26 January 2015

Normal Monday

I was able to obtain my lab results this morning.  I got them before the doctor, which was a little bit of a surprise.  They are at the doctors office but he just hasn’t read them.  I sent them in a secure email to him and was concerned about one of the results.  He told me that it was a lab error and that it’s okay.  The liver is doing well, just as I suspected.  I knew turning down the ultrasound was the right thing to do.  My diabetes is a little out of control so he is going to up that medication.  I just hope that I don’t drop from lack of blood sugar.  That was some good news and I am glad it’s done with.  Even though both of my arms are still sore. 

Tonight begins my on-call week.  I realized when it was too late on Saturday that I forgot to go pick up mommas medicine.  So I have to do that tonight, hurry home, feed the children, get the trash out and then maybe have some time to wolf down dinner.  All of that in a 1/2 hour or less.  I don’t think so but I am sure it will work out.  I just hate this part of my job.  At least now we are doing things by the old method so not a huge responsibility but that all changes next week.  I will experience it in two weeks.  Then I am good until May and who knows what that schedule will say but were supposed to be spread out to about every 13 weeks – which is about 4 times a year.  Not terribly bad but still it is an inconvenience.  I stress out about it ahead of time … it’s simply fear of the unknown.  I have no idea who will call, what problem they will have, if they will be screaming or nice.  Afterwards when it’s all over with I easily go back to normal mode and life goes on. 

On a different note, I have a UPS in the living room for the TV.  AT&T provides you with a Belkin UPS that is supposed to backup their equipment, this is standard and you don’t have to ask for it when you order Uverse.  With the cable company you have to ask for it or you don’t get it and then if you do get it, they charge you for it.  Well the installer plugged their UPS into my UPS.  You are not supposed to daisy chain UPS.  I found out why.  I unplugged the power to test fail over and all of my stuff stayed alive but AT&T’s UPS died and I lost TV & Phone instantly.  It takes a few minutes once power is restored for their modem to reset and for things to come back to life.  So I plugged their unit directly into the wall like it should have been.  Gave it time to reset and made sure everything worked.  Then I went over and pulled the plug and it failed over just like it was supposed to.  The installer also had disabled the UPS alarm.  It beeps rather loudly when the power is out to let you know it’s on battery.  For computer equipment this gives you time if things are going to be out for a while, to gracefully power down to prevent system damage.  In the case of Uverse it’s supposed to give you 6 hours of battery life for telephone so that you can call the power company and tell them you have a problem or to call 911 because a tree fell on the power pole.  I am glad the UPS unit is there but I hope not to rely on it.  If things fail and there is no power and the phone goes out, I have it setup to default calls to my cell phone – so it’s not like I will miss a call.  Then again no one really calls me.

I am still frustrated about the pen I gave to my late partner that I can’t find.  If that would just happen to be some place where I could discover it, I would feel way better.  It’s not the answer to all of my troubles but it would be a step in the right direction. 

So I think I told you a while back I got a Withings health monitor.  It tracks how many steps I take, my sleep, calories burned, elevation, etc.  Well it’s been working just fine.  You can’t totally power it off, which I kind of think is a design flaw, because what if you decide you want to take a break, you really can’t unless the battery dies.  It’s super efficient and a charge will last me 2 weeks.  I don’t constantly take my pulse or measure my oxygen saturation.  I carry it in my pocket at work and when I am out.  Once I get home when it’s time for bed, I put it in to a watchband case and strap it to my wrist like it’s a watch.  Then you tell it your going to sleep and it does the rest.  Tell it when you are up for good and it will great you with Good Morning.  Kind of neat.  Once it syncs up with your phone you can see all of the times you were awake in the course of an evening and it’s been dead accurate.  Even if you don’t get out of bed, somehow it knows.  The pulse and o2 sensor is blocked by metal so it can’t tell by that.  It is kind of interesting to see how many hours you had of sleep and how many were deep and how many were light.  Plus I never realized that I took so many steps in a day on the days when I am running crazy around here (at the office) it reflects in my stats.  I have found that the device works best if you leave the app running in the background on your iPhone and don’t close out of it.  Then it can sync periodically which is how it was designed.  A neat app but there are times when I need a break so I just let it sit on my dresser.  Then I get hate mail from it and pop ups on my phone telling me that I can do better.  You get feedback at low and high points which is nice, but I tend to respond better to positive feedback, as do most humans. 

I haven’t heard our Raccoons in a while.  I saw one of them last night.  I kind of think the other one is dead because they were inseparable.  I hope that I am wrong.  I like them but so long as they stay on the outside and don’t bother anyone on the inside.  I don’t like the chatter when they play but outside of that they are good guests.

So that’s it.  I guess I should get back to work, since it sounds like I am going to live!  Hope all is well in your world.  Take care. 

25 January 2015

Unpleasant Surprise

Here we are at Sunday and the weekend is just about over.  Below is the recap of how things went down in my world…..


Friday night – I tried to eat out but the Mexican place I wanted to go to was packed.  I wound up at Denny’s with some poor excuse for a Mexican meal but some good chocolate cake.  Then I came home took care of the children, the litter.  Then I promptly took a Muscle Relaxer (last one in the bottle from 2009) along with some antacid medicine, so I wouldn’t wake up in the middle of the night with acid burning my throat.  I brushed my teeth and took a very hot shower (if only you were a bar of soap, we could have been there together) and sat and watched TV until I passed out.  I could feel it coming on and just knew it was time so I got in bed and was teleported to dreamland.

Saturday – Woke up earlier than I wanted.  Fed the children, got dressed and grabbed the lab order.  Off to the hospital I went.  In registration the lady kept telling me my insurance coverage wasn’t valid and then she said my late partners name and asked who that was.  I explained and finally she hit the right keys so that my new coverage populated and presto – valid coverage.  Then it was time to wait and soon Vampira came out to get me.  A short black lady who had a great disposition.  She seemed gentle but I soon found out she was rough.  She gave me a little prick (I hate those) in my left arm.  Then she started to play the fiddle with the needle and kept telling me not to look.  After a couple minutes she asked if she was hurting me, I said yes at which time she stopped.  The problem is you find a vein and think that you have it dead on and when the needle enters the vein rolls, so you have to fish for it or pull out and start over.  She switched arms and gave me a little prick in the right arm.  Presto she found it and I am telling you this was the most blood that was ever taken from me.  I think there were like 8 vials.  I kept passing them to her and she never even uttered a thank you.  She did tell me to never give my left arm again – always use the right.  Well if your good and know what your doing either arm should work.

I left the hospital and went to grab breakfast.  Then I went to grab the mail.  What did I find but a certified letter waiting for my late partner.  As I have said before, rarely does good news come via certified mail.  It was a letter from the County Treasurer.  A past due notice on the property taxes and a 1 month notice that if they weren’t paid they would be auctioned.  I was pretty pissed off but after I came home and looked at the bill I realized that the 4th quarter payment wasn’t made because the loan switched hands.  So the extra refunded escrow money from the old loan and from my new loan well that needed to go towards the taxes.  Here I am thinking I am making headway and something like this comes along and robs me of some much needed money.  I really didn’t have a choice I mean I could have told my present loan company about it and they could have issued payment but that probably would have taken weeks.  I needed piece of mind that this was over and done with.  So I wrote out a check and sent the payment back via certified mail.  I know my check will be my receipt but still the mailing receipt and having someone sign for it is just an added extra plus.  My name is on the check and not my late partners but as long as they get their money they don’t care.  It could have said Daffy Duck just as long as the check doesn’t bounce your in good shape.  I had to hurry but made it to the post office in 5 minutes from my house.  It was a huge stretch and lots of slow pokes to get in my way, but then again that always happens when your in a hurry.

I went cat food shopping and came home.  Put away the cat food, cleaned up after the children again and then went to the computer to transfer money so that check was good, when it arrives on Monday they can cash it w/o any problem.  Then upstairs to call AT&T.  I mentioned my two issues to some dude who didn’t speak English that well.  The first issue was the remote control and he is telling me the batteries are bad, uh I don’t think so.  He had no idea how to fix it and said the remotes were bad, so he is sending me 2 more remotes for free.  Then I told him about my cell phone and how I can’t seem to watch TV on it because I get this device not authorized.  He said well your subscribed for it so it’s got to be an issue with your phone.  So he referred me to Apple. 

If you want something done and done right, you have to do it yourself.  I played with the codes on the remote again and finally found the right one.  Problem #1 solved.  Then I went to the AT&T Modem and got the wifi password off of the side of the box.  I joined their wifi network and launched the app.  It saw both boxes and I was able to watch TV.  I disconnected from their network, because since I don’t have internet with them I couldn’t browse.  I went back on my wifi network and presto I am watching TV again.  I sat there for a good five minutes and no issues.  I think I needed a token, cookie or key from their network to tell my phone, hey it’s okay he’s paid for this.  Problem #2 solved. 

Then it was time for a nice nap.  When I woke up I was supposed to go to the movies to see Blackhat but I talked myself out of it.  Instead I went back to the Mexican place that I tried to get into on Friday night.  I got in but service was slow.  I sat across from another guy who was by himself.  He was more interested in TV than in looking at me.  I gave it a couple minutes and moved on to my phone.  I enjoyed my meal then went to pay.  Holy crap there is this blond bombshell behind the counter and I got to check out his assets, pretty good.  He took the payment information and I left without his phone number.  I didn’t ask but it would have been nice. 

Then back to home.  Where I started my quest to find a pen I gave to my late partner.  It’s a Tombow and he just loved it.  I remember seeing it in his office and I remember putting it aside when I was going through his things.  Now no matter where I look I can’t find it.  I am wondering if I accidentally threw it away.  I can’t see myself doing that but I have done a lot of crazy things.  Emotions run high when I am in his rooms and going through his stuff.  I just keep thinking why did you have to die?  I gave up eventually.  Then on to my pc for the rest of the night.  Late to bed.

Sunday – Woke up earlier than I wanted to, fed the children.  Threw on some clothes and shuffled out the door to breakfast again.  Then did my grocery shopping and got gas for the car.  On to home putting everything away and cleaning house.  Got the children some lunch.  I started laundry and watched TV.  I knew that was a mistake and eventually wound up taking a nap.  That was nice.  Then I went back to looking for that damn pen again.  I found 6 sticks of unused black genuine Xerox ink for the printer.  That was awesome.  I moved things around again and still no luck.  I don’t think I will find it until I start throwing things out.  I need to raid the room like a jail cell.  Take everything out of the room and then put back only what I want and need to keep.  That is a project for a different day.  Back to laundry and here I am.

I published comments on the blog, changed the masthead and background.  Hard to believe the 1st month of 2015 is about over.  Sounds like NYC is going to get dumped on with a snow storm.  I really wish that was here.  We haven’t had but dustings and we could use a good dump of snow, just a helpful reminder that it’s winter.  I mean we have had some of the temperatures but none of the weather that goes with it.

I have been checking the on-line portal to see what my lab results are but they won’t be posted at earliest until tomorrow.  They want my doc to have time to read them and discuss them with me.  I know my blood sugar will be out of whack as will my cholesterol but I pray that the liver is okay and there isn’t anything major going on.  The odd thing is that since I have the work done at a hospital my doctor is not on staff at, the results often get lost in his office or the hospital doesn’t send them.  I signed up for on-line access so that if there is a problem I can simply print them out and get them to him.  I just want good news.  I can take extra medicine or switch medicines but I am not ready for any health problems, I am far too young for that.  I still eat what I want and when I want it.  All the more reason why I need a man who can cook – so I get nice meals that are actually good for me.  I mean before I wasn’t eating healthy but vegetables were a lot more common in my diet.  Now that I have to think about what I want well it’s quick, it’s easy and doesn’t taste as good.  It’s not a balanced meal it’s a convenient meal that I can slurp down so that I can move on with my evening and get ready for the next day of work, or as will be the case tomorrow night so that I can get ready for being on-call.  Lucky me. 

Hopefully your weekend has been drama and bad news free.  Perhaps your weather is better than mine.  I’d love to be in CA right now with warm weather.  That’s all I know other than it’s pizza time.  Got to get to baking and then to prepping for tomorrow.  Looking forward to watching Shameless and Looking tonight.  Tomorrow will be here soon enough.  Ciao for now.  Talk with you peeps later.

23 January 2015

Sick co-worker

So this afternoon I was doing my usual video conference setup.  A co-worker walked in she was limping, crying and struggling to breathe.  I offered help but she just wanted to pickup someone's lunch, which I gave her.  She was in obvious distress and while everyone else offered help, as did I she wouldn’t take anything from anyone.  Everyone else just went about their business, but me I followed her back to her desk.  She got lots of attention by now and I just kind of stood back and listened & watched.  She was drowning in her own fluid. 

She hadn’t eaten anything all day long and she was offered free food but turned it down.  Someone even offered to visit a local chocolate store and she turned that down.  I didn’t even know we had one of those around here.  So then she decided she needed to go to the bathroom, that was kind of the straw that broke the camels back.  So to speak.  I knew that she would be leaving in an ambulance but it was a question of when.  So another female co-worker helped her to the bathroom and I stood by outside to wait for them.  I went with another co-worker to the First Aid Cabinet and I missed her coming out of the bathroom.  She collapsed 1/2 down the hall.  I came back and got her a chair and said that it was time to get an ambulance.

I stood by as we waited for help to arrive.  She was conscious and breathing, but was struggling to get her breathe.  I think she was sick, scared and embarrassed as well as in some pain.  When the paramedics arrived I learned that she was slightly younger than me and she had a cardiac history.  That right there confirmed to me that I was probably spot on when I said it was CHF (Congestive Heart Failure).  Fluid backs up and is retained in your limbs, primarily your legs.  While there was no diagnosis made on-site I figured that my persistent probably helped her a great deal.  I don’t want to say I am a hero or I saved a life.  I was simply in the right place at the right time. 

My next worry was that she wouldn’t agree to go to the hospital, but the cute paramedic kept talking to her and eventually convinced her to go, so they got her all packaged up and she was off.  Looking at her brought back so many memories for me and all I wanted to do is collapse and cry myself.  I held it all in and eventually those feelings passed.  I put the chair back where it belonged and updated all of the people who needed to be updated.  Then it was time to wash my hands and eat lunch. 

I was hot and the adrenaline was flowing full force.  Suddenly I realized no more back pain.  Well as I type the pain has returned.  I wish someone here had a tennis ball, I know I could make my back feel better.  Take it and wedge it between me and my back, then move around on the wall.  The ball acts like a masseuse.  It’s not as good as the real thing but you can certainly use it in a pinch.  Right now I really could use it – either that or a hot shower and a nap. 

The one thing I observed is that most of the women here who were involved in helping, were overly dramatic – whereas I remained calm even though inside I was freaking out.  I was really thinking she was going to stop breathing because she kept complaining of swelling not just limited to her feet  I was watching a new show last night on A&E about nightshift EMS, Police and Fire – aptly named Night watch.  I realized that being in EMS would be quite rewarding and something that I would probably enjoy.  I’m not switching careers because it would take too much out of me and trying to juggle school with work and life mixed in, that just isn’t an option.  If it was easy to make the switch then I would certainly entertain it.  I just really love helping people, anyway that I can – makes me feel really good. 

I received many thanks for what I did but I was just grateful that I was able to help.  I honestly don’t think I did that much.  I am just glad that she was hopefully able to get the medical attention she needed and that everything is better for her.  Hopefully, she will be back on Monday.  Just another subtle reminder that were all going to pass away.  I hate to be morbid but it is true – we often loose sight of this and just go about our daily lives, not wanting to think about the inevitable.  So important that you express your love to those you care about, one day you won’t be able to.

Okay back to work for this guy. 

Freakin Friday

Today hasn’t started off so good for me.  I woke up with back pain, me thinks this is after affects from my massage yesterday.  I’ve already taken ibuprofen for it.  I just hope that doesn’t affect the outcome of my blood work tomorrow.  Then I get to work early and thought I would be nice and answer an e-mail that turned into a small war and quickly took up a bunch of my time.  So I noted my time card accordingly, I will get over time for it so no complaints from me.  The issue we were going back and forth about was something silly and something that I have no control over. 

Wow, it’s been a heck of a morning already.  I hope that the afternoon gets better.  Bear’s larger pee pads came yesterday.  My dental floss is being delivered today.  Saying that sounds strange you must think I ordered a crate of it but no just 2 rolls – it’s something that I can’t find in a local store but I like it so why do without? 

Last nights supper was 6 cheese Macaroni.  It was awesome as usual but I didn’t eat it all.  I have half way talked myself in dining out tonight as a treat yourself reward.  Especially since I will have to fast after midnight.  Sounds horrible but with the way I feel right now I will be passed out really quick.  A nice Hot Shower and then into bed with the children.  Yeah, it’s Friday night and my door will be open.  So I will probably wake up feeling way worse than I already do because they will have me in some contorted position when I wake up.  Especially Insty who loves to sleep at my feet and when I am not in bed, she loves to get under the covers.  She thinks she is hiding from someone but I know what the lump in the bed is. 

Talked with a friend last night on the phone.  The one thing I noticed about VOIP be it here at work or at home, you don’t hear yourself back, like you would on a copper phone.  The other thing that hit me last night is the person who told me they will be phasing out landline service in 2 years.  Does that mean that 911 will be VOIP?  If so then what happens when there is an emergency and you dial 911 will you get a busy signal or will the call simply not go through?  Makes you wonder.  I think some copper will always be around like it or not.  Especially for 911 they have a need for service 24x7 365.

In the world of gay dating, I got a message from a younger guy who likes me.  I messaged him back and haven’t heard a think.  I am a little excited about it but he has no idea how old I am.  I suspect if we get that far in a conversation that he may steer clear of me.  Then again maybe he’s looking for a sugar daddy.  Well that isn’t me I am fresh out of sugar and I am only a daddy to my cats. 

Ah so, we made it to Friday.  Another day closer to me going on-call.  I just hope nothing bad happens.  Lord knows I haven’t had the best luck the 2 times so far that I have been on-call.  It’s a new year and I figure a fresh start so we should be good, right?

Right now so looking forward to bed – that is a bad sign on a Friday.  Normally I look forward to the weekend and the time off.  I know without a doubt that I will have a nap tomorrow and kind of look forward to that as well.  You all stay warm and be well.  I will talk with you peeps later.

22 January 2015

Massage Thursday

I know the words don’t start with the same letter, but it just sounds good to me and I am getting a massage today!  Yesterday picked up right after my post.  I had a bunch of local calls, plus I had to make a trip to a users house to run a laptop and some other equipment out.  Wow, I went in to an upper class neighborhood, the house was very nice and I kind of enjoyed the trip.  I also got to leave early.  I wanted to stop at Denny’s and treat myself but I managed to talk myself out of it by the time I got home.  I haven’t been there in a very long time and thought it would be a nice diversion.  By the time I got home it was early but within the normal time frame that I am expected by the children to cross the threshold, plus my bladder was calling so I just went home.  Thankfully I remembered to stop at the ATM and get money for the massage today. 

Comedy Wednesday was a bust, all repeats on.  So I did a little surfing on my PC, got the Xerox printer reset to factory and it’s printing great now.  Very vivid color details like it’s suppose to have.  I played with Uverse an added in a few more shows to record.  I also managed to work the remotes to try to get my bedroom TV to respond to changing Sources but the AT&T remote just won’t cooperate.  It worked when a tech was out, but it doesn’t work now.  I went through both the automatic and manual programming, neither helped  I thought sure with manual programming that would fix it.  Surprisingly every manual code works with power and volume but no dice on the Source.  At lunch time yesterday I tried to watch TV on my iPhone but was told that the device wasn’t authorized.  Then after rebooting my phone I was able to watch short clips of TV before the picture just disappeared.  So last night I uninstalled the app, rebooted my phone and reinstalled the app again.  It appears to be working but if time permits, the true test will be today.  I see the fact that the TV really wants and kind of depends upon you having internet access to authorize external devices as well as being able to use your mobile device as a remote control.  However, I am on a different network at home (cable internet), so consequently I can’t use my mobile device as a remote.  However, being able to watch TV outside of the house on a mobile device, pc or tablet shouldn’t have a thing to do with the Internet.  Either you have Uverse TV or you don’t.  If you do then you get the benefit.  So if there are further issues I will have to call for help, which isn’t something that I look forward to, even though AT&T is pretty good at resolving issues, sometimes you have to really push in order to get the answer you need.  Don’t misunderstand me, I am still perfectly happy and thus far glad I made the switch.

The antibiotic that I am on appears to be working.  I feel a little better each morning and there is less junk to blow out of my nose.  So I am kind of surprised at this point, but I am no where near done I still have a little more than a week to go. She told me she was giving me 2 weeks supply but again another surprise and she gave me a little more than that.  I am okay with it though, the longer I am on it the greater the chances of killing the bugs and making me stay well. 

So I am getting ready to enter my last weekend of peace and quiet for a week.  I have so far talked myself in to eating out on Friday and then getting blood work on Saturday and getting breakfast out.  Not sure if the plan on Friday night will stuck but I am eating out on Saturday morning for sure.  I must have food and breakfast is my favorite meal and it’s the cheapest of all, even if you go a little crazy.  The only thing that I don’t like is the fact the price most places charge for an egg, you could get a dozen at the grocery store for the same price.  However, those eggs are raw and what they are serving is a cooked egg so it’s all about the labor, which is usually the most expensive item we pay for when we require service – it’s more of a convenience factor. 

Just got a message from Amazon.  The pee pads will be delivered today and my dental floss will be delivered tomorrow.  The Rutin will be in next week, which is perfectly fine.  I forgot to warn the children today before I left but I am sure they will be fine when the door bell rings.  Usually as soon as they hear the deadbolt click is usually their clue to run that or when I am heading to the door.  However, the door bell is the first warning sign. 

So here we are on a Thursday.  Hopefully all is calm and the day is fast moving.  As always I am eager to get home to see the furry children.  I have been thinking a lot about my podcast.  Last weeks numbers were encouraging but this week no plays at all.  I am starting to think that it’s just not catching on and that is perfectly fine.  While it’s something that I want to do and enjoy if no one if listening then I don’t see any purpose in keeping it going.  I will let things play out a little longer before I pull the plug.  Perhaps it’s all about timing.  I mean it feels like my blog doesn’t do that well either, but that is just based off of lack of comments.  The stats I see say it’s being read.  So the beat goes on.  Feedback is important to me as a content creator it give me the assurance that my content is well liked and hopefully gives me an idea to talk about things that others really want to hear about.  Instead of taking chances and running in circles.  Feedback is an essential part to all content creators regardless of the platform be it a blog, YouTube channel, podcast, etc. 

We have electronic billboards up to let people know how long it will take to get to from point A to point B and to warm of accidents or road conditions.  This mornings message said … Blinkers the original Instant Message.  How true is that!

Hope all is well in your world.  Stay warm and be kind to each other.  I will talk with you peeps later.  1 more day!!

21 January 2015

Blast from the past

Last nights mail brought me a card from an old co-worker, who is in WI.  I was rather surprised to receive a card from her and that prompted me to call her.  We chatted back and forth for a little over an hour.  She told me some things about my past employer that I wasn’t aware of and I told her things that she wasn’t aware of.  Clearly I had the bigger news since I was on the inside and closer to the corporate office.  I found out that the jackass I had for a boss lied to the guy that he sold most of the facilities to and they are at war now.  It sounds like a huge mess and I am very glad to be away from it.  I let her know that I did my part in reporting him and making life as difficult as possible for him, since he crapped all over me.  She was proud of me for doing that.  I think there is a special place in hell reserved for him and several of the people I used to work with.  It matters not to me where they go or what happens, since I am no longer apart of it.  However, if his little empire were to crumble around him that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t rejoice.

Most of my night was gobbled up with the telephone call and little time for anything else.  I had a snack before bed and didn’t listen to that little voice like I should have.  I wound up choking and coughing my head off.  It felt horrible but eventually life returned to normal. 

I was able to have a little time with Uverse and figured out the Picture Zoom.  I am still trying to figure out how to get the AT&T remote to change sources.  What I found on-line didn’t work but I am going back today to do more research and I will be trying it tonight.  I wish the entire remote was backlit and not just certain parts of it.  When I watch TV in my room it’s dark and I have to use a flashlight to see the remote.  TiVo sold backlit remotes and well their interface was a little easier to use.  AT&T isn’t bad it is just a matter of getting used to something new.  I am still loving the service.  It was nice to watch The Doctors last night in HD – everyone looks so much better.  I am looking forward to Comedy Wednesday and my Lasagna which goes oh so well with Wednesday along with the children pestering me.  It really is a great time, even if I don’t laugh at all – just relaxing and being away from ‘technology’ is nice. 

I have to stop by the ATM on the way home tonight, the Massage Therapist should be here tomorrow and I am so looking forward to her magic hands rubbing all over my back, it feels so good.  I just hate it when she finds a knot and pushes away on it.  She does a good job, I just wish I could spend more time there – no matter what I book it’s never enough.  Sort of like time off from work, we always seem to want one more day.  Ah, well. 

Things are rather calm, which is good.  The afternoon for me will be busy, we are having a seminar and a presentation.  That means I get to setup a conference room and that can be tricky at times, but it keeps me on my toes and I kind of like it.  Better to do it in house then having to travel some where.  Not looking forward to next week, as I am on-call but I know it will be here soon enough.  Thinking about Saturday and taking a nice nap it sounds better than going out for breakfast.  I am so sleepy now, I think from boredom.  I don’t complain I just enjoy the down time because sooner rather than later it will be busy. 

I did some Amazoning yesterday.  I got more pee pads, they are larger and actually work better than what I picked up from Sam’s.  I also got more Rutin for Bear.  The pads should be in tomorrow and the Rutin I look for that next week.  He has plenty of both so it’s not an emergency, still having free 2 day shipping is really nice.  I have been meaning to place the order for a few days now and just got around to it yesterday.  The best part is that my credit card has already cycled so I won’t have to pay for it until next month.  I just love it when that happens. 

Well back to work for me.  Take care, be safe and try to avoid chaos.  I will talk with you peeps later. 

20 January 2015

Liver Issues

Yesterday about an hour and a half before my Dr. appointment, I got a call saying he had an emergency and had to leave.  They wanted to know if I would like to reschedule or see the NP (nurse who thinks she is a doctor).  I said I would see the NP, even though I hate her. 

I get over and get checked in, was surprised to see my weight on the scale.  I have gained a couple pounds.  Then I got all of the usual workup and finally the NP comes in.  I told her that I thought I still had a sinus infection and she didn’t understand why.  She tried to get me to play a game where I am bounced to an ENT.  I told her that wasn’t going to happen, we have had this conversation before and it really pisses me off.  I need an antibiotic not lip from some nurse who thinks she is a doctor.  Then she didn’t understand why I didn’t want the usual antibiotic, I said I don’t think it’s doing the job.  I’d like to switch to something more potent but that I am not allergic to.  So she put me on what I consider to be a baby antibiotic, she assured me it would take care of this.  I don’t think it will but I am taking it and only time will tell. 

Then she told me that the doctor said my liver enzymes were elevated and she made it sound like I was in the process of dying and that my liver was failing.  I told her it’s from the cholesterol meds, which she already knew.  Then she told me I was on a statin cholesterol drug.  Well they don’t play well with my liver, I say that based on past experience.  However, she said that it was important to get it checked.  I said that is why I made the appointment in the first place was to get an order for blood work.  She said, oh you haven’t been fasting today.  I said nope.  Write me an order and I will get the blood work done over the weekend.  Then she told me that she was going to have me tested for Hepatitis because that is always a concern when you have liver issues.  She wrote down a few other things, just to give me a sky high bill because I haven’t been over to see them in a while. 

She sent in her nurse with the lab order and told me that I also needed an ultrasound of my belly.  Funny thing is we didn’t have a discussion about this so it was a complete surprise to me.  I said why, I am not pregnant.  She said no it’s because your liver is failing.  I said hello, you just gave me an order to get blood work done.  Oh, have you had that done yet?  Uh no you just gave it to me, remember.  I said lets see what the blood work shows and then if there is a major issue we can work on getting the ultrasound.  I was finally able to leave and I was not the least bit happy.  I understand being cautious but there is no need to run up a bill for something that isn’t needed and that is what I feel and think she was doing.  It’s bad enough that she is having my blood tested for things that I don’t need and will return ‘normal’ but to order additional tests, come on.  The buck has to stop somewhere.  

My saving grace was that I passed a Friday’s on the way over.  So on the way back, I stopped in had a bowl of soup which was horrible and a delicious burger.  I did some searching on my phone about liver issues, even though right now I don’t believe I have anything to worry about.  When I got home much later in the afternoon, I checked the healthcare portal and saw a note that there was a slight elevation in my liver enzymes and we need to keep an eye on it, that was last April.  Then in August everything came back normal.  Now all of a sudden the Dr. is concerned about my liver enzymes.  Hello if there was a a fucking problem you should have been calling me and not waiting for me to come back.  What if I never, ever came back?  I am still not a happy camper but I will have the blood work done and we can go from there.  I really think this is all much to do about nothing.  I mean I am not yellow/jaundice and feel pretty well, except for my nose and this sinus infection.  I think she was being a little bit overly dramatically and concerned.  It’s like telling me the sky is falling when it’s just a thunderstorm. 

My research told me ways to fix liver issues were to have medications adjusted and/or changed, cut back on eating processed food and make stuff fresh so that you cut back on the amount of salt, take a fish oil pill, take coq10 and that’s about it.  Since I don’t have time or the energy to whip up a meal at night, cutting back on processed food isn’t an option for me.  If it weren’t for frozen food I would be very hungry.  The fish oil might be an option because I have a huge supply of it.  I got it for the cats to try and they aren’t fans of it.  It’s supposed to help their coat.  The thing is with humans if you take Fish Oil it acts as a blood thinner and if you cut yourself you bleed a lot more, plus you need to tell your doctor/dentist that your on it so before any type of surgery or procedure done, you can stop taking it a few days in advance so your blood returns to normal. 

In the end I and I alone am in charge of my health.  No matter what I do or don’t do, I am still going to die - - we all are.  My action or inaction can either aid in speeding or slowing my demise.  However, no matter what just like taxes, it’s a guarantee that you won’t escape it.

Oh yeah that is the other thing.  She told me that the sinus cavity is meant to be sterile so instead of using a netti pot it’s better to use the saline that comes in a can, it shoots a jet stream of sterile saline into your sinus’.  Sounds like a blast.  I stopped using a netti pot years ago because I found that it did more harm than good for me.  She said that she feels netti pots actually promotes sinus infections.  Yeah, well I have a hard time using nose spray on a daily basis between that and my finger, that is all that is physically going to be put in my nose.  I’m not flushing them out with saline 2 x a day.  I may however try it once, but that requires me to actually buy the saline and it’s not exactly a high priority for me right now.  Another fine example of her trying to spend my money.   

The remainder of my day was pretty well stress free.  I got the car washed, went to my therapy appointment and then back home to deal with the children and the joy of prepping for today.

My mom called on Sunday telling me that they have to put a drain in her eye.  She made it more complicated than that but when you cut to the chase that is all it is, a drain.  It is a surgical procedure so she has to go to the hospital and of course she was looking for a ride.  I told her I was all out of time because I had recently called in.  That is a lie but I need to save my time for when I need it and I can’t play taxi cab driver to her.  I realize she is my mom but I’ve done my fair share with her and then some.  It’s time for my brother to step up to the plate or for her to find another resource.

I had a pretty good evening, even if time did get away from me.  I managed to get all of the de-gaying process undone so all of my photos and calendars are back up – it feels more like home.  Not to mention that got me all hot and bothered, it was fun though.  I printed out some new photos on my late partners Xerox and wow the color just doesn’t seem to be what it used to be.  I printed the same thing on my ink jet and got much better results.  Obviously, something is wrong with it and I didn’t want to fiddle with it.  I am thinking a factory reset should probably take care of it.  I know he was a stickler for color and he made a lot of adjustments to the printer to get things working just right for him.  This again isn’t at the top of my list but I will probably get to it over the weekend.

Saturday is my date with Vampira – I have to give blood plus they are doing two urine tests, so I am sure they will want a fair amount, if not two samples.  Wow, guess I better drink up the water before I head out the door.  I just can’t wait until they are done because then I am headed out for breakfast!  That and the usual chores that I do over the weekend are all that I have lined up for Saturday thus far  I hope to keep the day pretty well open, so that I can relax and ramp up for next week, which will probably be a ball of stress.  Maybe I am wound up about nothing but I always get this way before I go on-call.

As for Uverse I wonder why I didn’t make the switch sooner.  Love the DVR and the fact that neither box has to be turned on in order for it to record.  Plus on the mobile app I can see all of my recordings and schedule or make changes, no matter where I am.  There are certain cable stations that you can watch live anywhere.  When I returned the cable boxes yesterday I found a neighbor in line to do the same thing.  Glad I did it because they eliminated their Saturday hours for the local offices.  They are happy to keep me with the internet but raised the price by $10 so now I am paying $60 for 100mpbs. The funny part or should I say odd part was there was no fight, no attempt to keep me as a customer and they didn’t ask why I was disconnecting.  I suppose they know that AT&T has moved in and people are flushing them because of the bad taste and poor customer service.  With competition it’s better because you can switch from year to year from provider to provider to get the best deal and maybe even get a rebate.  It’s a game of sorts but I haven’t ripped out any of the cable in my house, just in case.  I can’t foresee me ever switching back, but then again you never know. 

Not too bad for a Monday that is actually a Tuesday.  That is going to mess with me all week long but I think I will get it together by Friday, or so I hope.  Here’s to yet another week in 2015.  I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.  I will talk with you peeps later.