18 December 2014


I got approval on my loan yesterday and should have the money by early next week.  The postcard I guess is just a fail safe method but it no longer applies to me since they confirmed my identity through documents and a phone call.  Kind of nice that someone is taking a chance on me.  Essentially I just re-committed to a car payment for 3 more years.  I say that because the payment is around what my car payment was.  I can pay them off early which is in my plans. The best part is that I crunched the numbers and if I part with $700 I can get to the magic # in my late partners Bankruptcy where his attorney can file and petition the court for a hardship discharge.  Provided I get it the money will be well spent because then no one will have any claim to the house – the bankruptcy will be discharged and the creditors will essentially be screwed.  Just a nice way of saying Merry Christmas.  So I am going to part with the money and if I ever get my escrow money back then I can use that to repay that part of the loan.  So it’s all worked out in my mind, let’s hope that it jives with paper and that the court gives me what I need, which will be a huge relief.  That would also ensure that I get his tax refund and NOT the bankruptcy court, which is even better.  So it looks like the sun is really starting to shine in a very big way.  I am so very happy!

I went Christmas shopping via Amazon.  I got the WI that I wanted as well as the WIFI Camera and I picked up an extra to give as a gift.  They were only $50, which I think is cheap.  I hope I am not disappointed by the performance.  I had to buy some extra games so I would have something to play.  I got a Roku Stick so I can take the Roku unit in the living room and move it to the bedroom.  The Roku I have in my bedroom is the first one they came out with and they are no longer updating the software.  I can move it to the basement if I need to.  I am hanging on to it but it sure has lived a great life and it was a Christmas gift one year many moons ago from my love, so there is sentimental value to it 

It’s amazing that you can buy all of the things you want but there isn’t anything that you can buy that will give you everlasting happiness.  So what I am saying is while I am able to get the things that I have wanted for a long time, I still have a void in my life.  I am happy that things are getting better.  Now if I could get get a man without any problems, side effects or drama and things would just work – sort of like plug and play.  Then life would be a little happier.  Loneliness is a HUGE problem at the holidays.  Plus I am ready to start making new traditions and being with someone I care about instead of ‘friends’.  I mean I am thankful they are there but I really need a family of my own. 

I learned of Sony’s decision not to release The Interview (not sure if that is the right name) but it’s the movie about capturing the crazy man in North Korea.  They bowed to the terrorist and threats – I realize that safety is paramount but still they should release it even if its just to stream in ones home.  I was very interested in it and thought that from the preview it was a highly funny movie.   Ah well I guess we will never know. 

Traffic on the way home yesterday was horrible.  I had to take an alternate route and got home around my normal time but almost hit someone in the process.  I needed to change lanes and they were far enough back that they let me over but they chose to honk after I got in front of them.  I just took a chance and thankfully it paid off.  I don’t need more trouble.

Speaking of trouble, I spoke with the attorney who is working to look up what the law says in my state about Escrow refunds  Turns out its dictated by the mortgage and since I don’t have a copy of it, I have no idea what it says.  I put a call into the lending officer who helped me, he needed the mortgage before he could issue the loan for me.  I asked him to have someone look through it to tell me what it says.  I am still going to move forward with sending a certified letter.  I also have plans to call them tomorrow to see what they have to say.  Basically the advice I was given is don’t give up, get noisy and they will sooner give you your money than deal with the BS that your going to create by complaining.  On average the time frames are usually 30 to 60 days before a refund is issued.  I think filing suit will speed up the process but I really don’t want to waste the money.

Today I worked on a personal laptop for one of the staff members daughters.  She has a cute boyfriend and there were lots of shirtless pics – my mouth started to water.  The thing had a virus on it so it would turn on a proxy and you couldn’t get out to the internet.  Turn the proxy off and within seconds it was back on.  They didn’t want you going anywhere.  Thankfully I used a restore point and got her out of the trouble.  They were going to take it to the Death Geek Squad.  I turned her away but something kept nagging at me, so I told her bring it in but tell no one.  When I told her it was fixed well those lips just started a flappin.  Telephone – Telegraph and Tell A Woman, those are the 3 forms of communication.  I had turned someone else that sits by this person away as well and I didn’t want them to think I was discriminating.  There are lots of people that have asked me to do work on the side and I decline.  It would be a great money maker but there is a liability there that I just don’t want to mess with.  However, since I am more often than not able to help people out of a jam maybe I should reconsider.  My employer could careless as long as I am not engaging in those activities on company time.  Which today I looked this machine over my lunch hour and it was a huge struggle to get it finished before the hour was up.  I made it, but couldn’t take it back to her until later in the afternoon.

Television last night was kind of a bust.  I saw one new episode of The Middle and everything else was reruns, so I turned it off.  I got my fitness device configured and am using it.  The one thing they don’t allow for is giving you time to recharge the silly thing.  I mean at some point the battery will die and you will be forced to recharge it.  The device wouldn’t even turn on until it saw the software was loaded on my phone.  I got to check my heart rate which was kind of cool.  They have all sorts of attachments and tried to sell me a scale and blood pressure cuff of which I didn’t bite for.  The gadgets are great but none of them will actually cause me to loose weight which is what I need to do.  There is only one way to achieve that is with diet and exercise both of which are not in my immediate future.  I am amazed at the number of steps that I take in a day and the walking that I do at work.  I have already unlocked a 4,000 step badge which is great.  You have the option to share that on Facebook but honestly what person wants to know how many steps someone took in a day.  I had a friend who started posting crap like that and I stopped following him.  Totally not interested could care less.  So I figure that is the way most people feel and I am not going to bother to share my stats on any kind of a regular basis and right now have no plans to share any of the data on FB. 

If you get this in time and are in need of a Bluetooth headset, Amazon has some really good deals today.  I got a $130.00 headset for $25.00 – a deal that I just couldn’t pass up.  It’s a toy for work but you would be amazed at how much better it feels not to have a cord attached to your head.  I just hope it sounds as good as they purport it to.  Plus I can pair it with my iPhone and watch videos at lunch instead of having to put on a seperate headset for that. 

Tonight’s delivery is Mucinex, simple easy one package.  Tomorrow there will be packages scattered all over my porch – the order that I placed yesterday I paid for 1 day shipping so everything gets in this week and I don’t have to wait and wonder if it will make it in time for Christmas.  It would be a smart idea to stay home tomorrow so I am sure nothing walks away.  However, I will be here at work.  The neighborhood overall is safe and I haven’t had any issues yet, let’s hope I just didn’t jinx myself.  I am looking forward to Saturday for many reason but the one reason that has me anxious is I will get my Harry’s shipment.  It’s a shaving club, I just asked for a one time shipment and am looking forward to trying them out.  Their blades are supposed to be superior to what is on the market today and cost a ton less.  Shaving is expensive and aggravating as well.  Hopefully this will make the experience a little more pleasant and if their blades are all they say they are then I will be happy to switch.

Slept on the new pillows last night.  They aren’t as firm as I wanted but they were average.  Tonight will help form my opinion better.  I did notice that I was in a deeper sleep and felt rested this morning, which is kind of an unusual feeling.  I suppose if I had a better matress and a sleep study done I would feel even better.  Everything in due time.  I really don’t know how my late guy used to put on the headgear at night for his CPAP machine.  He swore by it once he tried it.  I still have the machine but its programmed for him and he used the last new mask.  I could clean it out.  The bigger issue is germs and sinus infections which you can easily obtain from one of those machines if it’s not properly cared for. 

The children are all doing okay.  LB’s sty seems to have healed on it’s own, which I am thankful for.  He is older or so he look and he moves slow but the other day he saw a bird and I never saw him move so fast in my life.  It was pure entertainment and of course I didn’t have time to capture it.  Bear (Big Boy) is managing.  He seems to want more attention and more food.  He is my constant worry, I did much better with losing Blu than I thought I would but Bear he’s been around longer so I suspect when he goes it will hurt much more, plus he had that special bond with my guy.  It’s just depressing to think about. 

Well time to motor home, lets hope it’s a smooth commute!

17 December 2014

Comedy Wednesday

Last night I spent a good part of the evening looking for a battery charger for the cordless drill that my late partner bought.  It wasn’t until a little after 9pm when I finally found it.  Holy crap I tore through all sorts of things and now it looks like a small tornado has gone through part of the house.  Looks like I have a cleaning project to work on.  Anyway got the battery all charged up and this weekend I will be putting in the garage door rollers.  I thought about doing it tonight but it requires a little bit too much effort for it to be a work weeknight project.  Perhaps on Friday evening if I am feeling really anxious, otherwise it will be a Saturday thing. 

The pee pads arrived last night along with my mattress pad.  I laid out two of the pads on the carpet and he used them.  Problem is he got 1/2 off of one so he hit the carpet.  Perhaps I will get him trained yet.  I just hope that eventually he goes back to using the litter box and we can eliminate this problem once and for all.  Perhaps my hopes are a little too high but I have to at least have hope. 

I also spent part of my evening submitting documentation for my consolidation loan.  We are all set from what I see on-line.  I am just waiting for a postcard to come in the mail with some super secret code that I have to authenticate with to verify my address and then I should have my money.  Hopefully the postcard will arrive soon – I will bet it makes it before the refund from the overage on the old Escrow Account.  :)  

The evenings thus far have been super busy for me, going 100mph trying to accomplish something or looking for someone or something.  A friend of mine is trying to find a friend of hers so she asked me for help.  I was able to locate a phone number but I just used Google.  She called and left a message but no return call.  Last night I decided to dig deeper to see if maybe her friend had passed away but I couldn’t find any record of that on-line.  It’s just odd for her friend to just drop off the face of the earth.  She is an older lady so we suspect that maybe her health took a turn for the worse – who knows maybe she is in a hospital.  There are limits to how far I will go and I think I have done all I can.  I am no detective but I will say the thrill of the hunt is entertaining. 

So I look forward to this evening, as always and hope that new episodes of my favorite shows are on tonight.  I will be eating Lasagna and hopefully just taking a nice mid week break from the stress of the week.  I will be getting my new pillows tonight and look forward to them as well as my fitness tracker  So I will be playing with a gadget, I just hope that I don’t loose interest in it otherwise it is money wasted. 

I am eyeing my next toy purchase which will be a 2 way remote control wifi camera.  So I can see what is going on inside the house and talk with the cats  That should freak them out.  There are so many options and models available.  They aren’t super expensive but it kind of depends upon what you want.  I like the idea of a cloud service being able to store the video and being able to talk with the children.  However, I haven’t yet found a model that incorporates both features.  Plus when you say cloud think of a subscription, I don’t want to subscribe to anything or have any extra fees.  I just want simple setup and go.  I found a model that offers a free cloud service, which is great but no talk feature.  Long term I would like to get cameras for both inside and outside the house.  However, that will require wiring and well that is not my area of expertise.  I am sure I would do fine on the inside but on the outside, well that is another story entirely. 

My co-worker from the other office that is moving here will start the last week of the month.  So I have some setup work to do.  It will be strange having him here.  I am used to being alone.  Plus he tells me that he wants to learn parts of my job.  I can’t help but be a little paranoid, however I honestly think I am fine.  I just think my concerns are based on human nature and are knee jerk reactions.  He does a different job than I do, but our jobs are related to each other.  If this is a land mine that is going to blow up, there isn’t much I can do about it.  No one has told me that I am doing a crappy job, it’s quite to the contrary.  Overall I am happy here and plan on staying for a while.  I still do keep my eye out and there have been some attractive postings but I really don’t want to change jobs again.  The looking, applying and interviewing is enough to make me sick.  I am sure that I won’t retire from here but then again the way things are going the odds are favorable. 

So this time next week we will all be very happy because we will be on the eve of the holiday.  That is such a special time of year and I really wish that I had a human companion to spend it with.  Something about snuggling up and just sharing the moment with each other is attractive to me.  You never fully realize what you have until it’s gone or taken away from you.  I have many things I would say or do differently.  I don’t feel like I appreciated him fully.  His presence is very much missed and this time of year the pain is a little more fresh and worse than the rest of the year.  When I find someone I think it will be helpful or so I hope,  in that I would be focused on them in the now instead of what I had in the past. 

I started this post when I got here and then work happened and now its lunch time.  The days really do fly by here.  I am anxious for some R&R time but no matter how much you give me, I will always want more.  There are several other things that applies to, but I will let you use your imagination as to what I am speaking of.  For the record cats are not one of those items. 

The afternoon is a down hill slide.  Then there is the slithering home on the highway.  Traffic seems to be worse at night.  I would think that as we get closer to the holiday that more and more people would be going on vacation.  When I think of a holiday I am reminded about a lady who worked for my previous employer and she pased away on a holiday.  I remember the payroll people laughing and saying that since she didn’t work the day after there was no holiday pay for her.  Wow, they were so cold and heartless.  Much like the former mortgage company I am battling, there is a special place in hell for those people. 

I got an alert that my packages were delivered so I of course am anxious to get home.  One more package tomorrow and the final one arrives on Saturday.  Then were done for this round.  I made a wish list last night so when the next round comes I will know what to buy.  That is kind of dangerous but I have not spoiled myself and have been scrimping for a long time.  It is scary to spend the money but it also feels good.  Like yes I am getting something that I deserve.  Perhaps my sense of entitlement is set way too high.  However, just when I think I have everything I want something new comes along.  Funny how that works. 

Well on to eat my Chicken Salad Sandwich, watch my You Tube Videos and relax for an hour of which I hope I am not interrupted.  Then it will be back to the grindstone.  I hope your having a great hump day and that the weather is nice in your part of the world.  It’s cold here and there is snow on the way tonight.  I am not worried about it, just another day in the life.  The world doesn’t stop spinning.  Talk with you peeps later.

Virtual Kidnapping – Scam

Last night I was watching The Doctors and learned of a new scam.  You get a call from someone who claims to have kidnapped a relative of yours.  They put a person on the phone that is the gender of the relative they supposedly kidnapped and then they demand money from you.  In reality your relative is safe and sound and no kidnapping has actually taken place.  Apparently people have fallen for this and paid the ransom.  It strikes me that I would try to find the whereabouts of my relative before I even considered paying ransom.  Law Enforcement is investigating this but I thought of my readers when I heard of the scam and wanted to alert you to it.  

16 December 2014


So I was thinking about it and did some looking last night.  It makes total sense to get a consolidation loan, I will get a lower interest rate and payments are fixed over 3 years, however there is no penalty for paying the thing off early which is in my plans.  I applied last night and am waiting for the loan to fund, hopefully in a few days I will have the money and can pay off my credit cards.  I took out a little extra just in case something else crops up.  That extra money can sit in the bank and earn interest.

I also wrote the old mortgage company and demanded my escrow refund.  I filed a complaint with a regulatory agency in the hopes that would help pressure them into refunding my money.  The next step is to send them a certified letter that says if I don’t get my money by x date that I will file suit.  I will most likely prepare and mail the letter over the weekend and give them a hard and fast deadline.  That way if I don’t get my money I can file suit on one of my days off, instead of having to take time from work.  Honestly I would rather not have to sue them – just give me my money and I promise you will never, ever hear from me again.  I’m looking for a clean break.  They claim to have mailed me a small check almost a month ago but that check has never surfaced.  I sense it’s not coming OR they mailed the money to my late partners Bankruptcy Attorney.  However, if that were the case he would have reached out to me because legally he can’t cash the check.  Let’s hope for positive results, fingers crossed. 

I stopped by the pet store last night and picked up some spray by Bissell that said it was no scrub – just spray, let it sit and blot up.  Then when it’s all dry vacuum up and viola stain and odor gone.  If only it was that simple.  The odor seems to be gone but the stain, well that is still there.  It’s funny in that it almost looks like a kitten is monogrammed into the carpet.  I saw a guy that I have a crush on (who is a little young for me) but the guy who I met via Grindr well he wasn’t there.  No biggie.  I did some research and turns out it is recommended to clean up urine from carpets with COLD water.  Hot water or STEAM actually can set the odor in the carpet.  Who knew? 

Last night I was all set to break out the carpet cleaner but I was way too tired.  It was raining here and I had major traffic to deal with.  I was really wiped out and just couldn’t wait to get to bed.  I was asleep for an hour when my sleeping buddy (Marvin) woke me up because he wanted out of the room.  I didn’t know it but he just went to the bathroom on the floor.  I got up to let him out and you guessed it, I stepped in it.  I cleaned up my foot and by then he was ready to go back to bed.  I left the mess to deal with in the morning, that is just how tired I was.  I woke up early this morning before the alarm which is typical.  I am so tired.

The good news is I ordered new Gel Pillows and a Mattress Pad for myself.  I am sure that I will sleep better once both of these items come in this week.  UPS is scheduled to be at my house every day this week from today until Thursday.  So I will have something to look forward to each night when I get home, besides the furry beasts waiting for their grub 

When I finally was able to sit down to relax, I looked at TIVO and saw that I recorded a show on LOGO called STUDlebrity.  It’s about young guys who are gay, good looking and have chosen to use YouTube to broadcast their lives.  There is monetization with YouTube and some guys are making enough money to not have to be employed.  That is kind of cool.  Mark & Ethan were in there so I had to tune in to see what they had to say.  The term STUDlebrity comes from your good looking (stud) your almost famous (have a lot of followers – YouTube).  Interesting term.  I have wanted to have some form of a broadcast interaction with the world at large and YouTube is a great platform.  The problem is I really don’t want to put my face out there for the world to see.  I am not looking for fame, even though it does sound slightly appealing.  I want to talk about different topics, not necessarily broadcast my entire life.  I wouldn’t mind sharing my story but I don’t want to lament on what has happened.  Writing my book has helped get some of that out there.  I have thought of things that I should have published ever since.  I eventually suspect that I will modify the book to correct the mistakes that are there and perhaps add content and publish it as a different volume.  I am not in a hurry to do that.  As I mention in my book, me and my late partner came together over a shared interest in Amateur Radio  I used to see him with his equipment and talking with friends.  I watch Podcast and a Live Radio Show over the weekend and then watch YouTube videos – it’s no wonder why I want to get out there.  Making money from it well that is just an added plus, but I am not looking for the money.  My goal is to just talk and try to help people who are going through similar situations as mine.  Be it a consumer issue, a sexuality issue, or a life issue in general.  I just thought not putting my face out there is one thing, but if certain people hear my voice they will no doubt know who I am.  The biggest thing that is holding me back is the fear of rejection or being mocked.  YouTube people talk about negative comments all the time and well I don’t have time for that in my life.  Positivity yeah we can talk all day long.  Negativity I’ve spent my life embroiled in it and I am sick to death of it, so it’s time for a channel change!  Got an idea on how I can accomplish my goal?  Leave me a note in the comments.  I respect privacy and if you don’t want something published, say so and I promise I will be the only one who sees is (unless of course Google is spying on me). 

This afternoon I have to go through Diversity Training.  Really?  I mean with my make up I think I am well trained already.  However, I will do it because it occupies an hour of my time and work is paying for it.  So why not?  It also is an excuse to take a nap, which is more than likely what will happen.  Meetings that are boring just lull me to sleep and there isn’t anything I can do about it.  My body just has no tolerance for boring.  Sooner or later that will cause problems for me  A friend of mine tells me stand up, tell them you have a leg cramp and just walk around a little to wake yourself up.  Yeah, that is one method.  The other method is just tape my eyes open. 

I was talking with a co-worker who is unhappy, I really hate hearing her stories.  Her problem seems to be centered around 1 person in her department.  She is letting this person run her off.  She is looking for a new job and I am sure that she will find something eventually.  She was in government before coming here so I am sure that it will just be a matter of time before the right wheel is greased and presto she is out of here.  I wish her all of the happiness in the world.  She is talking about making more money.  I told her that money is nice but its much better to be able to relax at work and just be yourself.  Lord knows I feel 10,000 times better since I have been able to relax and don’t have to constantly worry about an ogre yelling at me or firing me.  It was to the point I was just paranoid all the time.  Plus to my knowledge I don’t have fake people here that pretend to be my friend to my face but talk crap about me behind my back or twist my words  Peace of mind is one of those priceless things in life that you can’t put a price on.  Hearing my co-worker I can only imagine how I sounded.  I know people don’t want to hear that crap but everyone needs someone to vent to.  I don’t mind listening and who knows maybe I can give you a tip or two. 

Well that’s all I know for now.  Thinking about supper and I have no idea what I am going to eat.  I know that I won’t go hungry.  I just hope that I enjoy whatever it is I have and that the commute tonight is much smoother than last night  We have true winter weather in the forecast for later this week, just in time for the weekend!  Wee.  It won’t stop me, might slow me down a little but stop me – nah.

Have a great Tuesday and I will talk with you peeps later. 

15 December 2014

Ye Old Update

I am done with on-call, thank the Lord above.  It honestly wasn’t terrible and I got the bulk of my calls last night from 1 person who just couldn’t manage to save documents to the system properly.  I finally was able to get to bed at 11:30p so I feel pretty much okay today, slightly tired but with the rain outside I think that helps factor into to how I feel.  Getting done with on-call makes me feel like I have my life back and I can do what I what when I want without any worries and I don’t have to be a slave to my phone.

Tonight I will be headed to the pet food store, need to pick up some chemicals for the rug.  I cleaned it over the weekend and that is an invitation to Bear to pee again.  So my hope is that if I can get it clean or at least get the bulk of the smell gone that might help.  I also broke down and ordered him pee pads – I just can’t keep this rhythm going.  It’s like insanity.  He saw me clean the litter box so he knew it was empty and I put fresh litter in but he just refused to use it.  I think he is just being lazy.  He comes over to me when I am on the couch and wants attention.  He loves it when I brush him.  He of course is eating and I still have to rotate his plate and last night we played before he decided to pee.  So that is why I think he is being lazy and that this isn’t a cry for help.  Perhaps I am wrong and if so I will feel horrible but there doesn’t appear to be a blockage because he goes like a gallon at a time, at least that is the way it appears to be.  I am not quite sure how to break him of this awful habit.  The carpet will be staying around for a while, so I have to think of something.  I guess it’s time for a Google or two.

I took some self photos of me to update my profile picture on the various dating websites.  I posted them and got some responses.  I found a younger guy who I gave some advice to on his profile.  He wanted to meet up, but I didn’t encourage that.  I just spoke friendly to him and he disappeared like vapor.  So I was thinking about it and last night I did it.  I dropped out of every site I was on.  Now I am not sure what purpose there is to life.  There is no question I was addicted to checking my phone to see if I had messages or if there was a cute guy that had joined up.  I am in withdrawals, but I am going to try to make it.  I will probably wind up going back but taking a break sounded like a healthy thing to do.  The quality of the guys is sub-part and most are looking to get their rocks off.  Now I want to get mine off as well but I know how to take care of myself.  I am after all addicted to gay porn.  So with that said, what I want more than anything is a companion and if things blossomed beyond that well great.  If not then I can always fall back on old faithful (i.e. porn).  I know there is a guy waiting out there for me but the problem is finding him and then knowing that he is the one.  Not sure how or when it’s going to happen but my eyes and mind are still open. 

Speaking of pet food, I went over this weekend and the guy was no were in sight.  I may see him tonight and if things are right I will ask him.  I kind of think that he was just being nice and telling me that he was interested because he didn’t want to hurt my feelings especially with what I have been through.  If that is truly the case then I wish he would be up front and say something, instead of stringing me a long and giving me false hope.  I mean it’s going to hurt either way but there is a way to make it hurt less by being honest. 

I was surprised this morning when I got up to have a message from an old family friend that I came out to when things were at their lowest point earlier this year.  I figured he wouldn’t talk with me anymore, but he did.  He just asked how things were going.  I wrote him back before starting on this post.  That felt pretty good.

Yesterday I felt the need to do some cleanup on my friends on FaceBook.  I got rid of a few people.  One lady in particular I used to work with I told her I was gay and ever since then it’s kind of been hands off.  We did get together for a bite to eat.  Then she asked me to help with some computer stuff but never made the time for me to come over.  She promised me the world but just never delivered.  I sent her my late partners left over hearing aid batteries by mail and never even so much as got a thank you or any acknowledgement that she received them.  I’ve been wanting to unfriend her for a while but just haven’t been able to do it.  Last night I was sitting looking at her profile and was nervous but I did it.  That helped me continue on with the process.  Now it’s never a good day to lose a friend but if this really bothers her, then she should be reaching out via e-mail or phone saying hey what happened, I noticed were not FB friends anymore.  I don’t have a lot of friends.  I have had my fair share of people who masquerade as friends but in time I figure out they are phony and drop them like a hot potato.  I could use more true friends and less phonies who just want to take me for a ride and use me for what they can get out of me.  If you are a friend then I am happy to help when and where I can – I am very guilty of putting others before myself.  I realize that I have to come first so I am working on making an adjustment to that. 

I have managed to pay off my car, the payment is scheduled but it’s not official until later this week.  I should have the title by the end of the year, which will be nice!  Now I own 2 automobiles and when the timing is right I will be trading them in for something new  I have done Christmas shopping for myself and got a fitness tracker.  It doesn’t look like it will be here until Wednesday.  The thing I like about it is that you decide how you want to wear it as a clip on or as a watch, plus you can take it off and press a button it will give you a pulse ox reading which I think is uber cool.  It’s called Withings Pulse O2 Activity, Sleep, and Heart Rate + SPO2 Tracker for iOS and Android.  It was $100 which I think is a fair price to pay.  Plus I got the rollers for the garage door as well as some OTC medicine that I take along with pee pads and dropped a fair amount of money. 

My next big goal is to try to get out of debt.  I have thought about taking a consolidation loan out and am already pre-approved, but there is a huge fee for taking out the loan and the interest rate is slightly less than what I am paying on my credit cards.  The good news is that the payments would be fixed to a specific time period and there is no fee for paying it off early.  I honestly think I could make a go of it but I am trying to avoid it because it’s more credit.  I don’t want to take it out and then have a need where I have to run my credit cards back up again.  Things are starting to look up and I think if I can just hang on a little longer that the money situation will clear up.  If I could get rid of this bankruptcy that would also help out a lot.  Next year should be my year. 

So goals for 2015 .. Get rid of his bankruptcy.  Get out of debt and build savings.  I don’t make resolutions because they always get broken.  I think those goals are attainable but they won’t come without some serious work and sacrifice on my part.  I am already starting to pay cash for things, which is a step in the right direction.  They say that if you file Bankruptcy one time, you are destine to file it again because you won’t fix your mistake.  Yeah my mistake before was that I used credit for everything and lived way beyond my means.  I have curbed that and understand the pitfalls now.  The best and only way to use credit cards is to pay them off in full each month.  Something I had been able to do until I started this new job and ran up a nice tab, had to get a desktop and then treated myself to a laptop – so it was a trap and I feel into it.  However, I am not so far in that it is impossible to find a way out.

It was a slightly relaxing weekend.  I have Chicken Salad Sandwiches all week long and Fritos Twisted Honey BBQ Corn Chips to munch on.  I am pretty happy about that.  I tried some Vegan, Kosher Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Gelato and well I’d really prefer the regular stuff.  It’s okay but it tastes like it’s missing something.  I am not a health food person and certainly not a vegan, I love to eat meat (yes that has a double meaning :) ).  Tonight supper will be left over Tombstone Pizza.  Then I get the fun of cleaning the rug and taking the trash out, prepping for Tuesday and coming back to work to do it all over again.  Hard to believe that once we make it through this week that Christmas is next week and I only have to work 3 days, well 2 1/2 I suppose if they let us go early. 

I hope that you had a great weekend and that the week ahead is pleasant and uneventful.  I will talk with you peeps later.  Take care!

12 December 2014


Were getting even closer to Monday!  Last night I stayed late for coverage, we didn’t get any calls of course.  Then fought traffic to make it home with 5 minutes to spare.  I got 2 calls but they were later in the evening, while I was relaxing.  I was able to sleep until 2am when someone sent me an e-mail that woke me up.  Thankfully I was able to go back to bed and here we are with life as I know it.

Today has been crazy printer and dictation issues have consumed my day thus far.  I hope that what is left of the day is smooth sailing because I would like a break.  I have told myself that I am getting McDonald’s tonight.  It’s something I have been craving and I haven’t had in a very long time.  So looking forward to a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese and some fries with lots of Ketchup.  The children will no doubt beg but it’s all mine!

We are taking up a collection at work for our cleaning lady who witnessed one of her relatives get murdered in broad day light.  Having lost many people in my life I can tell you that the gesture will no doubt be appreciated and will quite probably send her over the edge with being so thankful.  In exchange for giving you can wear jeans.  I never participate in these events but I did today.  However, I am not wearing jeans but I do have pants on!  :)

I’ve been thinking about the on-line dating thing and have been giving serious consideration to taking a break from it for a while.  I haven’t gotten the desired results and with the holidays coming it’s kind of depressing.  I haven’t committed to the idea just yet, still tossing it around.  I did update my profile photo in the hopes that it will garner some guys attention.  I kind of feel like a slave to it in that I am compelled to constantly check to see if there is someone interested in me.  I feel the same way about FaceBook but I haven’t given it up.  I suppose we all have become addicted to staying in the know.  With the advent of cell phones and instant almost anything it’s no wonder why.

I pray for a quiet weekend and that I am allowed to get Cat Food, Groceries, The Mail and maybe even a bite or two to eat.  Without having to worry about being on-call.  The week is bad but the weekend is way worse in my book.  Soon it will all be over and life will go back to normal.

I posted my question about the escrow account and the former lender on an on-line forum.  I asked for what the law said.  The response I got back from an attorney said there is no time limit, it varies by lender.  If you want to force their hand, file suit.  Yeah that is great but if there is a law that is on their side then I would look like a fool and would be doomed to losing.  So I responded your telling me there is no law on this, right?  I am interested in the response I get.  Someone is lazy and just doesn’t want to look it up.  Little do they know I already have someone doing exactly that.  I am trying to put some speed into getting my results.  The quicker I know the answer the quicker I can go after these people  I want to get my money as fast as I can.  The $50 check they said they sent last month still has yet to show up.  I can only imagine that I will have to play games to get my money.  They just want to fuck with me one last time, because they can.  I am not above suing them, but really hope that I don’t have to go that far.  That will be added expenses and time.  Just fork over what is mine and I can promise you that I won’t give you any trouble.  Hold on to it and were going to do battle until someone gives up and that won’t be me, I am persistent, especially where money is involved.  Like a dog with a bone!  We all know I took on a Large Union and I am not afraid of a little mortgage company that thinks they are hot stuff.  I was researching them yesterday on-line and there are complaints in the thousands against them.  They were even sued by a Federal Judge and his wife.  Clearly they need to be put out of business but not until they fork over my money.  It’s like my loan officer said there is a special place for them in hell.  I believe that. 

Well back to work.  I hope you all have a great weekend and I will talk with you peeps later. 

11 December 2014

Telephone Day

Yesterday I was able to leave early and arrived home to find the repairman waiting in my driveway.  Nice!  The not so nice part was standing in the cold while he fixed the door.  He did it with the door open and said it was easier that way.  We talked the entire time he was working and I learned a little bit.  I also found out that I am due for rollers on the garage door.  He told me how to replace them so I may give it a go, I found some decent replacements on Amazon last night.  He said to stay away from big box hardware stores because they usually carry Chinese products and they are inferior.  He also upgraded the spring to one size larger and said that it would last longer.  With springs you don’t go by years, but rather by usage.  So the more you use the door the closer you come to breaking a spring.  Too bad there isn’t a lifetime spring that one could purchase.  Then the best part he asked me my age and I told him he said sounds like a Senior Citizen to me and I got $8 off.  Okay so I am no Senior Citizen but it did save me money.

I went inside, warmed up with some Chicken Soup and a Sandwich.  Man that was much needed!  Took care of feeding the children and got 1 call at a decent hour.  I woke up throughout the night but nothing but silence and that is the way I would like to spend the rest of the week – no calls and total & complete silence.  Not sure if I will get my wish but there is no charge for wishing. 

Last night I spoke with the Loan Officer and he gave me a contact at the Title Company and they are working to resolve this.  I reached out to them as well and was told that they will be in touch in the next few days.  They are trying to get the original document back before it hits the recorders office.  You would think that would have been done by now but nope.  So I will have to sign another Quit Claim Deed but I will be damn sure to scour every inch of the document before I put ye old john hancock on it. 

Today has been a crazy day.  I started the car and backed out of the driveway and the car started idling funny like it was going to die on me.  I said okay car don’t start.  That was it, smooth sailing into work.  I am really good to my car so hopefully that was just a fluke.  Although I am starting to think that being on call is always going to cost me money because something always seems to go wrong.  Hopefully this is just two times of coincidence and this doesn’t become a frequent pattern.

I was able to enjoy Comedy Wednesday and only had the 1 interruption.  Today is phone day meaning that I spend the bulk of my day on the phone waiting for people to call in with problems.  I have been running around here chasing my tail, plus trying to keep up with the phones.  It is making for a very busy day and I suspect its going to pass right on by quickly, which is fine by me.  I am staying late tonight and reminded all of the children last night and again this morning.  I don’t know if they understood me but I know their stomachs will come normal feeding time which will be off by a 1/2 hour to 45 minutes provided that traffic is moving at a reasonable pace.  It’s already time to go back, see what I mean about time flying by.  Talk with you peeps later.