01 October 2014

Wacky Wednesday

I was a little late in getting home last night, thanks to traffic.  However, I managed to get everything done that I needed to.  The house actually smells worse now that I have run the carpet cleaner.  If you go into my bathroom, that is where it is at it's worst.  Kind of odd because Big Boy never goes in my bathroom for any reason.  Him and his brother (Jumper) have started me on a new routine where instead of dumping the water from the dish in the tub, I give it to them to drink.  Then I take my shower.  When I am done, I can dump, rinse and re-fill the bowl and put it back in the tub.  Big Boy isnt a drinker but he was this morning.  I told him to make sure that it all gets into the litter box when it comes out the other end.  

I remembered that I had some instant odor killing product, so I got out the black light and put it down.  I have to pick up some more of that plus get some litter.  So that will be tonights project, in addition to going to the bank for money to pay for my massage tomorrow. 

I found a guy who openly says he is HIV Positive, which I think is awesome that he is up front.  There are a few guys that will tell you this up front  In any case he is younger than I am, very cute and he explained how he acquired HIV.  He's on disability but wants to go back to work.  I would be interested in him but for the disease I would just as soon be a friend and not be a sexual partner.  Anyway, I passed on some job tips.  He isn't the first guy that I have hit up with job tips on a dating/hook up site. He probably won't be the last.  It feels good to give back and help.  While I didn't like being unemployed I can use that experience to hopefully help others find a job and stay motivated. 

On the way home last night I called up a my friend who suffered a stroke last year.  She told me that things are getting worse for her (medically speaking) and that the doctors are about to the point where they are going to give up.  She told me that she won't give up, which is a good thing.  Then she tellsnig me that she is going to try to drive in a couple weeks.  Her vision is bad.  I mean between her and my mom I wouldn't let either one drive and if I was dumb enough to get into a car with one of them as the driver I would make sure my life insurance was paid, plus take out some AFLAC.  I don't mean to sound negative but there is a reason why blind people don't drive, it's because they can see.  I really feel bad for her.  Plus she is stuck at home with her husband -- they get into verbal arguments all the time and someone is always yelling.  They both talk so loud.  They are only in their 60s and to me that isnt old but I guess parts start failing depending upon wear.

Last night Jumper and I called it a night a 1/2 hour early than we normally would.  The girls were not happy about that but I sure was.  The extra sleep helped me, but I also woke up a couple times in the middle of the night.  My back is a little better but I still feel it.  I think tonight I will just sit and watch ABC all of my favorite shows are on.  We caught Tosh.O last night, funny as usual.  I think staying away from technology will be a good thing, but I still have my phone.  So I will be checking in on the dating sites.  Nothing from Mr. Date.  He hasn't been on line since Sunday.  He told me that this would be a busy week for him.  I suspect I will hear from him over the weekend.

Thinking of doing some work in my late partners office and getting it straighted up.  Then I could leave the door open.  Maybe if I am lucky I will be able to tackle his bedroom as well, but I think that is asking a lot.  Plus it all depends upon how I feel on Saturday.  I have to take my mom to get her blood drawn and I am not looking forward to that.  She will no doubt bring up the truck again.  I would be happy if she just gave up driving all together.  I understand that is a big step to take but given her vision and the recent accident I kind of think that it's for the best.  Better to quit while your ahead than to do serious injury or kill someone.  I don't think she would be able to live with that but she doesn't see that part of the picture right now.  She just sees that it is time to get back on the horse and ride again.  Not always the best plan.

So I was in an office yesterday talking with a guy who was leaving.  He ran me ragged.  I noticed a siliver pen on his desk, it was very nice.  We all know that I have a pen fetish and just can't get enough of them.  I was thinking boy I wish I could have that, it looks nice.  Heck even picking it up and writing with it would have told me if I really wanted it or not.  In any case I went back to pickup his computer stuff today and I opened one of his desk drawers.  He left the pen.  He isn't coming back and no one will know that it was there.  So I took it.  I feel guilty because there was no one to ask.  At the same time if someone does ask did you take it or did you see it and if I say yes, here it is then that could cause problems for me.  I feel the risk is low, so that is why I did what I did.  I never expressed any interest in the pen to anyone and no one here really knows me that well yet.  Curious, what do you think?

Oh boy it's Wednesday.  I signed up for a massage tomorrow.  I hope that she doesn't go digging and that it's something enjoyable and not something that I say oh why did I do this.  It's been 3 weeks so I am long over due.  Thankfully my new schedule allows me some flexability, so I am able to do things like this.  I actually rather like it.  Start off on the phones for 2 hours in the morning.  Do 2 hours in the afternoon then kill a 1/2 hour with prepping for the next day and it's time to go home.  I can pass the time pretty quickly.  In fact when I am on the phones that is all my boss wants us to do is answer the phone, so I surf for guys on my iPhone and have found a couple to reach out to.  It helps pass the time  quickly.  I just hate it when I get interupted by work but the interuption is to be expected.  

Wow I am sleepy all of a sudden.  I guess it's because I had lunch.  I read an articlel this morning that said it's productive to take a 15 minute nap everyday.  That could be true but my employer doesnt pay people for sleeping.  I suppose I could get away with it now because I am at lunch but it just doesn't look good if I were to get caught.  Well I guess back to work before I lull myself into a coma.  I am bulding a machine for a new hire that starts next week.  Should be done with it today, deploy it tomorrow and then presto were done.  

Okay I will talk with you peeps later.

30 September 2014


Oh my gurd I have no idea what I have done, but my left side and back are killing me.  I thoughht it would wear off once I woke up but nope, like a bad penny its still with me.  I hope it's gone by tomorrow.

Last night I got a call from the place I am working with on the mortgage.  They got approval from their Title company to convert it from the trust into my name.  Okay great.  Now they still need pay off information from the present lender.  They actually wanted me to reach out to the lender and say can you give me x,y,and z.  I turned the tables and said how about if I prepare a release that gives you authorization to obtain the information you need.  Hey what a novel idea.  Hello mortgage companies do this all the time.  So I whipped something up and also provided a couple of contacts.  That took up the bulk of my evening.  I paid bills and took out the trash.  Ah ha a clue taking out the trash.  There was some heavy stuff perhaps something yinged when it should have yanged.  

Today I thought about it and realized they will also need permission from the Trustee in my late partners bankruptcy case.  The house is really the only asset and the only reason why he is on a repayment plan.  Makee no mistake regardless of what the Trustee says I still have to make the payments until we reach the magic number, otherwise they can take it back.  I am going for the hardship discharge in the hopes that the judge will see and understand that I shouldn't have to continue to repay his debt, but that won't be until next year.  Who knows I may be stuck with higher house payments until then but I certainly hope not.  It would be awesome if I could start banking money.  The goal for the house now is to close by the 15th, which means if we do then I could skip November and December payments and wouldn't have to make a payment until January.  That would be awesome!

Big boy is having his way with the carpet.  He isn't using the litter box he is peeing on the carpet.  That is a huge no.  I have to break out the steam cleaner tonight because the smell is just horrible.  I woke up and before I could even smell it my allergies kicked in.  I sprayed some stuff to help with the odor but I am highly allergic to that so I had to hightail it out of the house.  I put a chair over where he went so that he won't be able to go there anymore.  I don't know what it is but anytime I mess with the litterbox by physically moving it we have this problem.  It's usually a couple days then his memory kicks back in and life returns to normal.  I really wish he would just use the litter box.  Cat urine is the worst!

So the dating scene has calmed down.  I didn't get any messages last night from anyone.  I have continued to put out feelers with other guys but no nibbles yet.  I really enjoy talking with other guys via the chat thing but would rather meet up in person so we can stop the back and forth with delays.  I mean I know what I want to say I just have to get my fingers to type it out and it just seems so redundant.  I still say straight people have it the easiest you just approach a person of the opposite sex that you are attracted to and ask them if they want to go out for a bite to eat or to get a drink.  If they have a brain they realize your asking them out and then things go from there.  Gay people on the other hand don't know if another guy is gay or not hence the bars, clubs and dating apps.  Gay or straight dating does take up a lot of time.  It also messes with your emotions.  Like when I am talking with someone and there is potential there, I am very happy.  When I am talking with no one or have been rejected I feel sad or depressed.  I suppose it's all apart of the cycle.  

I wish there were more gay guys that were relationship oriented and not just concerned with who they are going to sleep with tonight.  I mean I understand the hookup process and the need to get off, but that is kind of counter productive for me.  I can't see sleeping with someone and then never seeing them again or hearing from them.  I can do that with a porn clip or movie but not with an actual person.  I guess I am just too old fashioned.  :)

The new schedule here at work seems to be going rather well.  In fact I will be headed back here in a bit and I have to go setup an office for someone and move equipment in.  That should be tons of fun with my back feeling the way it does but it's all part of the job.  It's kind of like I was telling someone earlier today working for a living sucks.  I mean I like it here but the idea that I have to come to work everyday in order to make it in life has gotten very old very fast.  Come on lotto, I sure could use a break.

Next week maybe fun and who knows I might actually get a little rest.  Even though it is Jury Duty.  Oh, I sent off for an absentee ballot for voting in the general election in November.  I figure I am on the list now for Jury Duty so might as well vote in every election.  Voting via absentee ballot just means that I won't have to stand in a long line.  I just fill out my form and mail it back, presto done.  I kind of like that.  Shame many more things in life aren't that simple.  

Well back to the races.  Talk with you peeps later.  

29 September 2014


Working a new schedule, my hours are the same but tasks are controlled by the schedule.  I like it because it gets me off the phone at 5 and I have a 1/2 hour to wrap everything up and then go home.  No more risk of being stuck on a late call.  I don't mind working overtime but really when it's time to go I would much rather go.

So all in all it was a decent day.  I had a new hire sprung on me.  He will be here Wednesday I believe.  I have his equipment configured today, should be able to get it all installed tomorrow.  Then he will be all set for Wednesday.

I am working on another new hire that starts on Monday.  That is when I may or may not be on Jury Duty.  I have to call late Friday and find out what they want me to do.  Reporting is perfectly fine by me, it means I don't have to fight traffic to work.  Plus my new employer trusts everyone so you can say your at the courthouse and if they gave you the day off, you can just relax at home.  I would feel guilty and probably get caught.  It would be nice if we got out early one day so that I could have my car taken care of.  It's about 1,000 miles until an oil change and if I can squeeze it in w/o having to take PTO then I am all for that.

Got to see how much money is coming my way tomorrow on pay day.  I am very pleased.  Overtime really helps out a lot.  I have enough to pay the 2 bills that are due, plus the ability to give some money to a credit card.  Rightt now I am in credit card debt and it all started with this job and the travel.  I can't wait until I dig myself out.  Already have the house payment scheduled so there is no worry there.  Nothing from the new mortgage company.

I've updated my iPhone & iPad both to IOS 8.02 and they are working fine.  Glad I missed out on 8.01 update which stopped people from making/receiving calls.  Last week was a very bad week for Apple.

So tonights agenda.  Go home, take out the trash, eat supper, feed the children, pay bills, get ready for tuesday and then time for bed.  Sound exciting?  Yeah I know but I do look forward to getting home and seeing all of the creatures.  I've been thinking about them today.

This morning I was day dreaming and passed up my exit again.  I thought I could find my way to work but that proved to be a disaster.  I engaged GPS and eventually got back on the dusty trail.  I made it with 10 minutes to spare, so I was happy about that.  

I hope your Monday was uneventful.  Talk with you peeps later. 

28 September 2014

Weekend Update

Well Mr. Date messaged me on Friday night and again on Saturday both times I ignored him.  I just replied today to both of his messages.  I’m guessing he is starting to get the point of what I mean by I want to take it slow.

I’ve reached out to lots of other guys but only a couple have bothered to respond.  It’s awkward to carry on a conversation, I would much rather move to a different platform but that comes with risk.  Risk isn’t something I want to take right now.

I got a message from my brother on Saturday telling me he has had a bad week.  I figured maybe one of the dogs died.  Nope, mom got into a car accident and totaled her car.  She is okay.  The other person is a female who is actually younger than me.  They carried her off in an ambulance because she passed out.  My mom’s car fell apart, it was all over the street.  The other lady she was driving a truck and it’s got a small dent.  The car was foreign and the truck was American.  Need I say more?

The accident was my mom’s fault because she pulled out in front of the other lady, who she said came out of no where and was going too fast.  Truth be told mom had no reason to be driving.  I think it’s time to take away her drivers license.  My bother doesn’t agree with me.  Plus he is the one who is legally responsible for her.  Her vision is very poor and her mental state well that is compromised as well.

Now my mom wants to buy my late partners vehicle.  She think I will just let her have it for $1k.  I looked it up on KBB and it’s worth $4k but I’d sell it for $3k.  I first told her no but she got really upset and said well would you at least think it over. Okay, I will think it over.  The answer still is no but I’ve thought it over.  I figure if I quote her the price that will be enough to discourage her.  However it may also cause her to come up with the money.

If I parted with it and sold it to her, then she wrecked it I wouldn’t exactly be happy.  I mean there is a sentimental value there plus there is that old adage that says never do business with friends or relatives.  I’ve been down that path before and I don’t want to hear about every little thing that is wrong with it or that this doesn’t work or that broke.  I could easily sell it to a car dealer and if they sent it to the crusher it wouldn’t bother me.  But if my mom wrecked it that would.  Sound odd?

Now I have become a taxi cab.  I get to go pick her up next Saturday morning at o dark thirty and take her to get her blood drawn.  Then afterwards we will go out to breakfast, she said she would buy.  Uh, okay free food - - sign me up.  That & money are the quickest way to my heart.

Saturday I was amazed at the number of printers we had here that I wound up taking to the recycle drive.  There were about 10 of them.  2 of which were old dot matrix printers.  They both worked but what is the point of keeping them.  There is a ton more of computer equipment I could have taken but there are things that I just don’t want to part with quite yet.  Still it felt good to get rid of the old stuff.  Now there is room to get some new stuff, all I need is a little money.

I got the carpets done yesterday as well, they didn’t turn out quite as good as I expected but they are at least in better shape than when I started.  The carpet is shot and honestly needs to be replaced but I just can’t see doing that right now especially with the number of cats I have.  So we just make do as best as we can. 

Last night I went out to visit some old friends and have a dish that I enjoy.  It’s called Pepperoni Spaghetti.  It’s Spaghetti with Pepperoni in it and then baked with cheese on top.  The sauce always gets to me because it’s super tomato rich, but I still enjoy it.  It was a huge meal and I even had desert.  Now I didn’t tell that to Mr. Date because he would have wanted to know why I didn’t ask him to go.  I do enjoy doing something by myself.

Today I had breakfast out, went shopping and came home.  Put everything away and worked on laundry.  Got some new pron from the internet, watched it.  Fed the children and settled in for a nap.  Only to be disturbed by ill timed phone calls, not one but three plus I had cats jumping on me as well.  I think I got about 30 minutes of rest.  Not bad so long as I don’t have any problems tonight in sleeping. 

I will be headed up to make me a pizza in a bit.  That is my usual weekend meal that I look forward to.  I switch it up sometimes it’s Friday night other times it’s Saturday and well today it just so happens to be on Sunday.  Slowly getting ready for Monday.  Ugh.

In looking at the calendar I freaked out at the grocery store because I thought bosses day was this week.  Nope it’s not until the middle of October. However, I did pick up what I consider to be the perfect card.  It says exactly what I want to say and it’s not too sappy.  So it doesn’t look like I am brown nosing.  Then I got a $20 gift card to The Olive Garden to go with it.  I am sure it will catch my boss off guard.  I will mail it in plenty of time for her to get it.  I could send it interoffice mail but would rather it come as a complete surprise.  She did me an awesome favor in hiring me and I just want to let her know that I won’t forget her kind gesture.

So speaking of work this is the week where everyone is rolled into one big old phone bank.  We are all taking calls for the entire firm and it’s going to be foreign to all of us.  However, a lot of people are freaking out.  I say just take it call by call, day by day.  We will get there.  Plus starting the first of the year we will all be on the same desktop so it won’t be quite as bad.  It’s just a couple months of inconvenience.  Before this we were separated into 2 teams and there were 2 people on-call.  Now were shifting to just 1 on-call which is going to add some calls I think.  It will be more money but it will also be more of an inconvenience.  If you just took the on-call away from my job I would say it’s okay.  Take away the on-call and the phones then I would say my job is perfect.  However, I am just happy to have a job right now.

Speaking of which the mortgage guy was supposed to call me on Friday and we were going to “lock in” the rate so that I could skip the October & November payments.  Well that didn’t happen and unless he could supply me something in writing that had approval of the present lender there is no way I would risk falling behind.  So I have scheduled the payment and if it’s something I could have skipped, well then they can just refund it to me.  Once things change hands I know that there will be money coming back the question is will they issue it to me, to the estate or to my late partner OR will they just give it all to the Bankruptcy court?  Hard to tell.  I do hope that by the end of October this loan has closed and the house is in my name.  It will make things so much easier going forward.  I believe that I will need to file 1 more tax return for my late partner because of the house and interest, in order to get that refunded.  That will of course be subject to partial take over by the bankruptcy court but my hope is that a discharge is granted prior to the refund being issued.  Then all of the money should be mine or so I hope.  It’s not like were talking thousands of dollars here.  However, I always say every penny counts.

I went out a couple hours ago for ice cream again.  I over indulged and well I am not terribly hungry right now.  I figure that once the pizza is done I will have a slice or two – then refrigerate the rest and it can be supper tomorrow night. 

Ugh, got to balance bank accounts and do filing.  I hate both of those tasks but filing is the worst.  Never ever did like it and never ever will. 

I hope that you had a super awesome weekend and that it was relaxing and you were able to accomplish all that you wanted to and more.  Now it’s time to enjoy the last few hours before we start yet another work week of fun.  I won’t be looking forward to this weekend.  Next week is Jury Duty – I have to call Friday afternoon to figure out what I need to do on Monday.  They don’t always have you report. In fact the recording says expect 1 to 2 days of actual service but if your picked for a trial expect a minimum of 1 week or at the longest 2 weeks.  Hell I could do a month it would be fine by me.  I am looking forward to it and being away from technology all day long, well that will be different but hopefully enjoyable.  I know I will have withdrawals.

Talk with you peeps later.  Be well.

26 September 2014

Anxious for quitting time

To think a week ago, I was so anxious to get out of here so I could make my phone call and meet one of the guys that I talked to on-line.  This week I am just anxious to leave.  Jumper clawed me last night and it's itching, plus I've been thinking about the ants and my skin is crawling. 

I have checked back to see if my 18 y/o friend decided to chat any more but no response.  I'm guessing it was just a bold move for him to tell me that he liked me or maybe it was a joke.  Not sure either way.  However, I did make a report that he is misrepresenting his age.  I won't block him but I did screen shot all of our conversation, so there won't be any misconception as to what was said by who. It's very innoculus but it's the paranoid part of me coming out.

Had our meeting at the office.  As usual I was early, everyone was late.  Way too much chattering, jokes, etc. before the meeting started.  Our boss actually got through this meeting and we wrapped it up on time.  I hope that ending on time continues.  I think that she should build in like 10 minutes ahead of when she actually wants the meeting to start, that way everyone would be on-time.  :) 

I'm playing ring around the rosie with an issue here.  Trying to track down who is responsible for administering a program.  No one wants to take ownership.  I can't really do anything from a permissions stand point.  This all started early this morning I have been telling my story ever since to at least 4 people.  Right now I think I've got it figured out, but that person only works specific days of the week.  Oh Joy!  So this is another one that will have to be in a pending state.  I just hate service tickets hanging out there.  I like to get them in, fix the problem and close the ticket.  It just doesn't always work like that.  

20 more minutes and I will be back on the phones.  New schedule starts Monday so it's the same shift.  Just what I am designated to do is changing.  I will be spending more time on the phones.  That will be good, I suppose.  More eduucation, which should hopefully help me feel more confident and comfortable.

That is all of the new news I have.  No idea what is for supper, but I am sure I won't starve.  Talk with you peeps later.

Creepy Old Man

So my messaage was well received, which is quite a shock to me.  However, he is still pouring on the pressure despite the fact that I said I want to go slow.  Now his plan is for me to take a vacation day next month and get together with him to do something.  I explained that won't happen.  Depending upon how things go over the weekend, I am starting to think it's time to hit the BLOCK button again.  I really don't want to but if your going to be a pushy bastard then your leaving me no choice.  You smother a pork chop, not a person.  

In other news the first person to answer me back on Tindr is 23 and really cute.  He told me that he thinks I am HOT, which I am totally flattered by.  So were chatting last night and he tells me I am not sure why it shows I am 23 I am actually a Senior in HS and 18.  WTF!  Um okay so while I am anxious about this, I can see it leading to heart break.  He goes away to college and poof its over.  Not to mention his parents reaction when he tells them I'm chatting with a guy who is 40 something.  Uh I think it would be like in that episode of Queer As Folk where Justin's dad went after Brian in a car accident and tried to kill him.  He says his parents are okay with his sexuality and coming out was very easy.  Which is good.  I don't mind talking to him and keeping the converstion above board, but I think anything other than that would be trouble.  However, despite that I still wouldn't mind seeing him in person.  He is 18 which is perfectly legal age for sexual consent, not that were going to go there. My point being in the eyes of the law he is old enough to make his own decisions.  I kind of feel like I am on NBC To Catch A Predator.  

Who knew that trying to find a guy could lead to so much drama.  My life is nothing but a drama.  So I guess maybe I should settle for having a good job.  I suppose everything else will fall in place soon enough.

We made it to another Friday.  So much work for me to do, not sure if I want to start tonight or put it off until tomorrow.  I am anxious to be lazy and relax.  The kids were all in a decent mood this morning.  Big  Boy was in need of some extra attention and if you pay extra attention to one, you have to do it to all of them because they get super jealous.  To the point where they are standing in line crying for you to touch them instead of their brother or sister.  Momma gets in on the action as well..  

I am battling ants in the kitchen.  Just when you think they are gone, they come back.  I've cleaned, sprayed ant spray and yet the little things just keep coming.  I kind of wish they made a bleach bomb, I'd throw that at them.  Then when your cleaning, it feels like they are on you and you itch even though nothing is or was there to start with.  The fly that is in the house is still alive, at least he was as of last night.  I haven't seen him this morning so maybe someone got him.  Anyway, it will be time to saddle up here for another day of work here on the ranch.  

I've got to call a guy this morning that needs some help.  Then this afternoon a department meeting about changes that take place on Monday.  Who knows what else the day will throw at me, but I am here and ready to get on with it, so that I can start the weekend.  Stay tuned for another edition of as the drama continues!  :)  Have a great weekend, talk with you peeps later.  

25 September 2014

Had to go there

I really didn't want to do this but kind of had to.  So I sent a messsage to the guy that is interested in me and that I went on a date with.  That I didn't think that Saturday would happen because I had some house cleaning issues to take care of.  His response was well if your too tired to drive I can come over to your place, meet your cats and then we can go some place.  Wow so its obvious that being suttle doesn't work.  What to do?

I got a message last night asking me how I was, which has been normal conversation since we started this chatting thing.  I told him that I was going to watch the premiers on ABC.  I got a response back that told me he wasn't too happy that I wasn't paying attention to him.  Uh I've got a life and a good portion of it involves technology.  I wanted to take a break and have a night off, which is usually reserved for Fridays.

 I was on the phone late with a friend and was told ... you have got to set the record straight.  You owe it to him and to yourself.  This is starting out small but will turn into something bigger if you don't fix it.  Besides that you have been talking for about 2 weeks now, if you can't be honest with him now, then how do you think you will feel in 6 months from now. Okay point taken.

I thought about what to say last night until I fell asleep, it was on my mind as soon as I woke up.  I didn't think about it much on the drive because my mind was on traffic.  You have to watch your 6 or someone will hit you.

I got to work and began composing what really sounded like a dear john letter to me.  What I said was I think of you as a friend and I am not romatically interested in you.  This is forigen teerritory for me and I am not wanting to hurt your feelings.  Saturday is not going to happen.  I apologized if I offended him and said that I think we have a good friendship going, lets stick with that.  I told him that I would understand if he didn't want to talk anymore and wanted to move on.  I expressed that I wasnt shoving him aside but in round about terms, I need my space.  I need freedom to see other people, I can't be smothered because I'm not a pork chop.  Just given how much I know about him this far, I suspect my note will not be well received.  He knows nothing about me other than the general area in which I live, that I have cats and that I work in a different state.  He's got an alias e-mail address of mine, which I can easily turn off if needed.  He doesnt know anything else.  I have the option to block him online but really prefer that it not come to that.  If he gets hateful or comes back with something that offends me, that is probably what I will wind up doing.  I have been walking on egg shells about this and I really think that I should have told him sooner.  I was kind of hoping things would calm down.  I understand he is afraid of being alone, wants someone to call his, etc.  I am in the same boat but I can't just pick the first guy that comes along.  I mean if he was everything I was looking for well then that might be a different story.  I can't help it that there is no spark there. 

My last relationship didn't blossom overnight it took time. We started out as friends and he made advances towards me.  Once I told him that I thought I was gay well that is kind of what set things in motion.  That was then, this is now!

I don't expect that scenario to repeat its self.  In fact I think I would be shocked if it did.  I am not exactly sure how my next relationship will start and/or when but I think if I am patient enough it will happen.

In other news I got someone on Tinder that likes me and is actually chatting with me.  Nothing serious but he is only in his 20's.  Super young and super attractive!  I'd really like to be his friend and see where things go.  I've matched up with a few guys but no one has bothered to answer my initial contact, which is why this caught me off guard.  

So today I was reading something and all of a sudden it was like all of the text was backwards.  It happened and I shook myself free of it.  Then I kept reading and it happened again.  I took off my glasses and everything was okay.  Been fine ever since, I sure hope it stays that way.  That was freaky, I mean I knew the words but they just looked strange.  Amazing how the brain works.  

I have been bothered so much at work.  My lunch being interuppted on a regular basis, this morning I wasnt even here and someone was calling for me.  A vendor made a visit, it was scheduled with the Corporate Office but no one bothered to tell me.  I think I need to know these things.  This is the 2nd time this week that this has happened.  A 3rd and I will voice concern to my boss.  It screws with my ability to provide service and that is held against me at review time.  So even if its not my fault it could mean the difference between a pay raise and no raise at all.  I take a lot more than I used to but once you push me past my breaking point then it's on.  I'm hopeful that things settle down and this will just be a week that I chalk up to 'one of those weeks'.  

Tomorrow is Friday.  I am pleased by that because it has been a long week.  I'm looking forward to the weekend and seeing how much I can acomplish and if I can have a sleeping contest with the cats.  

I had ants yesterday morning and evening.  Getting rid of them was not fun.  Then a fly got in the house.  Everyone has been on edge trying to catch it.  Even me and I've got the fly swatter, the best chance of everyone and I have missed so many times.  At least it's a play toy for the cats.  I was setting the alarm the other night and turned it on instant and left the motion detectors turned on, instant alarm.  Everyone was on edge, I told the children it was a test.  They were all plotting on what to do.  The worst part is I woke Big Boy up and he was sound asleep on his back.  He doesn't roll over so much any more but he used to all the time when he was younger and thinner.  I know he's really comfy when I see him like that.  It makes me happy.

Well I have to get back to it.  Then sit through an hour long meeting this afternoon, hope I don't fall asleep again.  Then there will be an hour left and well after that it's off to home to figure out what it is that I will call dinner tonight.  Talk with you peeps later.  Be well.