28 May 2016


As you may be able to tell by the title of this post, I’m going to jabber about several different things.  This post is the result of being time poor and now I am making up for lost time.  Hang on … here we go.

Earlier this week I saw an awesome movie and fell in love with Cole Doman.  The movie was Henry Gambles Birthday Party. I paid around $4 to rent it on Amazon and I was very pleased with my purchase.  I had my eye on this movie for a while.  I’m a sucker for a blond haired guy.  Cole reminds me of a former boss that I had and he is as I imagined my former boss when he was younger.  If you have the chance to see this and your looking for a good gay themed movie, then this is it. 

Keeping with the movie theme, if your looking for some laughter and want to go to the movies, then I would recommend seeing Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising.  I went to see it because of Zac Efron.  Dave Franco is in it and plays a gay role.  He’s hot as well but in the end of the movie Franco’s character nails it when Efron’s character asks why do so many gay guys hit on me?  The response …. because your so hot, they want to fuck the shit out of you.  Yeah, that is the truth!

Today was a decently productive good day.  It started with waking up and eating breakfast at a new place I had found.  It was okay, but nothing to write home about.  Then off to see the eye doctor to look at the frames they ordered.  I was stunned that there were only 2 samples to pick from.  Both were from Guess (no that’s the brand Guess, it’s not a question).  They didn’t resemble the photo I dropped off of Kennedy’s glasses from Corbin Fisher.  I’ve hounded the studio to death trying to get them to reach him and tell me the information on his glasses.  Apparently he hasn’t been receptive to their emails.  I think there are other issues at play as to why he is not responding, but I really wish he would just tell them.  The eye doc is going to order some additional samples and call me when they come in.  I am going to do some searching on my own and if I find anything I will forward it to them to order in so I can see it before I commit.  After the eye doc, I hit up the local pharmacy and got some medicine filled for momma.  Then it was to the post office to pick up my mail and more pee pads for Bear.  Then home to drop everything off quickly and out the door to the movie theater.  After the movie it was back to the pharmacy and then finally home sweet home. 

Ivy has taken over here by storm.  It’s trying to choke everything out and it was growing on the house in the back.  I fixed that today and cut it down.  It was one solid leaf so I know it’s not poison ivy but my chest has been itching ever since.  I never touched it I used a tool to pull it down and cut it off.  Then I cut down a branch from a tree in front that has been driving us all crazy for a year.  We have had a lot of storms and it managed to tear a window screen.  Not happy about that but at least I can see out the front window now.  The outside of my place looks like a jungle.  The house needs to be pressure washed, the deck needs to be cleaned and the bushes and trees need to be trimmed.  In short it looks like I don’t care and I just live here.  Yep, that’s it.  I will have the trees and bushes taken care of but it’s not at the top of my list.  I am trying to dig out of debt or at least come closer to that point.

I took a nap and woke up to feed the children some lunch.  Then my mother called.  Holy shit I knew I was having far too good of a day for something not to go wrong.  She was crying like someone just did something horrible.  I said what’s wrong she said I am going to have to live here for a whole year.  I said well it’s better than being in the middle of the street.  At least you have a roof over your heard, don’t have a mortgage and just have to figure out how to get to the dining hall.  My life is far more complicated.  So that help put things into perspective for her and calm her down.  Then she gave me more details on the program she is trying to get into that is supposed to allegedly give her an apartment.  I know she has applied and they are processing her application but I don’t think she has much of a chance of getting out of the nursing home.  She asked to be placed there, which is how she was able to move in.  Now that she is there she is no longer my brothers problem and while he visits on a regular basis he’s pretty well able to do what he wants.  Since he was working she had no one to talk to so she called me.  Then she started apologizing because I didn’t want to deal with it.  I told her there is nothing for me to deal with, this is your problem. I am just trying to help you see the bigger picture.  We made small talk, she asked about the children and my job.  Then she popped in her question about wanting to spend a weekend over here.  She tried to get me to commit to a timeline but I wouldn’t do that.  I never will because it’s not going to happen.  She isn’t mentally stable and I doubt that she will ever be that way again.  I may take her out to eat but that is about it.  So our conversation was drawing to a close and she started crying again.  I asked what is wrong now?  She said your going to say goodbye.  It’s only a phone call and people usually say some version of bye to indicate the conclusion of a call or conversation.  It’s not like I am moving to Arizona and you’ll never see or hear from me again.  It’s just a bloody phone call.  I worked to calm her down again if only for a brief moment.  So I said okay I will see you later, figured that would be better than bye.  She started crying again and said bye.  That was it I hope she hung up because I did.  Whack A Doodle.

After trying to gather my sanity, I made my way to the basement to pay bills.  Then I left to get a bite to eat for supper, went to the drug store to get a card & some after shave, then to the cat food store and I thought I was done.  Nope the light sensor in the garage had been broken all week.  I thought it was a burnt out bulb but no the whole sensor went bust.  I wasn’t in the mood to spend more money but I went out and got a replacement.  I actually like the replacement better because you can tell it after it detects motion how long you want it to stay on.  The replacement was $15 which is about the same as what I paid for the original last year.  Now I am home.

Bear’s bed busted and I need to sew it up.  I found thread but I can’t find a needle to save my life.  We had some form of a sewing kit but I don’t know where it went to.  Now I have to be on the lookout tomorrow for sewing needles.  Would be nice if they sold them at the grocery store but I suspect that I will have to hit up Target.  Getting me in and out of there without spending more than I need to is very rare.  I love that place!  I am not giving him the bed back until it’s fixed.  He just uses it to pee in.  I line it with pee pads and he climbs in does his business and then leaves.  His version of a litter box.  Right now he’s got two pee pads and he is using them, so were good.  Golly gee he sure does make a lot of urine.  I would rather pay for pads than to pay a vet bill again.  I keep the wet food going and when I am not watching I know he is also drinking water.  So hopefully were good for a while. 

Decided to start laundry and play on the computer.  I have found that I really need my glasses here lately.  The computer does nothing but fatigue your eyes.  I tried glare filters at work but they didn’t do much good.  So thankfully Dell has preset modes, I dropped it down to text and that seems to have done the trick.  Now that I am home I don’t have Dell to fall back on.  My monitors are made by HP and AOC.  I could fiddle with them but really like them as they are, so I just wear the glasses.  Besides that it’s not like I am glued to the screen for 8 hours. 

I will be heading up to pass out meds to the children and brush my teeth.  Then to watch some TV and call it a night.  Tomorrow is another day.  I need to hit up the grocery store and take care of finding that needle.  Outside of that there is cleaning the house.  I think I will be resorting to having pizza for supper.  Glad that I have an extra day off and most of it will be devoted to what I want but I do have to take time to go see my friends, gulp down a meal and then head back home to get ready to go back to work on Tuesday. 

Oh the joy I got in the mail today.  It’s homeowners policy renewal time.  The premium went up by $161 which isn’t bad but it’s still enough that it will increase my mortgage payment each month.  The bank will be sending me a letter later on in the year to let me know that I can make a lump sum payment for the shortage or that I can just pay a higher amount each month.  In any case remember last year all of the trouble I had in getting them to actually pay the insurance company?  Yeah I hope that we don’t go through that again this year.  I am not in the mood.  I am keeping a close eye out and have made a note on my calendar.  I know that if they don’t pay the bill in time a notice of cancellation will be mailed out.  Right now it’s just wait and watch, no need for any action.

I will be back tomorrow to talk more about work and other stuff.  I am jabbered out for tonight.  Need to spend some time with my furry creatures and call it a night.  Hope your having a great weekend.

25 May 2016

Moving quickly

The days and nights are passing faster than it seems I can keep up with.  I woke up this morning completely exhausted.  I kept pushing myself and by the time I left I was finally awake.  It kind of felt like I was up all night and got no sleep but that wasn’t the case.

A few things have happened since I last blogged ….

1.  The provider I wrote about the office visit when I went to urgent care last year, agreed to refund my money.  I got the money last week.  Yesterday they sent me a bill asking for the money back.  I looked on line and sure enough my insurance company paid them the day before the exact amount they were billing me for.  So I fired off an email asking them if they want their money and told them that there business practices reaffirm my belief that they are guilty of fraud and deceptive business practices.  I have a reply from them but can’t read it until I get home but I suspect they will say they don’t want their money back and it was a computer glitch.  Yeah right and I was born yesterday. 

2.  I got a response from a bank I wrote about declining my application for credit.  They are reconsidering my application and told me that I should expect a decision within two weeks.  Moral of the story never accept no for an answer until you have exhausted all possibilities. 

3.  I am giving some thought to writing an autobiography.  I really liked putting together my first book about me and my late partner.  My big stumbling block is if I should use my real name, I mean it’s an autobiography.  Then there is the other little fact, is it a waste of time, I mean would anyone but it and read it? 

I literally just sat down to lunch, finished my meal and now it’s about time to head back to the grind.  There is plenty of things to do but just not enough hours in the day to accomplish them all. 

I did get an invite to my friends for supper on Monday, which is Memorial Day here in the US.  I am not happy that they are catering to their neighbors work schedule and having the meal at 6p.  I mean ideally I would like to be home at that time, winding down and preparing for Tuesday.  I am going or so I told them, I will most likely follow through.  It will be a dine and dash type event, where I eat and then run out the door to get back home.  I need some evening time to myself before I begin the journey of a new work week.

Speaking of work I got word yesterday that they hired my replacement for my old job.  He will start soon.  I just hope they picked the right person and that he will live up to carrying on the quality and quick service that I was known for.  I suppose there will be some training on my part but I am more interested in where he is going to sit, there may be an opportunity for me to move, if so I’d like to move down a floor where it’s quieter.

Well the next meeting is ramping up and I need to run.  Hope all is well in your world.

23 May 2016

Nailed it

I made it to bet at a semi-reasonable hour.  I didn’t get to finish all of the TV that I wanted to but hey it’s waiting for me on the DVR.  Woke up this morning to the sound of the alarm clock.  It didn’t feel odd like I thought it would and I didn’t have the feeling like I wanted to go back to bed.  My morning routine went off without a hitch.  Made it to work with about 30 minutes to spare.  Got in the meeting for the training and while it was semi boring I managed to get some take away material, that will help me in the future.  I have a few more sessions to attend and then we shall see if I can get the access that I need to do my job.  My boss is sick today, he’s got some stomach bug.  I think staying home for him was a smart call.  He is a workaholic and loves his job to the point that he could spend the night at the office and I don’t think it would bother him.  His wife on the other hand would probably be ticked.  Interested to see if he comes back tomorrow.

Traffic should be interesting on the way home, since I will be leaving right in the peak of rush hour.  Not sure if it will afford me the opportunity to get home earlier but I am hoping that will be the case.  I could use extra time in my evening, even if I only sit and watch TV with the children.  It will be time well spent for me. 

Sometimes it’s a good idea to change up routines.  Last night instead of having the normal frozen pizza for supper since it was Sunday, I bought some Stouffer’s Chicken Enchiladas. They only sell this in a family size portion so that translates to two if not three meals for me.  Well worth the $15.  The down side of this was that it took an hour and twenty minutes to bake in the oven.  It was delicious and could have been a little more spicy but still it was good.  I polished off the stale cake to make room for the left overs from supper.  Tonight I am all set have a couple of enchiladas reheated in the microwave, then a slice of cheesecake and I should be in a diabetic’s paradise. 

Yesterday I got out the fishing pole that has a plastic toy ball with a bell in it out.  I remember playing with Blu and decided that it was time to have some fun.  I spent at least 20 minutes with Bear, Marvin and Insty.  Momma came to check it out but didn’t want to play at all.  Bear got tired and let me play with Marvin and once he was rested he came back into the game.  Insty was all claws.  I tried as hard as I could but I couldn’t get Marvin to jump for anything.  It felt good to play with them and see their faces light up, I wore them out and they eventually had to have a nap.  That came in handy to give me some computer time and time to work on the laundry.  It was a good day and I hope that there will be many more of those ahead for all of us.

No word from the eye doc yet on my frames.  I am thinking that I will have to go by this Saturday and ask for an update.  Normally they can get something in within a few days so I find it odd that it’s taking a little bit longer but perhaps they are trying for an exact match and not a like match.  Which I am perfectly fine with.  They may have not had any luck at all.  I looked at several pairs of Harley Davidson eye wear on line and there are some close but not exact matches.  It would make life so much easier if the model would answer the studio and then they would get me the information.  Chances are high the frame is out of production, eyewear is rapidly changing to keep up with fashion.  Still knowing would be better than guessing.

Well time to run, off to another meeting.  Hope your all having a fantastic Monday!

22 May 2016

Catching up

It has been a few days, sorry but there has been a lot going on and little time for blogging.  I have been really worn out lately from work.  Thursday & Friday were bad emotional days.  Thursday a co-worker got bent out of shape and decided to yell at a couple people involved in a situation.  I was of course one of them.  That made me super angry and I just let them spout off and faded into the sunset.  Friday I relayed a message from our boss to a teammate and they got upset.  Then later in the day I tried to help said teammate and got my head bit off.  No good deed goes unpunished.  I have seen some pretty bad behavior and emotions with in my new team and it’s all the more reason that I question if I really made the right call.

The ball is totally in my court here and I am tempted to quit and try to retreat to my old job where there was more organization, policies and procedures and everyone worked together – the team dynamic was much better and so was my boss.  However, my late partner would remind me right about now that life is about moving forward and not going backward.  I chose this and I need to see it through or at least see where it leads, even if that is to the unemployment line.  I have seen some neat technology and so long as I continue I will get to play with some of that technology, which will be awesome.  I never thought I would say I miss the exercise from my old job but I do.  I take every chance I get now to walk around.  I’ve got a fitness tracker and it’s barking at me now that I am slacking.  Today I got on the treadmill, it was fun.  My problem is sticking with it. 

I really wanted to tell the consultant at work that I thought he was hot.  I wouldn’t dare do it in person because well it could easily out me to the entire company.  I found his email address and started to compose an email.  Then I thought about how silly it all was and just gave up on the idea.

Today I went out for breakfast and a waiter that I haven’t seen before came in.  I was totally psyched up to tell him that I thought he was hot.  There was no obvious sign he was gay but hey you never know unless you ask.  Well the opportunity for me to talk to him never presented it’s self.  Being the sleuth and stalker that I am, I did some research and found out that he’s straight and has a girlfriend.  Now I am kind of glad I didn’t make any moves.

I got to the dentist and got a clean bill of health again.  I realized that the dentist is the one place that I can go on a consistent basis and get good news.  Next time I think all I ever get is bad news, I will have to remind myself that I should go to the dentist.  I made my 6 month appointment and don’t go back until November, by then I will probably be in the on-call rotation.  It will also be very close to Turkey Day.  Seems like it’s way off but it will be here in the blink of an eye.

I have spent the bulk of my weekend fighting with AT&T over not being able to get Text Messages from Bank of America.  They have a very old site where you can control text messages, I was told to go there and enter in the short code for BoA that would fix the problem.  My next problem was that I didn’t have that sight in my password manager so I had no idea what I chose for a password.  I quickly locked myself out.  I also didn’t remember the answer to my security question and had to call for help.  Problem is the system is so old no one knew how to reset my password, they had to put in a ticket to advanced tech support and it will be 3 days before they get back to me.  Thankfully I am persistent and finally remembered the password I used.  Then I got logged in and saw the answer to the question I would have never guessed that.  The question was what is the name of your pet.  I typed in the name of every damn pet I had but nothing worked.  The answer was something other than the obvious but I didn’t get that and managed to out smart myself.  I entered in the short codes that BoA uses, but still no messages would come through.  Then I remembered there is a block feature in the iPhone.  I had purchased an app a long time ago and by default the app added a bunch of phone numbers and short codes to the block list.  Turns out BoA was on the list.  I quickly removed them as well as most every other number that was on the block list.  Now all is working well.  I didn’t bother to call AT&T back, but I am interested to see if they will follow up with me. 

Realized that next weekend will be 3 days long, that is so awesome.  I don’t have enough time to accomplish everything I want to get done, so having the extra day might make the weekend extra productive.  I do plan on travel to the buffet at the moment barring any unforeseen problems or circumstances.  A coworker had a relative of his make me a strawberry cheesecake, which he refers to as pie.  So not only have I said pie but I’ve eaten it to.  It is so good and very rich!  Not what I need but what I enjoy.  I got him a gift card to the grocery store and a thank you card.  Whoever made this thing knew what they were doing and should be selling them. 

Momma is after me so I guess I should head up and pass out treats.  Might have a piece of that cheesecake as well.  Then it will be time for an early retirement.  I have to go in early tomorrow so I can attend some hour long training for a system in which I don’t have an account for.  It’s an interactive training course but I don’t understand how I will be able to interact since I don’t have an account.  My boss wants me to get this training as well as several additional courses before he will even entertain the idea of giving me an account.  You’d think this was gold but it’s really only to our spam filter.  I have a domain admin account so if I wanted to do damage to the network it would be done by now.  He is just a little overly paranoid or cautious, take your pick.

Before I run, I did manage to get my recovery key code.  I downloaded a piece of software that had potentially unwanted software in it, but it did the job.  I took a screen shot, archived that in multiple places and deleted the software.  Now I am all set to reinstall if I need to.  Thank goodness.

Okay, momma is really ticked.  I should go.  Funny how food motivates an animal.  Here’s to a great week ahead.  Talk with you all again soon.

Time, a rare commodity

This weekend, I got a reminder once again how precious life really is and how we often (but not on purpose) take it for granted.  NOTHING bad happened, which is a good thing.  You’ve heard me talk about Will & RJ from YouTube.  Well now that they are married they decided to take a break from daily vlogs, which no doubt has saddened many of us.  I never really did understand how they were each able to live their lives and make YouTube videos, but they did it for several years.  I remarked a couple weeks ago that there wedding was awesome but also kind of made me sad, given my situation.  In looking at their video where they broke the news about not doing daily vlogs, I believe Will mentioned about his blog.  I also saw it on his twitter feed.  So I decided to check it out.  I would invite you to do the same, it’s at A LIVING WILL BLOG

Will is a normal guy and I have enjoyed watching him grow up and learning about him, his adventures and his boyfriend, now husband.  He disclosed a long time ago that he had a brain aneurysm.  It was concerning but like many things in life I kind of forgot about it.  That is until I looked at his blog and there was the reminder staring me in the face.  I believe Will is in his 30’s but my point here is he’s way too young to have something like this.  It’s like a ticking time bomb that could explode at anytime, without any warning.  As he remind us in his blog, we all have an expiration date but no one knows when that date is.  It is quite a sobering thought to see that he has faced this head on and has come to terms with it.  Headaches for you and me are no big deal.  Headaches for Will are a major deal because of the aneurysm.  While it’s scary he seems to have a pretty good grip on life and reality.  I don’t know how those that are closest to him deal with this.  As you will read in his blog he got the news at a very young age, he managed to go years with it not growing but now it has grown.  There are photos on his site, but I’m no medical pro from what I see I would think that there has to be a fix for this.  Of course the procedure or remedy to fix this would come with high risks but provided everything went well and doctors could fix this or even better remove it, the payoff would be well worth the risk.  Medicine is science and just like with life there are no guarantees anyone can make.   

It would be a very sad day for a lot of people around the world if Will passed away at such a young age.  He and his partner RJ have touched and made a difference in so many peoples lives.  It sounds to me that he has no regrets and is living life to it’s fullest.  He stays in shape, eats pretty good and does things that everyone does.  I would think that exercise would be very risky but apparently that is not the case.  With the aneurysm not in the picture I can tell you easily hands down he is far more healthier than me and way better looking. I can honestly say that I am slightly jealous of him, he seems to have a perfect life.  I realize that I have only seen a glimmer of it and that in reality he has good and bad days just like everyone else. 

Back when I wrote my book he is one of a select few that I sent a copy to.  Now he has written a book that is a biography about himself.  I can’t wait until it’s published as I plan on snapping up a copy.  Although the audio version would probably be better for me, there is just something about reading from a physical book that is special.  I am not a reader in general but I am no stranger to books it’s just not my passion.

So this for me in many ways served as a wake up call.  I feel as if my life is passing me by and I am just sitting on the couch.  I know that I have made great progress since my partner passed 3 years ago but there is so much more to do.  Will has reminded me that it’s time to get going and get on with it because my expiration date could be later today, later this week or maybe years from now.  It’s an unknown factor and for that very reason it’s vitality important to live like there is no tomorrow, I mean you can plan for it but just don’t expect it. 

Will, if your reading this thanks for stopping by and for being such an inspiration.  I am so happy for you & RJ and hope that you have a long life together.

18 May 2016


Last night I filed away the license key for my recent purchase, in doing so I wondered where the upgrade was that I purchased for my other laptop.  I kept thinking Windows 10 but no it was Windows 8.1 Professional.  I got it from Microsoft so I searched through my emails and of course I can’t find it.  I’m pretty sure it’s archived in a PST file from Outlook that went flaky on me and I can no longer open even after running pstrepair.  I kept looking in all of the same places trying different keywords and no returns for what I was in search of.  So what if I have to rebuild my laptop?  The answer is simply to contact Microsoft according to what I read on line and they will send you an email with the key code but you have to provide them with a lot of information before they will cough up the key.  I paid a pretty penny for it so I don’t want to just throw caution to the wind and just buy another Windows 10 Pro key as tempting as it is.  I still have a few places to search but if I can’t find it I will call.  I am angry at myself because I didn’t follow my own procedure.  Thankfully I am not in a disaster recovery mode and this is all to be prepared.  I like to have all of my ducks in a row and be organized.  I guess I was enamored by the shiny screen and the fact that I can turn it from a laptop to a tablet with a flip of the screen.  I some how think that I probably printed it out and stuck it some place.  Thank God I was able to find the Bit Locker Recovery Key.  I also found the recovery key for my One Drive Account.  So many keys, codes and passwords it’s tough to keep it all straight.  Then again there isn’t anything straight about me. 

Today is going by faster than I thought it would.  I viewed a webcast that was recorded at the direction of my new boss.  Lots of interesting information.  Headed to a webinar on Ransomware in about 10 minutes.  That is scary stuff that no one wants.  It encrypts all of your files and holds them as ransom until you pay money for the decryption code.  The code either will not work or the authorities could have moved in and shut down the server after you submitted payment, in which case you will never get a code.  Best defense for this seems to be back up your data and do it in sets, as well as have security software running.  Usually you get this from a suspicious email or a social engineering phishing attempt.  People will always be venerable to these types of attacks as the cyber criminals are getting more clever as time evolves.

In cat news I woke up to find Momma going to the bathroom in the kitchen, I skipped her morning dose of medicine and gave her something to treat her issue.  Poor girl I bet she feels horrible.  I am trying to help her but doesn’t seem like I am doing so well.  Everyone else is pretty well normal.  Well time to run.  Talk with you peeps later.

17 May 2016

What a bargain

I decided a while back that I really wanted to switch my laptop at work.  This is a machine I own and have for personal use.  You’d be surprised how handy it is to have your own laptop at your disposal, not to mention no restrictions or monitoring on your web surfing. Anyway back around Christmas time I got a steal on an Acer laptop at Target.  The only thing it was lacking is Windows 10 Professional.  I believe in and use Bit Locker for drive encryption.  You don’t need a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) but I will say Bit Locker works much better if your machine has it. 

I remember when I got my HP laptop I needed to upgrade and Microsoft wanted $99 and I paid just because I didn’t know any better.  Well I decided to surf the web and low and behold I came across a site called Bonanza.  What I remember as Bonanza was a steakhouse but I digress.  Anyway, there is a person who is selling OEM license keys for Windows 10 Pro for $30 something dollars.  I figured it was a scam but decided to go along for the ride.  I made the purchase and then got an email that my license key would be available in 1 to 2 business days.  I was kind of depressed as I was ready to do the upgrade at the time I made the purchase.  So I had to wait.  Well the key came to my email yesterday. I couldn’t wait to get home.  I plugged the key in and it’s valid, my system upgraded and activated with no problem.  Holy cow I got something that Microsoft sells for $99 for $30 something dollars, what a bargain!  Then I started the encryption process and the damn thing is still running despite being powered on all night long.  We are currently at 85.7%.  It moves slow but it’s encrypting a 500 GB HD, that is more space than I will ever use but I like to do the whole drive as opposed to just the section that is in use.  You may be asking yourself so how do you use Bit Locker without a TPM.  Simple you have to make some changes in group policy for the machine (give it a google) and then your ready to roll.  You can choose to use a key to authenticate or specify a password.  I go with a password.  So when I boot up I get a Bit Locker screen that asks for a password, enter it and the system boots as normal and then I log into Windows.  If you enter the wrong password or don’t know it you have to use a recovery key, which your given in the encryption process and told to tuck it away in a safe place.  Loose the recovery key and forgot your password, you have to format the drive and start all over.  Your data will be lost forever.  It’s protection designed to help keep you safe, to keep the contents of the drive safe in case it makes it way into the wrong hands. 

Am I paranoid that I think I am being spied on? Nope but the machine is left at work, while I work in a secure environment and only authorized people occupy the office space, we have vendors and cleaning crew in.  I lock up my machine every night, but still if your intent on stealing it I want to make it as difficult as possible for you to get anything off my drive.  I also have anti-theft software on the machine and can track and/or wipe it remotely in case of loss or theft.  Simply put I am being extra cautious.  There is nothing of substantial value kept on any laptop that I own.  Only 1 machine has all of the pieces of the pie and that is my desktop at home.  It’s not encrypted because it’s in a controlled environment, if it had a TPM I would encrypt just because but without a TPM if I am working remote and I issue a reboot command there is no one present at the machine to enter the Bit Locker boot up password so the machine would shutdown.  I do have a USB encrypted external hard drive that I keep sensitive material on, things like legal documents.  If the drive looses power it requires you to decrypt it by using a password, you only get so many tries before it self destructs and you loose everything on the drive.  Kind of cool but kind of bad if your like me and have a million passwords to remember.  Your not supposed to make them all the same thing but it’s sure tempting!

Speaking of passwords my new position affords me access to many systems that don’t integrate with our Active Directory and thus I have to make a standalone password.  I started making a list because I have to change my password soon, change one might as well change all of them.  Anyway I am up to around 20 something systems.  It’s going to take me an hour to change all of my passwords.  Saving that task for either Friday or a day next week when I can get in early to get it done. 

We just changed systems to consolidate a bunch of systems into one.  There is a guy that we brought on site from the company that makes the software.  I ran into him yesterday and he is so hot.  I got an email with his name and started surfing.  Man I found him, turns out he’s only 23.  He looks good for his age.  He is ripped, like muscles everywhere.  I like a little muscle but still if he were gay I would happily make a pass at him.  I found out that he is straight, so I just admire from a far.  Wow talk about can’t wait to get to work, he would be nice to come home to every night. 

I spent time upstairs last night since I was working on this laptop.  The children all laid out in various parts of the kitchen and living room.  Eagerly awaiting treat time, but it didn’t come.  I had opened so many cans of food last night that I just bypassed treat time all together.  No one seemed terribly upset and they didn’t go hungry.  Bear has started to strain to go to the bathroom, he thinks he just peed a gallon but there is nothing there.  Other times he is going to beat the band.  I don’t know if he is preparing to block again or if he just thinks his bladder is full.  I gave him a pill to help with the straining and I woke up to a river of a pee pad.  So long as he is going I am happy but if he stops or starts this dribble business then we are going back to the vet pronto.  I can’t afford to shell out anymore money on hospitalization or intensive care treatment.  Minor things like a catheter to drain his bladder and some fluid yeah that is totally doable.  If I know one of them is in pain or suffering I will get them care regardless of the cost.  Speaking of which I looked at Ruth last night and she got into it with someone.  They clawed her on her nose.  She didn’t seem any worse for the wear and everyone else was acting normal.  Not sure who she tangled with because there are no signs.  She is the one who will rip anyone apart because of her claws.  I guess she showed mercy since it was a family member but you tend to fight harder with family than you do with an outsider. 

Well just got the 5 minute warning, have to publish this then it’s off to another meeting.  So not looking forward to it.  This same meeting happened late last week and it was scheduled for an hour but turned into a much more intense and longer call.  It was a total cluster.  I hope we don’t have the same thing occur again today.  I’ve already spent most of my day on a useless call and don’t want to get tied up with another.  One thing is for sure though, it makes time fly like no ones business.  I couldn’t believe it was time for lunch when I had just gotten here.  Maybe quitting time will come around just as fast. 

Hope all is well, talk with you again soon.