29 August 2015

Time Poor

So it seems that my days at work are getting busier, at least that was the case last week.  I found myself on more than one occasion running at 100mph.  Friday I got yelled at again by someone needing help, it wasn’t nearly as bad as earlier in the week and this particular person loves to yell when it comes to technology problems.  I was able to let it go but it didn’t exactly make my day.

My poor personal laptop hasn’t been powered on for 3 business days straight.  I will try to change that on Monday, but that can be a known busy day of the week.  Friday night was peaceful I got to fill up my tank (gas prices went up on the way home, making me wish I would have filled up in the morning), pick up the mail, grab cat food and then come home.  I had Stouffers Lasagna and I made Garlic Bread.  I ate entirely too much food but that was sort of the point. 

Saturday morning started around 9a with my first call.  I have had a few thus far.  One that was particularly challenging but I got it fixed.  I had a lady call me from a conference room because she needed to add a printer.  Problem is that she left me the internal extension number to dial.  It took some creative thinking on my part to be able to reach her.  Of course she didn’t leave her name.  My hope is that Sunday will be about as busy or less busy than today has been.  I was able to squeeze in a nap for a couple hours which really pleased me. 

Last night my mom called and told me how the neighbors started a lynch mob to run her out of the neighborhood.  She told me they had listening devices and they were rattling the windows.  One breath she said she wasn’t leaving the next breath she said in six months she was selling the house and going to move.  Paranoid Delusions is all this is.  She has to constantly have drama or life has no purpose.  If there isn’t drama, she makes it up.  It’s all part of her mental disease.  I just listened.  I actually broke out in laughter at one point and she told me how serious she was.  I gained my composure and listened to her babble on.  I tried more than once to change the subject but that doesn’t work with her, she has a one track mind and until she is done saying her peace she won’t forget the track she is on.  Now that is when she is passionate about something, ask her what was for breakfast yesterday and she won’t remember.  Ask her about something, anything in the past and there may be some memory.

The children are making the most of daddy being home.  I have been pestered quite a bit today.  Be it for food, attention, belly rubs or just because they like to see me try to figure out the mystery of what they want.  Big Boy started sawing logs, it’s always nice to hear him snore.  It’s not obnoxious like a human being.

So to help occupy my time, I have done some porn surfing this morning.  I also got 5 pairs of glasses coming for home try on from Warby Parker.  Then I ordered myself a blowjob robot.  How’s that for a birthday present.  One of my female co-workers asked me out to lunch next week, so were going to the new Mexican place.  I sure hope it’s good. 

Looking forward to tomorrow to know how much money I will be getting on Monday, which is pay day.  The big bills are waiting and everyone wants their money.  I am interested in knowing how much I will have left over.  Because there are other operating expenses that I need to pay for like groceries, gasoline, cat food and dining out.  Then of course there is my bi-weekly massage.

I also re-watched Tosh.O because I passed out in the middle of it.  I also watched the last episode of Suits because I missed the first 1/2 thanks to my DVR because it had a technical issue.  I heard this catchy tune and wanted to know who sung it and used Shazam and found out the details.  I bought the song from iTunes, it’s 99 cents that is so worth it.  For your listening enjoyment the video appears below.  Give it a listen and I think you will agree it’s awesome!  Talk with you peeps later.

27 August 2015


This day didn’t start off good.  I was tired when I rolled out of bed and really didn’t want to go to work.  I know seems to be a recurring theme.  Anyway I get to work and the cute guy that I have a crush on, comes up to me and tells me that he is leaving.  His last day will be in a couple weeks.  That just ruined my day.  I wanted to say now who am I going to look at, but I didn’t.  He did get an honest surprised reaction out of me.  Even though he is straight I wouldn’t mind him having an affair with me.  I’d love to come out to him and let him know how I feel, but that wouldn’t serve any purpose and would probably wind up hurting me.  Funny thing is I had just asked God to help me control my feelings for this guy.  I guess with him leaving that will solve that problem.  I also asked to win the lottery and got my $5 winning ticket. 

It was another busy day.  It the second time this week that I haven’t had time to power up my personal laptop.  There is good and bad with that but honestly, I would rather be doing what I am paid to do.  It keeps me in the good graces of my boss. 

Tonight’s mail brought me my eye glass prescription that I asked for.  Opening the envelope I cut the document in half.  Thank God for tape.  Then I get a notice from my mortgage company.  It was an escrow statement.  I was hoping for a check to be attached but instead I got a notice that my house payment is going up.  There will be a shortage in the account.  I can pay a lump sum to help catch it up and still get a higher payment or just make a higher payment.  They earn interest on my money so I think I will just take the higher payment instead of parting with a lump sum of money.  I am so glad that I held out from buying a new car.  I still have plenty of cushion to play with every month and I really don’t want to commit it to a vehicle or anything else. 

No calls last night and I hope for the same tonight.  One more day and then I get to see what kind of fun I will have over the weekend.  Still praying, hoping and wishing for quiet or at the very least a slow pace.  Normally there aren’t any calls after 9p on weekends but I still have to be available just in case.  Saturday I pretty much chalk up to staying at home.  Sunday I want out to get my breakfast and shop for groceries and then I will be back home. 

Now up to sit with the muffins and watch TV until it’s once again time to climb into bed.  Speaking of the children they are all doing well.  I had some fun today with Gator when I started watching on the camera. Happy almost Friday everyone!

26 August 2015

Bad Experience

I had a very bad on-call experience last night.  First my co-workers who cover the late shift decided to leave early, but they didn’t tell anyone.  Someone called for help and I got to deal with that someone who was a screaming asshole.  This was a late night event that started at 10:30 and didn’t get done until 11:15 but I was already up and couldn’t go back to sleep.  This event took away sleep, consumed most of my day and I probed different avenues that I could proceed down.  I found out that nothing will be done to the asshole who was the aggressor because of his stature.  However, I asked about what if I would have engaged and barked back at the aggressor oh now there is concern and I would have been in deep shit.  This is pure bullshit and the total reason why I didn’t want to ever work for the type of business I am apart of.  I am appreciated, well paid but I shouldn’t have to deal with verbal abuse.  I am very upset that I was lied to and deceived.  I brought these concerns with me to my interview and they were put to rest quickly and once I started HR even gave this pomp and circumstance speech about how verbal abuse isn’t tolerated.  Lying pieces of shit! My bosses reaction was let it go and don’t worry about it.  Lovely that is NOT the response I anticipated. 

I am just now starting to let go.  Not that you care but I haven’t had an orgasm in 3 days, add this along with a night of about 4 hours sleep and you have one pissed off homosexual.  If this occurs again with the same person, I found someone who is on my side and who will squash it quickly.

I am reasonably comfortable at my job and I don’t want to have to walk on pins and needles every day.  I have done that dance and it’s quite uncomfortable.  There is a lot at stake and I am considering looking for a new job.  I have to have a steady job and a stable income or everything that I worked so hard to keep will fall by the wayside and the black mark will go on my credit report. 

The best news of the day is that I won the lottery again.  Yeah a whole $5 but it’s better than nothing.  I was hoping for a sizeable win to buy a car, get a new roof and pay off all of my debt.  I could live very comfortably then and afford a vacation and to do other things that I would like to explore. 

Now on to tonight's entertainment.  Suits on USA.  This is the season finale and the stars say watch it live not recorded because it will be a good show. The Firm will never be the same again.  Okay, you got me hooked.  Time to go check it out. 

Here’s hoping that the remainder of this on-call hell hole that I am in goes much smoother and quieter.  I should be much happier this time next week, even if I will be a year older. 

Finally, a couple of guys that I have crushes on (that I know are straight) have reacted to a post on my FB page.  It’s about Windows 10 and the reporting feature that could easily out a child to his parents.  This is a sensitive subject and I got the impression that they both were trying to incite an argument.  I responded to both of them and hope that quashes the matter.  I don’t want to lose a friend over sharing an article.  Then again if I do were they really that much of a friend in the first place?

Okay in the words of Joey Graceffa…. Good Damn Bye!

25 August 2015

Traffic Tuesday

I did everything right and still wound up in traffic.  Got up early, got moving early, got out the door early.  I guess today wasn’t meant to be a speedy day.  I still made it to work in plenty of time.  Then I am walking in and saw a co-worker she was talking about a baby bird.  I didn’t realize it was in her hand.  She saw it outside by the door, it appears to have a wing injury but it let her pick it up.  She is going to have someone take it to a nearby sanctuary, poor thing it looks hurt, scared and it might even be hungry but it’s very tiny. 

So things have calmed down here at work since the Monday rush.  We still have some pending issues but that is just job security I think.  I had a quiet night of on-call but the phone was buzzing all the way up until the time I went to bed.  It gets kind of aggravating but I don’t have to do anything, just press delete. I don’t start until 11p each night.  Thankfully we are not a International or Global Firm so night time is typically quiet time and that is a good thing.  I don’t sleep that well being in on-call mode.

I got Marvin’s claws trimmed last night.  He protested by not sleeping with me.  That is two nights in a row.  I have to give him medicine tonight so there is another reason why he will boycott me, but I hope he doesn’t.  I like sleeping with him and once I am out he goes to his end of the bed and it’s sweet dreams for everyone. 

My biggest problem last night was trying to find something to watch.  I finally landed on a stand up comedy special, it was okay.  Tonight I have Tosh.O to look forward to.  It’s a half hour but it’s better than nothing.  I am trying to stay away from the computer as much as possible and relax.  The weekend will be stressful and I might as well relax while i can. 

The other big challenge is what to have for supper.  I am thinking about soup tonight.  Last night it was Steak Fajita’s.  I have plenty of TV Dinners but they do get old after a while.  I needs to find me a man that can cook both on the stove and in bed.  Then I don’t know what I would complain about because my belly would be full and I would be exhausted from the workout in bed.  Amazing how one person can solve my problems. 

It’s going to be a long afternoon but that’s okay, quitting time will come eventually.  Looking forward to going home to see my babies. Especially my Big Boy.  He’s been a very hungry and demanding guy lately.  He needs an old fashioned bath but I won’t give into that until next week when I know I have time for it.  He won’t be anxious for it anyway.

Well off to stir up some trouble, or something like that.  Happy Tuesday, I only wish I were at home napping.  That sounds really good right about now. 

24 August 2015

Make it stop already

Ever have one of those days where you just want it to stop?  That is how I feel about today.  It’s been nuts so far.  I decided to sleep in 5 minutes, got in back to school traffic which means no good parking spot.  Then from the second I walked in work just hit me.  It was intense go here, go there, do this, do that. 

My phone is on vibrate because when a message come through from our ticketing service my phone is set to make a lot of noise.  I don’t want to disturb others but when I am away from my desk it’s tough to feel the vibration, so I miss emails.  It’s only one week but it’s one of many things I hate about being on-call.  I put the final touches on my phone to ready it for on call when I got up.  Now the only other thing I have to do is at work in turning off rules and adding myself to the on-call group.  Then the fun starts, but I am not up to bat until 11p and things go back to normal at 7a.  I am still crossing my fingers for a quiet and uneventful week.

I watched a sermon from Jason & DeMarco last night via You Tube.  Kind of interesting but long.  I learned there is such a thing as a miniature donkey and they live for 40 years.  I looked them up to see a photo and they are cute.  I’d like to be around one and see how it goes.  They are supposed to be playful like a dog or a cat. 

So the claw trimming went very well.  I lifted up the couch and there she was, just sitting there and crying.  She knew what was coming but wasn’t hip to it.  I got her all taken care of and she got a brushing as well.  No effect on our friendship, things were back to normal as soon as I had food in my hands.  Everyone but Marvin is done and I will be attacking him tonight.  His nails are in the process of starting to curl.  No one likes their nails trim but Ruth is the only one that protests and requires the welding gloves.  They all have to know I love them for as much as I do for them.

I got my blog re-listed on Best Male Blogs so perhaps that will bring me some new readers, if so welcome!

Last night on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, he showed while it’s legal for gay people to get married, there are still many states where it’s still okay to discriminate or fire a person because of their sexuality.  My home state is not one of them.  But the state that I work in is one of them.  While Marriage Equality is universal, you can still be turned down for a loan, get fired from your job or even refused service in a restaurant – all based on your sexual preference.  I fail to see how sexual preference indicates your likelihood to pay back a loan.  I mean most gay people don’t have kids so there is a lot of disposable income, still everyone's situation is different.  Your performance on your job has nothing to do with your sexual preference or how you perform your job.  It also has nothing to do with how you eat your food or behave in public.  There is a bill in Congress according to Mr. Oliver that has no Republican Support and it sounds like the bill will die.  Only time will tell. 

The craziness from this morning has carried over into the afternoon.  I like to be busy but I don’t like chasing my tail or being crazy busy.  Looks like I am in for a hell of a ride.  Off to the races.  Talk with you folks again soon.  Thanks for stopping by!

23 August 2015

New Format

I’ve been thinking about changing things up here for a while and today I finally did it!  I hope that you like the changes.  Blogger has a lot of templates to chose from and that is what made the task difficult.  I like this but that looks better and oh what about this.  Paralyzed by choice once again. 

One of the things I took away is referral links.  The YouTube links didn’t do me any good, it was just pure advertisement for those people/channels I find of interest.  It would have been nice to get a link back, a mention in a video or something, but it didn’t happen.  Blogs seem to be going by the wayside.  I still have a list of regular reads in my bookmarks but I don’t visit them that often.  A lot has changed with time.  You have the advent of Social Media and then YouTube and presto people flock to the next big thing.  As for me, blogging does a lot for me and I still get enjoyment from it so I see no reason to stop.  If it becomes a chore then I will rethink my position.

Most of the drama is gone from my life, the ups and downs with my late partner.  Things are leveling off and life is returning to a boredom state.  Still you stop by to take a glimpse into my world, so there is another reason why I enjoy doing this.  My hope is that I will be able to tell you all about the guy I am dating, when that happens and how my life will change once I reach that point.  Until then it’s just business as usual.

I am on the downward spiral with the steroids.  Tomorrow is my last day.  I can feel some of the effects I had before coming back.  Hopefully things will smooth out and there won’t be any problems.  I really hate taking sick time.  It’s boring and nothing gets accomplished. 

Today is the BIG day for the cats.  I get the vacuum cleaner out and it’s claw trimming day.  I guess they will all sleep good tonight.  Let’s just hope the same applies to me and that no one gets injured in the process. 

Did all of the running – breakfast, grocery store and gas station.  Wow such excitement for a Sunday.  Not looking forward to next weekend, the week shouldn’t be bad.  I noticed last week there was a couple of 2am calls but outside of that all was quiet.  I just hope that I luck out and things are quiet.  I hope that every time I am on-call. 

I could use a nice Winter day about now.  A little snow but cold.  I don’t know why but I am ready for Winter.  I made that remark to my mom yesterday and she was caught off guard.  I think it’s more of a Pumpkin and Cold Weather craving rather than just Winter. 

There are 2 big bills that are coming due.  One of which is a credit card and won’t be a problem.  The other is Auto Insurance.  I like to pay it off and be done with it but unless I rob my savings account that won’t be possible.  Putting money aside for savings is easy but then trying to survive without it is another task entirely.  I’ve got about $400 extra a month to play with and that will be my car payment when I am brave or dumb enough to sign up for car payments.  My hope is that my next car payment will be around $250 to $330 a month.  I realize $250 is asking for a lot, even with 0% financing.  Still it never hurts or costs anything to dream. 

Something to look forward to after all is said and done today, I look forward to getting all of these whiskers off my face, washing my hair and just being fresh again.  Then some laughs with John Oliver and sweet dreams with Marvin.  Yeah this is the good stuff!

Off to grab an ice cold bottle of water, finish up the laundry, start the dishes and begin the cleaning and claw trimming.  Wish me luck!

Final thought, I have left my comments open much longer than I anticipated I would.  By this I mean anyone can leave a comment.  All comments are moderated, so only the stuff I chose gets published, which ensures confidentiality.  That said, if there is something you’d like for me to write about or questions you have that I can answer, leave them in the comments.  At some point I will return the comments back to being restricted to members of Blogger, so enjoy this while it lasts. 

Happy Sunday.  I hope that it’s a great day for you and all of those around you.  Now let the fur fly here comes Daddy!

22 August 2015

Will it to Be

I have what I consider to be a strange power.  I can think about someone at work that is a problem caller, think a thought like mom doesn’t have my cell number or anything that seems to be negative or situations that I don’t want to confront.  Boom, they happen.  Case and point … I was thinking that my mom has never asked me what my cell phone number is.  When we met for lunch today she asked me two times.  Both times I told her 911 and she believed me.  I told her it was a joke, don’t call it call my home number and it will ring my cell phone.  That is if I had it setup that way, which I don’t.  If she did have my cell number she would pester me a lot more.

So as you can tell by the last paragraph I met up with mom today.  We went to lunch at Olive Garden.  I got the usual Tour of Italy and Pumpkin Cheesecake (fall special).  Mom had the usual Soup & Salad.  I asked her if she still got the paper, she said no they stopped it a while back.  I told her that one of her past boyfriends passed away.  He was the guy that she thought planted drugs at the house.  Jesus I wish I would have never said a thing about it.  Between that and my Brother wanting to put her in a nursing home and how he is going to get married it was just non stop nonsense babble.  As per usual we passed by one of her doctors offices and she said I go there for therapy.  Yeah I know, she has only told me that each time we pass the place which is twice per trip.  Then she asked me for help with her cell phone.  She forgot her voice mail password so I had to go through the prompts to get that reset and finally I had to add more money to her account.  She does a pre-paid phone with Verizon.  Then it was on to the Cable Remote Control.  It wasn’t paired with the TV but my brother told her not to touch the TV remote.  So she leaves the TV on all the time.  Kind of silly.  So after trying to figure it out on my own, I called the cable company and they walked me through the process.  Presto, all fixed.  I did take a couple of quick naps while resting on the leather couch.  The fun part was trying to get out of the couch, it’s like a trap.  You get comfy and sink in then you play hell trying to get out.  We went outside and played with the dogs for a while.  Then I hit the road.  I spent a couple hours with her total.  She was crying when I left because she was being left alone again.  While I understand her pain, I can only give so much of my time to her  - then I have to go. 

The TV that she fell on, the screen is cracked and they need a new TV.  She asked me about fixing it.  I told her it wasn’t worth it, just recycle it and buy a new one.  TV’s are affordable in the $200 – $300 price range.  It would cost about the same or more to repair what she had.  The LCD is the most expensive part and that is what is damaged.  Since I saw her last, mom has really put on the weight.  She is starting to look like the Nutty Professor when he gets fatter and fatter.  She had this moo-moo of a shirt on and it didn’t do her any favors.  Her goal is to loose 30 pounds by Christmas.  Most of the weight comes from the Mental Health medicine that she is on.  With that you go to one or the other extreme.  In her case she is hungry.  I told her if she wants to loose weight cut out soda, you would be surprised at the amount of weight that causes you to gain or keep on. 

I fueled up the truck and took that down to see mom.  There is a serious issue with the brakes going on.  I had a couple of close calls where I didn’t think I was going to stop.  Then a couple times I felt it as I pushed on the brake like the truck was going sideways.  It’s amazing none of this started until I went to the dealer for an oil change.  It’s like they did something to it.  My choices today were go to lunch with mom or buy a new vehicle.  I chose the cheaper of the two.  The truck will stay parked in the driveway for a while.  Shame it’s got a full tank of gas too.  Everything else with it seems to be okay.  Brakes could be expensive and considering that I just drive it to keep it able to function and not fall apart on me.  It’s not a major worry or problem.  Now if that would be my car, I would be singing another tune.  Not exactly sure what I am going to do about it but I don’t think I will be addressing it anytime soon, then again I could fool myself. 

Working on laundry and sitting in a hot house.  I need to adjust the AC but I am too lazy to get up and do that.  It will be worse when I go upstairs but then I will adjust the AC because the thermostat is upstairs.  I try to keep it slightly warm because the cats love the heat, but I don’t.  In the summer they usually freeze and in the winter they are comfortable 

I’ve been thinking about my long lost love and how much I miss him.  The quirks he had.  Things he used to say and how it was so nice to come home to him.  I’m ready to try that with someone else since I can’t have him back.  I just wish that someone would come into my life.  Going back to the first paragraph of this post.  I have often wondered why I can’t wish for positive things to happen like finding a man or winning the lottery or perhaps both. 

This was clearly not what I had in mind on how I would spend my Saturday, but it wasn’t terribly painful.  I know mom appreciated it and I did it for her.  I also took her up on her offer to pay the bill.  Then I get this speech on the way back to the house about how she is poor.  Wow, I felt bad for a second but that feeling passed.  I am sure when my brother finds out that she spent money today he will hit the ceiling.  He’s got his hands full with trying to manage a girlfriend and mom.  I almost feel sorry for him.  However, given his age it’s time that he grows up.  Mom said that he was thinking about suicide, then she tells me she has been thinking about it.  I was like wow what are the odds that all 3 of us are thinking about the same thing.  I understand my life and my problems.  I understand my mom and her issues.  My brother nah, that doesn’t add up.  He gets to sleep with his girlfriend every night, is only home to eat supper and pack clothes, no doubt he is having sex most every night.  What is there to be sad about, why would you want out of that?  I mean he is after all with the love of his life. 

Ah well.  I got a hairscut and cat food.  Wow what a day.  Tomorrow will be breakfast out, grocery store and prepping for next week, as well as finishing up laundry.  I am working on all of the pet laundry now.  Bad habit, I tend to put everyone and everything else ahead of myself.  That is no good for me but it’s just apart of who I am. 

Now up to adjust the AC and eat some Ice Cream or something that is cold and I guess it would help if I got naked.  That is like the best perk of living alone.  The windows aren’t covered in all parts of the house, but most of the time you will find me either naked or walking around in my underwear.  No one ever sees until, woops oh fuck there is the neighbor.  Yeah that’s happened before but I just wave and run away.  I would get bitched at before now there isn’t anyone to yell at me, despite liking the idea I wish there was someone here to yell at me. 

Cheers to Saturday.  Hope you had fun!