17 April 2015

:-) Friday

The furry children of mine are all doing well.  No major issues and no one sick as of this morning.  It’s kind of nice to have things back to normal again.  Bear used the litter box last night.  I am so proud of him because he hasn’t given up.  I understand that some days are better than others.  So long as he goes in the appropriate area I am happy.

I received my notification yesterday that there would be mail waiting for me, so I stopped by the post office and picked up a junk mail flyer.  I wish they would only send the alerts when you had actual mail and not junk.  Going every 2 days helps but now and then I hear the little voice inside of me that says you need to stop for mail today.  There is something important waiting for you.  So I give in and that was the case this week.  I won’t be back until Saturday so whatever comes today will have to wait until tomorrow to get picked up.

Just got a note from my boss that we can stop sending in our daily reports of accounting for our time when we are not on the phones.  Wow that will save me a little bit of work and allows more room for goofing off, which I kind of like.  It will actually cause me to relax a bit and work more comfortably.  I know that big brother is here but it’s just a little less obvious by eliminating this task from my daily routine. 

Yesterday was a run around all day long kind of day.  I had a strange problem and it all pointed to DNS – turns out I was right.  I hate it when I know more than an engineer and I am right.  The same thing happened earlier this week when a new guy started.  He needed to have his phone activated with company e-mail.  I asked for Exchange Active Sync to be turned on for his device and was told oh this was already done.  So I went to activate the device and no EAS.  I fought under the pretense that it was turned on but no matter what I did I couldn’t get the account to add.  Finally I asked someone else to double check and turns out EAS was turned off, which is what my gut was telling me.  I am not saying I am a know it all but I have been around the block a few times and down many rabbit holes to have a general idea of what is going on. 

My therapist and a friend have both asked me about my job recently.  I told them the same thing… I am happy but there are parts to my job that are getting old.  I realize why I got away from a phone job and I want nothing more than to get away from the phones.  It won’t happen in this position and given there is no where to move to right now I am sort of stuck.  I am also not wild about being on-call even if I do get paid for it and it justifies paying for my mobile device.  I would sooner pay the bill myself and be able to walk away from being on call and having phone time.  It might make for long days but in the end I think I would be happier.  I am keeping my eyes open, while I don’t want to leave if there is a better opportunity that presents it’s self I would certainly entertain the idea of moving.  It would have to be worth my while – which makes up several things the pay, the commute, the benefits, the culture.  It’s far easier to stay complacent and be content but that just isn’t me.  I don’t know that there is a job where I will ever be 100% happy all of the time.  I think those days are gone.  I had a job like that in the past but it is no more. 

I got in some TV time last night.  I reheated some of the chicken I picked up from the store.  Not wild about it but it was a meal.  I am not sure what I will dig out for tonight but hopefully it is good.  Tomorrow will be Italian food so I am kind of excited for that.  It is always good to have something to look forward to.  Be it a day off, the weekend, food or a date.  Speaking of dating I saw that there is an app called How About We that just re-did their mobile app.  I downloaded it last night and it looks pretty interesting.  You answer the question … How About we ….  Most people follow it up with go for a drink, go out to eat and to the movies, etc.  It is different.  Not to say that hookups don’t happen because I think they do, it’s just a part of life.  However, it’s a new twist on finding someone.  You can even opt in for dating tonight.  Provide the service with your mobile phone number and they will set you up with matches, if you get a match from both ends they arrange for secure text messaging so neither of you has the others phone number, but you can talk to each other and work on setting up a date for tonight.  Kind of cool.  I just opted in for tonight, but don’t expect any thing from it.  I just want to see what happens. 

My massage yesterday was orgasmic like, I was so relaxed and really didn’t want to go back to work.  We have such a demand for the therapist that she is now coming on Thursday & Friday.  So if I could afford it I can get two massages.  She is here today but I think I will save my money.  I am a little sore from yesterday.  Besides that two days in a row might make it hurt worse.  The idea does sound nice. The feeling of relaxing stuck with me when I got home and as soon as I felt myself starting to drift I went to bed.  Chatty Marvin wanted to keep talking.  Last night was the first night that I actually hit him.  Message received, and he was quiet he went to sulk at the end of the bed.  I felt slightly bad but needed my shuteye.  Being chatty is nice for a little bit but when he doesn’t turn it off that is what gets to me.

So I get to sleep in tomorrow, kind of looking forward to that.  No reason to get up early other than to get cat shopping done – that would be food and litter.  It is supposed to rain all weekend long here, I hope that doesn’t happen but probably will.  Lawn Boy stopped by earlier this week and cut the grass without clearing it with me first.  I have started to see and realize what a crappy job he does.  As he grows older he gets tired and thus his work gets sloppy.  At this point I am not going to say anything because I am sure that it would affect price and it may even damage the relationship.  If things continue in this manner I will have no choice but really prefer to just keep quiet.  I mean we all have bad days, I get it. 

I wish you all a very happy weekend and hope that the sun shines brightly in your neck of the woods.  I will talk with you peeps later. 

16 April 2015


Yesterday afternoon I received an e-mail from the AC Repair company.  They profusely apologized and told me that this wasn’t the way that they do business and they were deeply sorry.  They are taking corrective action to remedy the situation and for my inconvenience they are refunding in full the cost of the repair.  While that is good news, I kind of wish now that I would have had more work done.  I could have had major improvements for no cost at all.  Ah well the letter I figured would get me a refund but that wasn’t the point.  The point was to let them know they did a crappy job and their tech was an ass.  Also to get me a copy of my receipt.  So now I am waiting to see if the refund comes through.  I am hanging on to that e-mail until it does post to my account. 

The garage last night was a bitch to get out of again.  All due to construction.  Once I was able to get out and go the other way I moved.  Saved myself at least a half hour of sitting in traffic going the ‘shorter’ way.  I was very glad to get home.  The evening didn’t go exactly as I had planned but mostly.  I renewed my AAA Membership, my Sam’s Club Membership and I bit the bullet and purchased a concert ticket.  While I paid for the ticket last night I won’t be able to print it until a few days before the concert, which is in July.  I pray with all my heart that Charlie doesn’t cancel because he is the only reason why I am going.  To make it a little more interesting, I found out there isn’t any assigned seating.  It’s all General Admission so you sit where you want to.  Certain areas are restricted to 21 and older.  So my plan is to get there extra early and be patient in the hopes that I get a good seat.  We shall see what happens.  I can’t believe I went through with it.  I am still on a bit of a high from it but also a little nervous, especially due to the seating issue.  The place does have an SRO (Standing Room Only) area but I don’t even want to go there.  If I have to stand then I don’t think I will stay too long because my feet will kill me. 

Today is Thursday and I haven’t heard from the Bankruptcy attorney.  I presume his conversation with the Trustee’s office went well on Tuesday.  I pray that the moon and the stars align and I am able to get out of that mess.  While there is no entitlement, I feel that I have thrown away my money and given them more than what is right, just and fair.  So in my eyes I do see it as an entitlement.

Yesterday in checking FB the section on people you might know, I start scrolling through and there is my brother.  That girl he is dating is making him do a lot of things that he wouldn’t otherwise do.  Funny how the anticipation of sex does that.  In any case he is on FB.  So I sent him a friend request and he accepted last night.  I never in a million years thought I would see him on FB.  I had talked the site up to him for years and told him that he could reconnect with old classmates and friends but it just wasn’t something he was interested in.  Now that she likes it and is on, well so is he.  I think if she told him to jump off a cliff he would.  Love is blind, at least the little head is.  :-)  I hope that I NEVER get that way.  I want to be me because there is only one person who can be me and that is me. 

Did you ever Google yourself?  It’s something that I do from time to time.  I was really surprised that a website that is devoted strictly to publishing public records has made it known that I filed bankruptcy.  They claim that it’s the public’s right to know and that is true.  It’s a public matter and your attorney should tell you that prior to filing.  So anyone can get a copy of the petition and some other documents about the case.  Your SSN is protected but outside of that they can find out where you live, where you get your mail, what your phone number and e-mail address is.  The site claims that they won’t take down information based solely on a request from you.  Rather they direct you to 3 companies who work on managing peoples on-line reputation.  So you contact them, pay them money and then presto the information is redacted or suppressed from searches.  I think it’s a money making scheme.  While I am not proud to say that I filed Bankruptcy, I can admit it openly and honestly.  I can also explain that my back was against the wall and I had no other options.  I think it was one of the smartest moves I have made and it gave me a fresh start, which is oddly refreshing.  I am careful to try not to over extend myself as i don’t want to get in that type of situation again.  I know that I will be in debt for the rest of my life until and including the day that I die.  It’s just one of those givens.  I really wish that the website didn’t publish it but I can’t see paying someone to remove the information either. 

My friend that is looking for a job called yesterday afternoon, he was in a panic and needed to know if he could use me as a reference.  I told him of course and passed on the information that he needed.  He wants to get together on Saturday.  So he phoned me last night very late and I wound up chatting with him for an hour.  I just couldn’t get him to close his trap.  Finally I told him I have to go, work needs me tomorrow.  I made reservations and we are meeting Saturday evening.  Maggiano’s here I come.  I had plans to go there on Friday but scrapped them since he called.  It was going to be a treat but it’s more fun to be with friends.  Doing most things alone sucks.

Ah it’s massage day.  My neck is full of knots and so is my back.  So I think I picked a good day.  I am taking a risk by using my lunch hour but I plan to eat afterwards and will just hope there are no emergencies.  Today is kind of a chill day for me.  I have no plans on running myself ragged like I have earlier in the week.  I am just going to be lazy.  The plan is the same for tomorrow as well.  Then we have the weekend, which we all know is my favorite time. 

I plan to wash a couple of my former partners short sleeve polo’s and add them to my wardrobe.  He usually wore a red polo that was like his shirt for every occasion.  He had more than one and I cherish them all.  It does feel a little strange but at the same time it’s like I have him with me when I am wearing his clothes.  I have gotten compliments before on a couple of his shirts that I wear from time to time.  Even if they are a little too big on me, I make it work.  God I miss him so much and wish that he was here.  I’d really like him to see me, making it on my own, despite the fact that it’s painful.  I was thinking about him this morning and one of our talks about where he told me that he didn’t want to die because it would mean that I was all alone and he wasn’t ready to leave me and that he would never be ready to leave me.  While I am sure there was a part of him that wanted to stay here, it was his time and I think the sorrow faded away and was replaced with joy or at least a numb feeling so he didn’t lament on it.  It just happened.  I pray that I will see him again someday.   Wow I really feel like he is watching me.  I got a call as I was typing that which shifted my focus.  I was starting to tear up and he never liked it when I cried. 

So there you have it, all of the news of my world at the moment.  I will talk with you all again soon.  Be well.

15 April 2015

Tax Day

So lots of people here in the US aren’t happy today.  It’s tax day and that means time to file.  However, if you can’t you can always file for an extension.  I’m done and waiting for my refund, so no worries here.  It used to be that the post office would stay open very late and they would have tubs and people collecting mail in the major cities.  Those days are gone.  The main post office here will close at 8p tonight and after that your out of luck, most post offices are closing at normal times.  They understand that it’s a big day but those people have lives too, so there is more pressure to get it together.  Plus most people file electronically which takes money away from the post office so I can kind of understand why they have cut back on man power.  I heard the price of a stamp went up but I don’t mail stuff that often, when I do I use Dymo Stamps and they take care of all of the work for me.  Usually if prices go up I have to download new software, but I haven’t been notified of anything recently so who knows. 

Mayor Marvin seems to be better today.  He wasn’t in bed when I got home but he was in my room just waiting for me to walk in and greet him.  He had plenty of licks saved up for me.  All of the cat food was gone this morning shortly after I put it down, I suppose they were all hungry.  I picked up the empty plates and LB thought there was going to be another meal.  I told him it was time for hibernation, eventually he listened to me and was laying down when I ran out the door. I mean that is what they do, eat and sleep.  Then wake up eat some more, rest for a bit, eat treats, then it’s bed time again.  Rinse, Repeat next day.  Sounds like a boring life but I wouldn’t mind trading places for a few days – it would be nice to have no worries or cares.  Stretch out and take a nice nap.  Wow I am ready zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Yeah if only.  :)

There was a conga line to get out the parking garage last night and once you were out then it was time to sit in traffic.  Construction with a lane restriction took me a 1/2 hour just to get to the freeway.  Seriously that is far too long.  Hopefully tonight will be better or I will go in the other direction and avoid it.  The conga line is the worst part because I have to wait until someone lets me back out, before I can even get in line.  I have thought on more than on occasion about backing in but people fly in the garage and I think you are taking your chances.  Much better to pull in and take your chances on backing out.  I might try it someday but for now I am sticking with boring status quo.

I took a little bit of time last night and listened to a few of Meghan Trainor’s songs.  She is tolerable.  So I guess I am going to the concert.  I will get my ticket soon and then put in for the time off.  I put my name on the calendar already so it’s pretty well approved, just no formal request yet.  I kind of hate scheduling time because if I need it now then I can’t use it then.  However, if I pay for a ticket unless I get my money back I will go to the concert.  I know I am going to have 2nd thoughts and want to back out, which is why I am hesitating.  I don’t know why but I second guess myself and try to talk myself out of having fun and/or doing the things that I enjoy.  This will be a HUGE step forward for me, I just have to stick with the plan.  I will have to take mass transit to and from but outside of that it should hopefully be a good time.  I just hope that the artist I am going to see (Charlie Puth) gets a decent amount of stage time.  There is a meet and greet package available for Megan but not for Charlie.  It’s a little over a thousand dollars.  Now that is a bit much to spend.  Charlie said in social media that he would be meeting all of his fans, so I suppose time will tell on that.  While I’d stand in line to meet him I don’t know if that would actually happen. 

You know in the movies and on TV you see girls and guys both become speechless when they are in front of someone they have a crush on. That actually happens to me.  I get tongue tied and it’s almost like I am having a stroke.  It’s also embarrassing and couple that with dry mouth and I am in one big mess.  I guess it’s overly obvious that I like someone.  Nerves I think are what keep it slightly fun.  If your a runner and you catch my eye I it’s very possible that I will be in a traffic accident from staring.  I have had a lot of close calls.  You have to look where your going or you will run into shit.  Walking, driving, running, no matter what your doing … if your mobile best to concentrate on what is in front of you be it the road, hallway or sidewalk.

On the work front I am low on laptops so I told our inventory guy that and he just spits back a report that says I have a ton of laptops.  Really so now I have to play detective and hunt down equipment.  I really liked this guy when I first met him.  However, every time I deal with him it is a challenge for me.  He always makes me do more work than needed to accomplish the job.  It’s like he doesn’t know how to do his job.  I get that part of it is relying on other people to inform you of changes and when equipment is deployed.  I do my part and can’t help or be held accountable for what my predecessor did.  I just want to scream a great big old fuck you at him.  However, I will do my part and track the equipment down.  I mean your spreadsheet might show one thing but what I am telling you is that I have 2 machines left.  Doesn’t mean that were going to make equipment magically appear so you still need to send me laptops.  Can you feel my blood boiling?  Working with him is like chasing the clouds – impossible. 

So there are a few things going on today and it should be a pretty quick day.  Looking forward to this evening.  Charlie is on Ellen, plus it’s comedy Wednesday and all of my usual shows should have new episodes on.  So hopefully I can put my feet up and watch TV with the kids tonight.  Sounds like a great night if it can actually happen.  I did make it to sign up for 1 hour of a massage tomorrow, so I have to hit up the bank tonight.  Ah, that will feel so good and hopefully my neck will calm down.  Stress is just a killer on the body.

Well off to start my hunting work and see what other kind of trouble I can get myself into.  Ugh!  Not much else that is newsworthy happening.  I did get to watch a police pursuit live on my phone yesterday while waiting for my phone shift to wind down.  The news helicopter actually lost the car at one point.  Some how they managed to arrest multiple people but I only saw 1 person being arrested.  That is as exciting as it gets.  Talk with you peeps later.  

14 April 2015

The Cat Butler

So I have come to the realization that I am a Cat Butler.  I feed them, clean up after them and cater to their every need.  This morning Marvin didn’t get his water and went to bed, so I felt guilty and carried the water dish into him and he lapped it up right from bed.  Now he will probably will expect that service every morning but he won’t get it.  I saw him eat and then he managed to go to the bathroom outside of the litter box and I could tell he didn’t feel well.  Me thinks there is a stomach bug that is passing through the family.  First Ruth now Marvin.  Hopefully it leaves before passing on to anyone else.  So long as no one stops eating I am in good shape, I can deal with the clean up. 

Last night I came straight home and got the trash out, had dinner and took care of the children.  I sat down in front of my computer long enough to realize that isn’t where I wanted to spend my evening.  So I went upstairs and watched TV.  I saw an episode of Chicago Fire, it was okay nothing too special.  Then played on my phone for a bit, looking for new dating apps.  I tried a couple only to delete them within minutes of downloading them.  I checked for updates on the ones that I have installed to see if I had any messages or matches but I didn’t.  So it was off to bed.

I woke up at 3 am and the house was cold, so I fired up the furnace and went back to bed.  My neck was killing me.  It’s a little better now but I can tell that my body is crying out for a massage.  Thursday is only a couple days away and hopefully that will be my day.  The sign up sheet comes out tomorrow and as long as I am quick on the draw there shouldn’t be a problem.

Tonight I get to give away my money.  I have an app on my phone from ADP that tells me what my check will be tomorrow, so I enter it into the books tonight then start scheduling payments.  Efficient yes.  Fun nope.  I like to get it over with as soon as I can so that I can breathe a sigh of relief. 

I heard that the guy that I helped out last week by going to his home, he really wants to do something for me.  If I say no it will hurt his feelings.  So he is going to get me a gift card to a restaurant.  I should have had him buy me a ticket to the concert instead but food is always enjoyable. 

Over the weekend I did something stupid and deleted my backup archive from the cloud.  This is an irreversible process, so now my machine has to send all of my files back up to the cloud.  Not a bad thing it helped purge some old stuff but if my machine should fail I would be out of luck.  It is going to take about a month for the backup to complete.  It’s a lot of data and most of it is video files.  At least my pron collection was restored before I made this mistake.  I didn’t get all of it back but I did get most of it, which is what matters to me.  Once that is done, I have another external drive that I am going to move over to the new drive I just got, so that I only have 1 external drive.  This way I can have a spare on hand in case something goes sideways.  I am a little nervous but I think it will be fine.  The system is stable and I plan to keep it that way.

There was a surprise large meeting to setup for today and it’s going to run a few days, so my mornings will be busy getting them setup.  I am now also working on replacing the monitors that are due back on lease.  Getting people to agree to a time frame is the most difficult thing but I will get through this.  With or without consent.  That of course will give the old back a work out, which I need but I don’t want the pain, just the gain.  I have until the middle of next month but no sense in putting off what you can do today.  Getting through this will give me a feeling of accomplishment and I can’t wait to feel it.  Lease returns suck.

So off I go to save the day or something like that.  I hope it’s a great Tuesday for you and that the weather is nice and your work hours are short.  I will talk with you peeps again soon.

13 April 2015

Blizzard Monday

There is no real Blizzard but inside with work it feels like there is one.  It’s just been a mixed up crazy day.  The best part is the day isn’t even 1/2 over with yet.  I really didn’t want to come in, I found myself saying just one more day please.  Ah well I know we all have to come back sometime. 

Last night when I went up to feed the kids and myself I found a young guy without a shirt on next door cutting grass.  Holy cow, that was entertainment and it was very nice!  The kids all loved their food.  I need to train one of the kids to recognize a cute guy and come get me when one appears.  Nothing wrong with looking. 

So I found out that Charlie Puth’s concert is sold out, which is kind of a bummer.  I went to Stub Hub and presto I found tickets.  He is on tour with Meghan Trainor.  I confirmed it’s just those two, she is the headliner.  I am going to have to listen to some of her music to make sure I can sit through a concert.  I have the dates and have already made arrangements for 2 days off work.  The day of the concert and the day afterwards.  I wish they were playing on a Friday but it’s a mid-week concert, which will suck a couple days off then back to work argh.  I really like his music, his style, his smile and of course his body.  While I feel the sexual attraction its more his performance and amazing voice that are drawing me in.  I hope that I can not talk myself out of this and enjoy the experience, provided that I go through with it.  I mean once I make the purchase I am locked in and there is no escape.  It’s just such a big move to make on my own.  Kind of scary getting into a crowd of people all by myself.  Considering I hate crowds.  Charlie will be on Ellen on Wednesday just in case your interested.  I am sure your all sick of hearing me mention him.  It’s not often that I find good music and fall for the artist wanting to gobble up every track they have ever produced.  Normally it’s a song here and there.  I will admit there are some songs that he has done I don’t like but they are very minimal. 

Ruth is still my buddy, craving the attention and eating.  I think she knows I did her a favor.  6 more weeks and well I will be on-call.  I am not tackling her when I am on-call that would just be too much.  So she gets a pass unless I break down and do it at 5 weeks.  7 week is the longest that I want to go.  They start to curl after that and it makes the job harder and she isn’t easy to control.  I really wonder if a female person came in if she would lighten up and be more friendly.  I mean were not going to find out but it’s always crossed my mind.  I know off the bat she would be resistant but if over time she might mellow a bit.  I am not going to hurt her, but she seems to forget that.  I hate her attitude but she is still my baby.

My concern has shifted now to Marvin who didn’t seem to eat this morning.  I think he might have had some water but that is it.  Hopefully he is okay.  He licked me to death before I could get out the door, which is normal.  He was also laying in my bed and he is like the mayor of my bed that is how often he is there.  He’s a good bed buddy but he loves to talk at the most inopportune times.  I suppose with having so many of the furry guys and gals, that I am going to always have concerns.  I heard about a lady last week who married her cat.  Seriously.  People do strange things.  No worries about me marrying one of my cats.  I want a guy and pretty well know the type I am looking for.

This 3 day weekend really has it’s advantages and I think is something that should be mandated more often.  I mean you can accomplish a bunch of things, get rested and forget about work well that is until Sunday rolls around. 

I saw the premier of Nurse Jackie, pretty good start.  Looks like it will be an interesting season.  I also caught last nights episode of Secrets and Lies, 2 more episodes left until the finale.  Should be interesting.  Nothing better than getting into TV.  Suits will be back this summer as well so there will be plenty of things to watch.  I heard that the Looking movie to wrap up the HBO Series Looking should be out by the fall, at least that is the rumor.  It’s a 2 hour event.  It would be nice if HBO would get another gay series.  Queer As Folk really was a big hit and we need another hit like that regardless of which network it is on.  A show that you can look forward to watching one time a week for an hour.  That was our time to spend together watching TV.  I look at the basement and the old TV and think remember when…. Lots of memories still flood in and I think that is normal and will happen from time to time. 

This is massage therapy week, I am looking forward to it and hope that I can schedule an hour.  It would sure be nice.  My neck is out of whack.  I attribute that to Bear and carrying him around.  I had to move him yesterday twice.  Once when I vacuumed and once when I was done.  Who needs to go to the gym, I should just lift Bear a couple times a day and that could be my work out.  I think he likes it at certain times and other times he hates it.  The landing is the thing that scares him the most but I haven’t dropped him yet and have no plans of it.

So it’s about time to venture into TV Land and eat lunch.  Nothing special, just the usual sandwich, cheetos, yogurt, 4 oranges and 4 nutty bars plus a diet soda.  That should hold me until tonight when I get to go home and heat up the chicken and break out the potato salad.  I also have to work with the trash, which is not a task that I enjoy.  Yep, life is back to normal.

Happy week – talk with you all again soon.  Take care & be well. 

12 April 2015

Prep for another week

The day I hate, Sunday because it means it’s time to prep for another week and who knows what will happen this week.  Argh, the joy of working life.  I’ve already checked my work e-mail and know that tomorrow there is an important client meeting, so I will try to make sure I look good.  I already know the client and if things go sideways and we loose them it will have a major impact on business.  So this is one of those high pressure moments, where everything must work perfectly and there is no room for error.  However, we all know that technology fails us, mostly at in opportune times. 

Yesterday I went to Sam’s and like normal I couldn’t escape without spending more than $100.  I did get a steal on some Xerox Multipurpose Paper with Color Lock Technology.  $6.99 for 750 sheets and it’s at a 96% brightness level.  I printed a photo for the heck of it and man, it made all the difference in the world.  My HP Printer has Color Lock Technology and paring up the paper with the printer it looks awesome.  I tried it in the Xerox printer and I am not a fan of the color in it, kind of sad considering that it is so expensive for ink and supplies.  I got another surprise expense, Sam’s membership is due.  They fixed the defect in the website so it’s the full $45 this year.  Last year I got $5 off by renewing through the web.  They of course want me to upgrade to the $100 membership and are telling me I will earn cash back rewards.  If I pay with my Mastercard I earn the same thing and only need the basic membership, so why upgrade?

I keep hearing amazing artists on my Pandora One, Charlie Puth channel.  There is lots of good music out there, you just have to find it.  I will be loading up the iPhone later today and hopefully jamming for a while.  Nothing like a good song to help you.  I sent a short note to Charlie via FB, not sure that he will read it but it makes me feel better.  I just let him know that I appreciate his work and that he is good looking.  I mean if your going to write someone, might as well be honest!

I needed to get my Sudafed Rx filled.  My funds are a little short right now, I’ve just cut things too close.  Payday is Wednesday and I should be okay then.  In any case I called the pharmacy and they filled it in the quantity I requested.  I went into pick it up along with a can of Nasal Saline.  A very cute guy took care of me at the Pharmacy counter.  He asked me if I needed anything else and I wanted to say, yeah your phone number.  Oh guys, you tempt me so.  Good Looks, Great Bodies, Amazing Smiles and then your either straight or taken.  Why!  There has to be one of you for me.

Seriously it is getting lonely here.  I almost went to a gay bar yesterday but managed to talk myself out of it.  I think that might help my search along but I have to be careful and I’d like to go with someone rather than going alone.  It’s always nice to have someone watching your back and looking out for you.  I don’t want to wake up after figuring out my drink was spiked and I was used as the ho in a gangbang or worse. 

Ruth is back to eating normal meals, no sign of puking so that is good.  I got her claws trimmed earlier today.  Man she was sticking in the carpet when she walked.  That is 7 weeks.  They were a little tough to cut but I got the job done.  I got her brushed as much as she would allow.  I feel knots coming in her fur and I like to avoid that if possible.  I got to kiss her while she hissed at me and plotted to tear my head off.  I looked at her teeth and ears.  Just the general check up type thing.  I know a few things to look for but I am no vet.  In any case she looks good, now if I could just get rid of that dragon breath of hers it would be a miracle.  When she gets upset her breath really smells.  You can see the blood pulsing in her fire red tongue and make no mistake, when she is mad it shows in every way possible.

So 3 day weekend I would call a success, despite the fact that part of it was wasted on the AC Guy.  I put together a letter last night detailing my disgust for what went down and sent it to the owner of the company he works for.  Personally if I read a letter like that and was in charge someone would be in serious trouble.  I thought about the consequences of my action before I mailed it.  I revised it several times and finally settled on a version that I thought hammered home the point.  In the mail it went.  I didn’t do anything wrong, just stated my opinion of how I felt he used me to get through his afternoon and that it wasn’t acceptable.  I will get my receipt and who knows maybe I will get my money back, I mean that is kind of the avenue I was working when writing.  Not that I want something for nothing but I feel entitled to some of my money back.

Speaking of money I checked on my amended tax return and there is no status, the IRS asked me to call them.  I think I will have to fight to get the additional money I am entitled to, which should come with interest.  Problem is that I could use it now.  Not that it won’t be welcome in the future.  I am taking the wait and see approach, but if I don’t have it in the next few weeks I will reach out to them.  Like most Americans I would rather not deal with the IRS.  Those three letters strike fear in the hearts of most people that hear them.  Tax day oddly enough is the same day as pay day. 

Well I need to get to the laundry, clean the house and then clean my body.  Which includes shaving, the task that I like the least.  Picked up some Meat Loaf & Mashed Potatoes for Dinner.  Got Fried Chicken and Potato Salad for a few meals this week as well.  Thought I would switch it up a bit.  Frozen is getting old.  Fresh or reheating something that the store made sounds more appealing to me, even though I am sure the sodium content is through the roof, as is the case with most frozen dinners.  I jumped on the scale last night and learned I had indeed picked up a few pounds.  I am at a point where I vowed I would never be again, so I am anxious to lose some weight.  I am not miserable like I was before when I was this heavy but I know that the weight doesn’t bode well for making me a prime candidate in the dating world.  Not to mention my doctor probably won’t be terribly happy with me come blood test time, which will be next month. 

Oh one last thing quickly.  I am entering into my 3rd week with no vitamins.  Meaning I am not taking any kind of a daily multivitamin.  The pain in my feet has its good days and bad days.  I can’t really say that vitamins played a major part, but I do know that if I get too much in my system it will kill my feet.  I need to break down and go see the podiatrist already I am just afraid that he will say surgery is necessary to correct the problem, whatever it is.  That really isn’t going to be an option for me.  I saw what happened to my late partner after his first foot surgery and well call me gun shy.  I will at some point get back on multivitamins, I just haven’t figured out when. 

Cheers, here’s hoping it will be a great week and a fast moving one at that.  I am always eager for the weekend, except when I am on call.  Okay off to chore land I go.  Talk with you peeps later. 

10 April 2015

Friday Update



He made it to the vet, he smelled pretty bad and I had cleaned him up earlier but I could only get so far.  He really needs to get into the bathtub and get some soap & water but that would seriously stress him out. 

No blood work or diagnostic testing.  The vet said that if they would find that he is diabetic (which is a concern) that he wouldn’t be able to take the pred. which would put us up a creek w/o a paddle.  His weight is the same 38 pounds – feels more like 50. 

He cried the whole way there, all of the time in the waiting room and it wasn’t until he got into the scale that he finally shut up.  One noisy guy!  At least we know he still has some lung function. 

He has another bad tooth and the vet said that removing it is the only thing to do, but he isn’t a great candidate for going under.  So we are leaving well enough alone.  Treating the problem could cause a bigger issue and in the long run as long as he is eating then were okay. 

I got more pred. and he is good for another year.  We will go back next year, unless something warrants returning.  I’m glad that he passed again, not exactly with flying colors but he passed. 


She ate this morning but promptly threw it all up.  I started her on baby food and she loves it.  It seems to agree with her.  I got her eating regular food this evening and thus far it’s stayed down.  I hope that continues. 

I still have to trim her claws and I don’t want to upset her anymore than I have to.  The stress could cause her to vomit.  I mentioned her issue to the vet and she told me that I should stick with baby food for a few days then gradually introduce her to regular food. 

If a cat misses 3 meals straight then it’s time to get them to the vet, that is what my vet goes by.  I think of it in terms of days and not meals.  Especially since these gals & guys are over fed as it is. 


I got a different tech, he wasn’t hot or hunky or even handsome.  He took what was supposed to be a 20 minute visit and stretched it for 3 hours.  He did a great sales pitch on trying to get me to commit to installing a germicidal bulb, cleaning the furnace to improve air flow and telling me how my system really needed to be replaced. 

Clearly he didn’t pay attention at the start of the visit when we met.  I told him that money was a concern and that I wouldn’t be buying a new system.  He didn’t try to sell me a new system but rather tried to sell me on better maintaining what I had. 

Then I ask him since it was getting late and he didn’t have all of the parts on his truck.  What if I went full bore and decided to do the cleaning.  He said that he could have it done tomorrow.  That really irked me because I was already told they don’t work on Saturday.  WTF!

So he did exactly what I wanted him to do, which was get the outside compressor going again.  That was $271 but it’s running again.  I don’t have a copy of the receipt because they are paperless and it hasn’t come through yet.  He was trying to sell me on some monthly program for $20 that would cover service calls and make me a preferred customer.  Which I declined. 

While his work and evaluation were through, he wasted precious time that I really wanted to devote to other things – like shopping, seeing a movie and getting something to eat.  I thought he was never going to leave but thankfully he did!

If I don’t get a receipt over the weekend, I will be calling on Monday and asking for a copy to be sent.  I know what he charged because my credit card company alerts me every time a purchase or authorization is made, so there are no unexpected surprises and it keeps the risk of fraud to a minimum.


I had to leave another voice mail but I actually got a call back form the attorney.  He is going to talk with the Trustee on Tuesday and presuming they aren’t opposed to it, then the motion will be filed and it’s about a 30 day process. 

I was told that this isn’t an entitlement process, meaning that just because I paid the money in it’s not automatic.  Yeah I already knew that.  I can’t imagine that the Trustees office (even though they are Jack Asses) would oppose a hardship discharge because the debtor is deceased and his probate estate (aka ME) is making the payments.  I think I will be okay and if I am not, then I will have to weight the pros and cons before I arrive at a decision. 


After the AC guy left, I headed out and saw Furious 7 in IMAX for a whopping $15 that was just the cost of the ticket, no food or drink.  It was pure enjoyment but not worth $15.

When we got to the end and I heard Charlie’s tune start playing I just knew I was going to lose it – and I did for a brief moment.  It was sad, knowing that Paul isn’t walking the earth.  He was so young and full of life.  However, in the short time he had here he made some quality movies and had a profound impact on many peoples lives. 

I’ve heard some rumbling that there might be an 8th movie but I think those are just rumors.  This was a fitting end to the series and the theme in the movie was One Last Ride.  I think that is on point. 


I made it to the guys house last night.  I mentioned it to my boss and she wasn’t pleased.  She asked me to have him call her.  She told me that in the future I shouldn’t engage in this type of work and that I should refer folks to her.  Good luck getting approval from her.  However, my employer can not control what I do or do not do on my time.  I understand they don’t want to set a precedent that we work on personal machines. 

The guy tried to pay me, offer me baseball tickets but I declined.  I was there for 2 hours and thought it would never end.

What it boiled down to was they have an Apple.  She chose a poor password and her e-mail account was hacked.  We changed her password to another poorly chosen password and turned on the firewall on her Apple.  Then I had to play with the various devices – iPad and iPhone that she had to sync up passwords and mail. 

I told her to operate with a trust no one mentality.  This all happened coincidentally after they upgraded iPhones earlier in the week.  I think the guy at the Apple store got them or it was a coincidence on the timing.

She asked me should I trust you?  I told her no.  Trust no one.  I mean I am not going to do anything but still I told her she should change her password again after I leave to be safe.  I know she won’t because she needed me to change her password. 

The thing that was truly amazing to me is they live in a 700 thousand dollar house.  It’s beautiful.  The computer area looks like a tornado went through it.  I was asked if I have seen worse?  I said yes, there is one guy at work who refuses to part with any file and consequently his office is a huge mess.  Files are everywhere and if you walk in that office, you are taking your life in your own hands.  Want to be brave?  Just move something and yell out JENGA.  Something bad is going to happen.

I provided an update to my boss last night and haven’t heard anything more from her on it.  The guy reached out to me and told me that he talked me up and said that I deserved a commendation.  That was kind but if he would have paid me, I doubt he would have said such nice words.  I could have made something off of it but I considered it charity work.  Do good and it will come back to you.


So there you have it.  One expensive day off work.  The expense hasn’t ended.  I still have to get my haircut, shop for cat food, pick up stuff for the house at Sam’s and eat.  It is nice having an extra day even if it all goes by terribly fast.  To top it all off I have a therapy appointment tomorrow.  No sleeping in for me. 

Have a nice weekend and I will talk with you all again soon.