only have 4 more months and this year will be toast.  See what I mean about time going by faster and faster. 

31 July 2015

Different Way Home

Last night there was something that had traffic majorly backed up.  I sat in it for a little bit and then realized this line goes on for miles and miles and miles (sounds like a Who song).  So I changed lanes and took a different way home.  It actually seemed quicker I suppose because I was moving.  There was very little stop, it was mostly go which is the name of the game.  I filled up my gas tank and washed the car after getting the mail and then it was home. 

Everyone in the cat kingdom is doing okay.  Bear still has yet to pee, it’s been an entire day already.  I am starting to wonder if he has some type of blockage or infection, or if it’s something more serious.  I try not to panic too much because that isn’t good for him or I.  He is pooping though, so I am happy about that.  My hope is that this will all clear up by tonight.  He’s had water and food today, it’s got to go someplace.  Outside of him Momma is still scratching and she has managed to get under my feet a couple of times.  So she has been stepped on and kicked.  Poor little girl makes me feel bad.  I gave her a hug this morning after she snuck up on me and I turned around and kicked her.  She wasn’t too happy but quickly got over it.  I tell you these cats are what keeps me going!

I had another dose of reality hit me last night about how I am free and can do what I want.  It was just a little bit overwhelming.  I also realized there is no more fighting, the battle is done and over.  Closing out that chapter while comforting in some respects, it causes me to wonder where I will be able to channel my energy.  I mean I have been doing it for so long it’s like second nature to me and now it’s like something is missing.  I am not at all wishing that it would come back and I am not saying I am not happy.  It just feels odd, but I am sure I will manage to adjust. 

Just got my demo chair taken away.  Could be up to a month before I get the chair that was ordered.  I sure hope they work super fast and deliver early.  I always tell people worse case scenario but try to surprise them by delivering early, it makes you look good and it causes them to be happy and really like you.  Win – Win !

So that is it for this last post of July.  I shall talk with you peeps next month.  Goodbye July and hello August!

30 July 2015

It’s all good

Yesterday I made the brave move and called my co-worker that I started with a year ago.  Turns out he wasn’t mad at all, he’s just lazy.  Those were his words.  In looking at him through the phone (we have video phones) he looks like he has added a bit of muscle and he is still as fine looking as ever.  It was nice to chat for a bit.  I hear there is some big project coming down the pike in the next couple months but it won’t involve me and he didn’t share any details.  Shame because now I really want to know what is up.  I am sure with time I will hear all about it.  If it’s going to impact our user base it will come my way, it’s just a matter of time.  Glad that the air has been cleared.  As for the co-worker that sits by me, I have determined that he isn’t mad at me, he just has a lot of bad days. 

Speaking of work and co-workers, one of the ladies I work with brought me a piece of Carrot Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory.  It was delicious, tasted like Carrot Cake.  My body felt the sugar rush and now I am in desperate need of a nap.  I should go to my hiding place and take a nap.  I’ve never done that and don’t plan to start today – I will just be miserable and suffer through it.  Today was the wrong day to bring gummy bears to work in my lunch.  I had to inhale my lunch because there were meetings to setup for.  Now that I can relax I am blogging and feeling bloated and tired. 

Things are okay at home.  The children are behaving, despite the fact they had me hopping last night.  I had a project that I set out to complete and I did finish it but it put me much later into my evening routine than normal.  I had to scramble to make things come together so that I could go to bed.  Bear decided to join me last night and I was so happy about that.  I love it when he sleeps in the same room with me.  I think the feeling is mutual.  He was quick to run out this morning when I opened the door, he plowed right throw and hit Gator in the process.  When he is walking through you just don’t get in his way because he will run you over, like a steamroller.  Mobility is a difficult thing for him, he moves in short bursts.  Still not shy to ask for anything he wants because he knows that eventually I will come through for him.  Haven’t failed him yet and don’t plan on it now. 

I got an email from my postage provider that their software isn’t compatible with Windows 10 so they are asking everyone not to upgrade until they write a new version.  I am thankful they said something because otherwise I would have upgraded when my number came up.  I will probably do my laptop first because it will have the least impact on me.  All of the major stuff I use and deal with is on my home PC.  I have noticed several pieces of software installing new versions or advertising upgrades.  That is the only bad thing about a new version of Windows you have to upgrade other programs in order to keep them working.  Sometimes it’s free and other times it costs money. 

Last night I got my Dollar Shave Club box in the mail.  I really like the razor handle, easy to hold on to.  The shave experience was just okay, I mean it wasn’t my normal weekly shave so kind of tough to expect outstanding results.  I managed to knick myself several times.  Thus far I don’t care for the Shave Butter, it just appears to be fancy hand lotion.  The after shave is good.  I need to use all of the products for a couple weeks before I can make a final determination.

Sad day today, it’s the last day I will have this demo chair.  My chair is on order but who knows how long it will be before it comes in.  They are coming to take away the demo chair tomorrow at some point.  I suspect they will be here early like me.  Ah well, hopefully the new chair will be in very soon.  Herman Miller makes good stuff it’s just super expensive. 

Despite starting lunch late and having it interrupted a couple times, I am still due time but I am going back.  I figure I might as well just get as much done as possible before this sugar coma kicks in and I collapse from sheer exhaustion.  Actually I am hoping that it helps pass the time faster, even though we are long ways from quitting time.  Today would be a good day to go home early.  Except for the fact that I would have to pass out lunch when I got home.

1 more day for the average person.  I have what I will call 1 and a 1/2 days left.  I look at Saturday as a half day and I am eager to put it behind me.  Hang in there I will do the same and we shall talk again soon. 

29 July 2015

In the middle

Yes we have once again made it to the middle of the week.  The weekend isn’t too terribly far away and I will relish every single moment I get to spend it away from the office and not thinking about work.  Each morning I sit at the table and I sense the routine and how things repeat constantly throughout the week.  While I do work best with a routine and a schedule, it does get old after a while.  To think that I have many, many more years to put up with this makes me wonder how I am going to make it.

Last night on the way home I saw a man who had pulled off the road, his door was open and he appeared to be falling out of his vehicle.  He could have had a heart attack, been shot or who knows what.  I was thinking about turning around but then dismissed it and said it’s someone else's problem.  Then as I approached the sweet spot where the police like to sit, I decided to give it a go.  I pushed it and was flying in no time.  I had to travel in the opposite direction, drive past the exit and turn around again.  I got there as fast as I could, of course I broke several laws in doing it.  Not to mention the amount of gas I used and the stress it put on my car.  Sure enough I got there and he was gone.  I knew I should have kept going but I would have always wondered.  My plan if he was still there was to stop far back and call 9 1 1.  I had no intentions of getting out of my car, you just never know it could have been a setup to rob someone – things like that happen.  I thought I had a chance to be a hero and make a difference and all I did was waste my time & gas.  I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t get caught.  As a rule of thumb since I thought I was going to get shot the last time I stopped to help someone, I no longer stop.  I keep going and call for help.  However, there are certain situations that would probably cause me to stop, just out of human compassion.  If someone looks like they are dead that is pretty much a given.  I wanted and still want to be a police officer.  I know that I could make a huge difference, but the demands of the job along with the public perception as well as how the public treats you – no thanks.  I will stick to my present job.  At least there aren’t bullets flying at my head in the office.  Once I leave I am fair game just like everyone else, kind of makes you never want to go back outside if you think about it long enough. 

So after that snafu was done, I walk in the door at home and my phone receives a text message.  It’s my female friend that I am still kind of pissed at.  She can’t make any calls out from her cell phone and wants to see if she can get calls.  I called her and it worked.  Then I had her call my home, nothing.  I told her to use the dial pad and not her contacts.  That worked.  Then she tried to make another call from her contacts and it didn’t work.  Then we got on the subject of backing up her phone.  Holy Moses!  Long story short here I spent my entire evening helping her.  First it was the phone, then it was Apple and finally it was getting her phone connected to her WIFI Network.  It felt like I never left work.  I told her when we were done that I was happy to finally be off work.  She didn’t get it, so I had to explain.  I also told her that if I was charging her that I could have made a small mint now.  She told me how she appreciates it and how it means so much to her.  While she calls at least once per week to check in, I haven’t put forth any effort in calling her since I was lied to.  The friendship doesn’t mean that much to me today, it’s been cheapened by what happened.  I should have cut ties but figured that would cause more harm than good.  Hanging on like I am really isn’t doing me a whole lot of good either.  I am just so flabbergasted that she actually had the balls to lie to me.  I know I need to let it go but it’s just so difficult.  This was not how I planned on spending my evening.  I was surprised at how well I was able to function and get everything done, while still talking to her.  The cats got their treats, the litter boxes were emptied, I ate supper and took my medicine, brushed my teeth and got my lunch ready for today.  It wasn’t easy but I did it.  Go me!

I made a decision on the chair and decided to order the new one.  I liked the one I tried yesterday so I put forth an option.  Get the new chair and if I don’t like it I can swap out for the one I tried yesterday.  That’s no big deal.  I got them to put a cover on the back and it’s a matter of us paying for it, then the order will be placed and probably in a couple weeks I should be sitting in the new chair.  Sad part is the demo model that I have now, will be leaving on Friday.  Boo hiss. 

The mail brought me my 2 rebates that I have been waiting for.  $80 in my pocket.  I need to activate the cards before I can use them.  I couldn’t do that while I was talking on the phone, it requires you to make a phone call.  I had the extra line but trying to go between 2 conversations and potentially messing it up, yeah not worth it to me.  I will take care of it tonight. 

You would think that I would have heard from the Bankruptcy Attorney by now.  He has no clue that I already know were done.  I am anticipating a letter from him, he will of course drag his feet before he sends it.  The notice of the discharge won’t reach me for at least a week, because of the way the government processes all of that.  It comes from a central location and apparently it’s cross county, so snail mail doesn’t move that fast.  Still knowing the verdict ahead of time is far better than sitting, waiting and wondering. 

For some odd reason things are slow right now.  There are no conferences to setup today which is very odd.  That will change tomorrow.  It’s nice to have a break but it kind of makes for a bit longer of a day.  Considering the fact that I was here super early this morning.  Shame I cant leave early.  I got a walk up while I was waiting for my shift to start, so I started early and billed for that.  Overtime is my kind of time.  Speaking of which payday is on Friday.  Looking forward to that!  I don’t know why because I just wind up giving my money away to pay bills.  It keeps the goons off of my back, which is a very good thing.  Speaking of which my certified letter was delivered to the mortgage company yesterday, I am very interested in their response and if they will actually send me anything for my inconvenience.  I asked for it, because if you don’t ask you will never get it. 

Today is Windows 10 day, it is officially released.  I don’t have it yet and I am perfectly fine with waiting, actually the longer the better.  Well this is getting kind of lengthy so I will wrap it all up and call it done.  I shall talk with you peeps again soon. 

28 July 2015

Construction + Rain = Major traffic delay

Last night for the start of my commute, it was pouring rain and then once I got towards the construction it just stopped.  Kind of strange.  Traffic was backed up a little more than usual and moving much slower, I suppose because someone saw water falling from the sky.  I never understood and will never understand why rain causes such a backup.  In any case I was late and decided to forego the post office.  I got home to the children and they were all starving.  Meanwhile I am struggling to fix myself dinner as Bear decides that he wants a buffet of food.  A sample of this, a sample of that, open me a new can, don’t like that, open another can.  Then after he is done eating, he meows for more because it wasn’t enough.  He sent me in circles when finally I had enough and just told him no. 

My dinner was BBQ Pork and Mac & Cheese.  Having leftovers tonight.  2 things that I picked up at the primo grocery store.  Both were microwave and ready in minutes.  While I am fairly certain there isn’t anything in them that is good for me, they both tasted really good.  I had to pry myself away from the Mac & Cheese, so that there would be something to eat tonight. 

I spent a little time at the PC and then it was up to play on my phone and spend more time with the children.  Yes I had to pass out more food – it was time then for evening treats.  That is the last thing and the kitchen is closed.  No more food until morning. 

I watched the film on Logo ‘Matthew Shepard is a friend of mine’.  The whole thing was very sad.  It’s a shame that because he told two guys that he was gay, that it cost him his life.  The world has come a long way since Matthew’s murder but there is still so much more that we need to accomplish.  Everyone’s life has meaning and value and no one should have the right to extinguish another persons life.  It’s okay to disagree and have differences, even be offended but it’s never okay to resort to violence.  I can picture him maybe being attracted to them and thinking maybe one or both of them were going to show him a good time, so if I was in the same position I probably would have come out to them as well.  Words can’t describe how horrible the actual final outcome for Matthew was.  It’s not just because I am gay that this story touched me, it’s because that could have easily been me when I was his age, but for the fact that I didn't hang out at bars.   Thinking about Matthew’s killers, I can’t imagine how they feel each and every day living with the poor choice they made and knowing that they killed someone.  How does one deal with that?  It would drive me to insanity very quickly. 

Stepping off the soap box.  I went to bed after that, I was really tired.  Monday was a busy one and I needed to rest up for Tuesday.  Tuesday is here and my back was bothering me.  I didn’t really want to come to work but it’s better than lying in bed drugged up on muscle relaxers, thinking boy I should have gone to work today because I didn’t accomplish a thing here at home.  Turns out there isn’t a whole lot going on right now and I could have easily called in.  Better for me to be here because I get paid and don’t have to use time.  Traffic this morning was messy.  An accident snarled traffic for miles and miles.  I eventually made it to the office and still had plenty of time to spare. 

Tomorrow is the day Microsoft starts rolling out Windows 10.  I am ready but really don’t want to be one of the first to get it because I am not eager to upgrade.  Windows 8.1 works fine for me but since they are giving it away why look a gift horse in the mouth.  I hope that I am equally as satisfied with Windows 10, only time will tell.  One of my friends who did Beta testing got his copy already and he is happy with it.  I saw a news article that said there were some flaws that were discovered.  You’d think that would stop the rollout but nope, they are pressing onward .  There will probably be a windows update to fix whatever those flaws were, I didn’t take time to read the article. 

I got the chair I want at work on a trial basis.  Turns out it’s not everything that I thought it was.  I think it’s a matter of choosing to keep this or going back to the other chair that was here on a trial.  Decisions … we all know I hate to make them.  Let’s hope whatever I chose I can live with it.  Lunch time is about over and it’s been another busy day here.  We have a new schedule, nothing changed for me but it did for a lot of people.  No one really followed the old schedule to a T and this new schedule isn’t any different.  If we all did what we were supposed to, there would be no need to constantly ask for help.  When I find myself left all alone I just make the best of it and don’t cry about it.  Everyone else throws a fit and sends out an e-mail and tattles.  You can’t make friends like that. 

Speaking of friends the guy I started with a year ago, we kept in touch.  He works in a different office.  I have noticed a change in his behavior since you can obviously tell from my FB profile that I am queer.  I sent him a note yesterday talking about it being our 1 year anniversary here at work.  No response.  Normally he would be on top of that.  Yeah I have a major crush on him but he is in a different part of the country, he’s married and has a daughter – he is clearly off limits and besides that were like miles and miles apart.  Still doesn’t mean I can’t admire him from a far.  It’s pretty clear that I need to get laid and need a boyfriend but everything in time.  I am too sensitive for my own good at times.  I am hurt by his lack of a response. 

Last night I did find a couple of guys that I went to school with.  One that I have been searching for a long time lives pretty close to me.  He’s straight, :( .  The other guy I just stumbled upon turns out he is a detective and deals with financial cases.  Kind of interesting to see how peoples future panned out.  I wanted to be a lawyer but look I’m in technology.  I work in the legal field and that is about as close as I will ever get to being a lawyer.  I’m perfectly fine with that.  My dream is to win the lottery!

Back to it lunch break is done.  Talk with you peeps later.